57 Best Trendy Pop Culture DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021

You & your friends will be #Squadghouls!

57 Best 2021 Halloween Costumes & DIY Costume Ideas YourTango

October is just around the corner, which means time is quickly winding down to find the best Halloween costume for 2021! 

While die-hard fans of #SpookySeason are already set to show off their creative looks this Halloween season, what about those of us who are still contemplating cool costume ideas

From this year's shocking Met Gala looks to beloved movie characters — fear not witches, we've got you. 


Here are 57 Fun Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021.

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1. Harley Quinn Halloween Costume - Red Dress "The Suicide Squad" Outfit 

Harley Quinn Red Dress "The Suicide Squad" Costume Photo: The Suicide Squad (2021)  / Amazon


As if Harley wasn't already the Halloween queen (seriously, how many Harley Quinn costumes have we seen these last few years?) she's come to deliver yet again with another look!

Show Starro the Conqueror you're no lady to mess with in her iconic red dress, red and black locks, and your favorite pair of combat boots. P.S. Don't forget to pick up some white face paint! 

2. Olivia Rodrigo Halloween Costume - "Good 4 U" Blue Cheerleader Outfit

Olivia Rodrigo "Good 4 U" Blue Cheerleader OutfitPhoto: YouTube / Amazon


The young songstress won the hearts of Gen Z and Millennials alike with her debut album "Sour," which gave us the pop-punk 2000s realness we so desperately needed. 

You can channel Olivia's look by donning a blue cheerleader outfit and black latex gloves

3. Edna Mode Halloween Costume from "The Incredibles" 

Edna Mode "The Incredibles" Black Standard CostumePhoto: The Incredibles / Amazon


By now, we all know to never underestimate TikTok and its trends. Just this year, users on the platform made videos to one of Edna's famous lines. 

Be sure to grab a sleek black bob, some round glasses, and a simple black dress! Feel free to accessorize with a chunky red necklace and opaque black tights — but don't think about wearing a cape. 

4. Britney Spears' Red Latex Bodysuit Halloween Costume  

Britney Spears' Red Latex Bodysuit CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon


Who can forget that legendary red latex suit? In light of the #FreeBritney movement that overtook social media this year, fans paid tribute to the singer's incredible career by listing their favorite Britney looks.

For this one, snag some quintessential icy blue eyeshadow, a red bodysuit, and a blonde wig to rock out this Halloween! 

5. Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Pink and Yellow "WAP" Halloween Costume

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Pink and Yellow "WAP" CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon


The song that took the internet by storm is the perfect inspiration for a bestie-pair Halloween costume! You and your BFF can strut your stuff in copycat outfits mirroring the iconic duo.

Pick up these matching sleeveless bodysuits in pink or yellow! To go all out, consider buying sexy fishnet tights, pink or yellow satin gloves, and pair them with heels that make you feel powerful! 

6. "Jennifer's Body" Bloody White Dress Halloween Costume

"Jennifer's Body" Bloody White Dress CostumePhoto: Jennifer's Body / Amazon


At long last, we finally got to see the beloved Megan Fox remerge this year! Seeing her reminded us of the 2009 movie and how it became a feminist cult classic years after its release.

You can emulate the ghostly look by wearing a spaghetti strap white dress and white opera gloves! Don't forget to finish the look off with some black ribbon and fake blood (the more, the better!) 

7. Camilla Cabello's Purple Cinderella Costume

Camilla Cabello's Purple Cinderella CostumePhoto: Cinderella (2021) / Amazon


Princess costumes stay popular for a reason! This sophisticated yet darling look comes from the new Amazon Prime adaptation of Cinderella, which dropped on September 3rd. 

You can easily DIY your own revamped "Cinderelly" look with a sweet purple ball gown and a tiara fit for royalty!

8. Dua Lipa "Levitating" Blue Dress Halloween Costume 

Dua Lipa Blue "Levitating" Dress CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon


The song that's made waves across TikTok features a dazzling look that established the extraordinarily talented singer as a top-tier fashionista!

You know you'll want to sport this ultra-cute sequin dress and blue sparkly boots! If you want to fully commit, buy this sexy wig to copy Dua's incredibly slick hair-do. Seriously, does she ever have a bad hair day?

9. Lebron James, Lola & Bugs Bunny 2021 "Space Jam" Halloween Costume

Lebron James, Lola & Bugs Bunny "Space Jam" 2021 CostumePhoto: Space Jam (2021) / Amazon


Come on and SLAM! Into Halloween with this refurbished look from the much-loved 1996 classic. 

If you've already worn Michael Jordan's famous white Tunes Squad jersey, feel free to switch it up this year by grabbing Lebron James' funky new uniform

For a Bugs and Lola Bunny costume, you can add compression sleevesfurry bunny ears, a cute little bunny tail, and those iconic white gloves!

10. Natasha Romanoff Halloween Costume - Black & White "Black Widow" Outfit

Natasha Romanoff Black & White "Black Widow" CostumesPhoto: Black Widow (2021) / Amazon


Speaking of fan favorites, Marvel's red-haired assassin stole the hearts of millions in her long-overdue feature film.

The movie features dual looks that you can split with your bestie: Natasha's white suit, or if that isn't your color, you can don her black one instead. Complete the look with her signature red locks. 

11. "Jungle Cruise" Halloween Costumes - Lily and Frank Couples Costume

"Jungle Cruise" Lily and Frank Couples CostumePhoto: Jungle Cruise / Amazon


You'll need a pal (or partner) to nail this adventurous look

For those dressing as Lily, equip yourself with a comfy button down shirt. Pair it with brown pants, a brown leather belt, and an adorable red neckerchief. Oh, and don't forget your safari sun hat!

For Frank, follow similar guidelines: get yourself a men's button down, plain khaki pants, snazzy yellow suspenders, a black leather belt, and a red bandana. You're going to want to wear some rain boots and a Jungle Cruise explorer hat to prove you're the king of the jungle! 

12. Bella Poarch Halloween Costume - Build a B*tch Look 2021

Bella Poarch Build a B*tch Look 2021Photo: YouTube / Amazon


The TikTok star's music video was a massive hit this year! Fans praised Bella's vocals as well as her sleek, futuristic outfit.

You too can steal her sultry look by sporting a leather crop top with matching leather shorts. Add some fingerless gloves to the mix along with a wig that looks like Bella's famous pigtails. Now go destroy the patriarchy! 


13. "Bridgerton" Inspired Halloween Costumes

"Bridgerton" Inspired Dress CostumePhoto: Bridgerton Netflix / Amazon

Good lord, darling! It feels like we've been waiting dreadfully long for Season 2! But fear not — as you eagerly wait for the release, you can get in the spirit by turning yourself into a Regency-era lady fit for wooing!

The key is to find a historically accurate (or close!) dress. Accessorize with some elegant opera gloves and a charming hair piece or ribbon. 


14. Doja Cat Halloween Costume - Sparkly Pink "Say So" Dress

Doja Cat Sparkly Pink "Say So" Dress CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

Doja's 2019 single can be considered one of TikTok's anthems at this point, having popularized a dance trend that swept across the internet! 

The stunning look isn't just cute costume idea — it's also perfect for those on a budget. All you'll need is a sparkly pink dress, a pair of star-shaped earrings, and a 70s-style blonde wig


15. Emma Stone's "Cruella" Halloween Costume - Red Dress

Emma Stone's "Cruella" Red Dress CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

Cruella De Vil, the infamous fashionista of our childhood, has returned to the big screen in a deliciously fashionable manner. If her original outfit doesn't float your boat, go for this stylish costume instead.

Purchase a sexy red dress along with matching red satin gloves. Throw in an elegant masquerade mask and Cruella's black and white hair to seal the look. 


16. Tiktok "E-girl" Halloween Costume Inspiration 

Tiktok "E-girl" Costume Inspiration Photo: TikTok / Amazon

One could write a lengthy dissertation on what an "E-girl" is and how it came to be, but all you really need to know is that colored hair is totally in, as are "alternative style" shirts. Cute pleated mini skirts are also doable, along with any kind of chunky boot and jewelry like chains & layered necklaces. Lastly, don't forget to wing your eyeliner and use a generous amount of blush.

Since there's no "one look" — have fun browsing TikTok or Pinterest for further inspiration!


17. "Hocus Pocus" Halloween Costumes -1993 Sanderson Sisters Group Costumes

"Hocus Pocus" 1993 Sanderson Sisters CostumesPhoto: Hocus Pocus / Amazon

It's hardly controversial to say that Hocus Pocus is one of the BEST Halloween movies of all time. The wacky sister-witches brought to life (no pun intended) by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy have become Halloween icons in their own right.

You and your sisters can buy a Winnifred dress along with her Elizabethean 'do. Of course, make sure to also snag a Sarah Sanderson dress and a blonde wig! Last but not least, add Mary Sanderson to your trio by purchasing her dress and matching wig.


Have fun casting spells together this Halloween! 

18. "Corpse Bride" Halloween Costume - Emily Tattered Wedding Dress

"Corpse Bride" Emily Tattered Wedding Dress CostumePhoto: Corpse Bride / Amazon

We can't talk about Halloween movies without mentioning Tim Burton's 2005 masterpiece! TikTok also saw a "Tim Burton Character Challenge" last autumn, inspiring us to take it to another level! 


Turn yourself into the tragic Emily by getting her tattered wedding dress. Don a blue wig along with white wedding boots and blue face paint. To add a grisly touch, apply some SFX makeup to look like a properly zombified bride. 

19. Katherine Howard "SIX the Musical" Halloween Costume Inspiration 

Katherine Howard "SIX the Musical" Pink Costume InspirationPhoto: YouTube / Amazon

If you know the soundtrack as the "TikTok songs," you may be surprised! Beyond sparking trends and amassing a large fanbase, the musical went on to win the Visionary Honours award in 2020. 


Whether you choose to go as Katherine Howard or any other queen, there's a trick to nailing the looks! You'll want to go for a sexy bejeweled bodysuit if possible. Then, find a cute crop top to throw over it, along with a metallic mini skirt.

For extra "oomph," you can accessorize with edgy chokers, sparkly boots, and a plastic (or real!) microphone. 

20. Harry Styles Halloween Costume - Feather Boa 2021 Grammys Outfit

Harry Styles Feather Boa 2021 Grammys Costume Photo: Harper's Bazaar / Amazon


The fashion highlights of the 2021 Grammy Awards wowed viewers from home. Among the contenders of the night's "most memorable look," Harry Styles won us over with his three colorful feather boas! 

The look is an easy one to copy. Snag a leather jacket (or top!) and pair it with suave black leather pants. Finally, add the brightest boa you can find for the final look. Voila!

21. Luca Disney Halloween Costume 

Luca Disney Costume Photo: Disney's Luca / Amazon


Disney always nails their animated featured films! This year's heartwarming coming-of-age movie scored a whopping 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and garnered praise from critics and movie-watchers alike!

Fans of the film can easily buy a Luca costume for any sea monsters they know (and love!) 

22. Lil Nas X "Call Me By Your Name" Pink & Blue Angel Costume  

Lil Nas X "Call Me By Your Name" Pink & Blue Angel Costume Photo: YouTube / Amazon


Want to serve "eccentric high-fashion?" Lil Nas X has you covered. 

Depending on which look you go for, definitely check out this pink Baroque wig (which you can also dye blue!) Get yourself a pink faux fur scarf and a tassel skirt. You can have lots of fun accessorizing this costume — feel free to shop for cuff bracelets, necklaces, and earrings! If the blue angel look is more your style, take a look at this patchwork denim jacket and matching patchwork pants.

You'll steal the show with this creative idea! 

23. Loki 2021 TVA Suit Halloween Costume

Loki 2021 TVA Suit CostumePhoto: Loki Disney+ / Amazon


Sure, there's the standard green-clad Loki costume everyone knows. But what about a unique twist following this year's new show?

Give the trickster god a new look by donning a TVA jumpsuit. For good measure, also snag a Loki-approved wig! It's a simple costume idea that can be worn solo or with a group! Mix and match Loki variants to your heart's content. 

24. Sylvie "Loki" Variant Halloween Costume

Photo: Loki Disney+ / Amazon


Speaking of Loki variants, there are so many to choose from — Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki...so why not add a Sylvie to your group this Halloween?

This cute feminine spin on the traditional Loki costume is sure to please just about anyone! Pick up a pre-made Sylvie costume and throw in Loki's horned helmet and an adorable choppy blonde bob! 

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25. TikTok Halloween Costume - 'Bama Rush Sorority Recruitment Look 2021

TikTok 'Bama Rush Sorority Recruitment Look 2021Photo: TikTok / Amazon


This is one of those cases where you had to be there to fully understand what went down. It seemed as though everyone was stumbling upon recruitment videos for sororities at the University of Alabama. No, literally — #BamaRush was EVERYWHERE on the TikTok feed.

We quickly learned that #BamaRush's staples are all things Golden Goose Sneakers, Kendra Scott jewelry, and tops from Shein. You can have fun picking out your favorite 'Bama look just in time for Halloween! 

26. Michael Myers "Friday the 13th" Halloween Costume 

Michael Myers Halloween CostumePhoto: Friday the 13th / Amazon


The famous killer of the slasher series always seems to make an appearance at every Halloween party.

If you're feeling something uncomplicated, you can opt for a Michael Myers costume and that creepy mask of his. Put on some black boots and grab a fake knife to give off full #creep vibes. 

27. John B & Sarah Cameron "Outer Banks" Couples Costume

John B & Sarah Cameron "Outer Banks" Couple CostumePhoto: Outer Banks Netflix / Amazon


Netflix's widely popular show earned itself die-hard fans & a TikTok trend encouraging users to show off what they'd wear if they were Pogues or Kooks! 

You and your partner can dress as John B & Sarah Cameron with little effort.

All you'll need for Sarah's look is a pair of jean shorts and a ribbed cropped tank-top. Pair it with some white sneakers and you're good to go! For John B, think along similar lines and buy yourself a simple t-shirt and dark swim trunks. Top the look off with a gray paisley bandana! 

28. Katara "Avatar the Last Airbender" Halloween Costume - Water Tribe

Katara "Avatar the Last Airbender" Water Tribe Costume Photo: Avatar the Last Airbender Netflix / Amazon


Fans of the beloved animated series were beyond excited when A:TLA and Legend Of Korra were finally added to Netflix last year. It spurred a massive Avatar revival and after much waiting, everyone is now anticipating the new live-action Netflix adaptation

While you're free to go as anyone from Team Avatar, a go-to choice is the iconic Katara! You can wear her signature Water-Tribe garb and accessorize with gray UGG boots and her betrothal necklace. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get a wig and style it accordingly. 

29. Trending Y2K Bratz Halloween Costume

Trending Y2K Bratz Inspired CostumePhoto: Bratz MGA Entertainment / Amazon

Whether you hated it or missed it, Y2K fashion trends are IN thanks to Gen Z! For this reason, the "Bratz" makeup look swept social media this year. So why not adopt it for Halloween?

You can find plenty of inspiration online, but think late 90's to early 2000s: try looking for fitted cropped tees and low-rise jeans. Being extra is always a plus too, so shop around for bedazzled purses, funky wedge sandals, and a sexy waist chain to accessorize. For those willing to take the full plunge, get yourself a glittery newsboy cap for the full effect. 

30. Lil Nas X Halloween Costume - "Industry Baby" Pink Jumpsuit

Lil Nas X "Industry" Pink Jumpsuit CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

Lil Nas's music videos helped define this year with their iconic looks and catchy songs! If you're looking for a Halloween costume that's both simple as well as recognizable, why not opt for Nas' hot pink jumpsuit?

Add a letter board for the occasion and you'll find yourself ready for a Halloween-themed mugshot! 

31. "Alice in Wonderland" Halloween Costume - Blue and White Dress

"Alice in Wonderland" Blue and White Dress CostumePhoto: Alice in Wonderland / Amazon

There's a reason why Alice is a go-to costume choice for Halloween!

If you want to feel adorable at your next party, pick her delightful blue dress. We promise everyone will know who you are within seconds! If you're wanting a more detailed look, add white stockings to your cart along with this adorable rabbit purse. Accessorize with Mary-Janes and a sweet blonde wig before jumping down the rabbit hole! 

32. Grimes and Elon Musk 2018 Met Gala Halloween Couples Costume

Grimes and Elon Musk 2018 Met Gala Couple CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

Are you looking for a creative couple's costume that hasn't been beaten to death? You're just in luck!

Cash in on the unlikely couple's notoriety this Halloween by channeling Elon's 2018 Met Gala look in a white tux jacket and matching black pants!

For Grimes, go for a high-low tulle dress. To fully flesh out the look, you can wear a strapless black top and sexy white corset. For the finer details, consider wearing a silver necklace, chunky heeled boots, and lace arm sleeves. 

33. Classic Red Spider-Man Halloween Costume 

Classic Red Spider-Man Costume Photo: ‎Spider-Man: Homecoming / Amazon

In late August, Twitter went crazy after the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer was leaked. To add fire to the fuel, it was later confirmed that the "old Spideys," Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, would be reprising their roles alongside Tom Holland.

To celebrate this momentous crossover, channel your inner Peter Parker with a proper Spiderman costume!

34. Cassie Colorful Nurse Costume - "Promising Young Woman" Halloween Costume

Cassie "Promising Young Women" Colorful Nurse CostumePhoto: Promising Young Woman / Amazon

Want a twist on the boring, sexy nurse costume? A Cassie-inspired Halloween costume might be the perfect fit for you!

There's not much work you'll need to put to the look — just secure Cassie's rainbow wig and her nurse costume. Good accessories would include white opaque tights and eye-catching red pumps

35. "Pineapple Party" Halloween Costume - Glass Animals Inspired Group Costumes

"Pineapple Party" Glass Animals Inspired CostumePhoto: Glass Animals / Amazon

The fruit became synonymous with the band way before "Pork Soda!" In an interview with Hollywood Life, Dave Bayley revealed there was a pineapple "in every piece of artwork for the first record." From then on, fans picked up on it and started bringing pineapples to shows, which even led to the infamous ban of the fruit at the 2017 Reading and Leeds Festivals.

Show your devotion by partying the night away in a fun pineapple dress or a comfy pineapple jumpsuit.

36. Classic Fred Jones & Daphne Blake "Scooby-Doo" Couples Halloween Costume

Classic Fred Jones & Daphne Blake "Scooby-Doo" Couple CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

Jeepers! If you're feeling a groovy couple costume this Halloween, why not go with Fred and Daphne from the beloved animated series? 

Pick up Daphne's iconic purple dress and pair it with pink tights and a chic red wig. For the leader of Mystery Inc., go for a blue collar shirt and a simple white sweater! You get additional points for sporting his orange ascot.  

37. Ted Lasso Halloween Costume With Sweater Shirt and Khakis

Ted Lasso Sweater Shirt and Khakis CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

Ted Lasso came out as a surprisingly popular show upon its debut last year, and Season 2 was ranked one of the most highly anticipated shows of 2021!

Fans of Jason Sudeikis' all-American football coach can steal his look by wearing a classic button up shirt, navy V-neck sweater, and khaki pants. Slap a fake mustache on and you'll be ready to hit the field!  

38. Scarlet Witch Halloween Costume - "Wandavision" Season Finale Outfit

Scarlet Witch/Wanda's Finale Outfit in "WandaVision"Photo: YouTube / Amazon

Sexy, powerful, AND functional? Count us in! WandaVision earned crazy amounts of praise as fans became obsessed with the show's unique twist on "classic television" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Channel Scarlet Witch's stunning finale look in her superhero costume and classic red headpiece

39. Wanda and Vision's Halloween Episode - "Wandavision" Couples Costume

Wanda and Visions Wandavision Halloween Couples CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

If you still want to go with the WandaVision theme this year but crave something goofier, why not opt for the superhero couple's look in "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!" As Wanda, you can have fun in her old-fashioned Scarlet Witch costume and slick red boots. Have a partner wear Vision's costume and you'll be all set!

40. Grace Fraser's Green Coat - "The Undoing" Halloween Costume

Grace Fraser's "The Undoing" Green Coat Inspired CostumePhoto: The Undoing Hulu / Amazon

The mini-series starring Nicole Kidman was a hit — not just because of the stellar performances, but also because of Grace's iconic wardrobe.

Fans can sport this specific look by going for a sophisticated green overcoat. Mix in fashionable burgundy boots and saddle brown gloves to fully emulate Grace's outfit. You can also copy Nicole's strawberry-blonde hair by picking up a look-alike wig! 

41. Batman and Catwoman Couples Costume For Halloween

Batman and Catwoman Couples Halloween CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

Who else is excited to see Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz as Gotham's iconic duo?

Though the film's set to be released in 2022, you can still show your excitement & support by dressing as the beloved comic characters. All you'll need is the standard Batman costume and Catwoman's sexy suit!

42. Alina Blue Outfit / Shadow and Bone Halloween Costume

Alina Blue Outfit Shadow and Bone Photo: Shadow and Bone Netflix / Amazon

Bring the Grishaverse to life by dressing as Alina Starkov in Netflix's fantasy series!

You'll feel ready to unleash your powers upon dark forces while donning Alina's stunning blue coat. Wear some black knee-high boots for the full effect and watch yourself become the heroine of Halloween night! 

43. Among Us Halloween Group Costumes

Among Us Halloween CostumesPhoto: Google Play / Amazon

Admit it: we all know it as the game that got us through quarantine. Whether you became familiar with the app by playing with your friends or watching your favorite streamers, there's no questioning its effect on pandemic life.

It also makes for the perfect lazy costume to throw together as you'll only need an adorable pajama onesie!

44. Ahsoka Tano "The Mandalorian" Halloween Costume

Ahsoka Tano "The Mandalorian" CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

The Star Wars universe is prime real estate when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. To nobody's surprise of course, considering how popular the franchise and its characters are!

Pay your respects to the beloved Ahsoka by dressing as her this year. If you're really in the spirit, you can also go for some white and orange body paint. 

45. Suki Pink Outfit / The Fast and the Furious Halloween Costume

Suki Pink Outfit The Fast and the FuriousPhoto: YouTube / Amazon

Devon Aoki's portrayal of Suki continues to live on in our hearts. Though she didn't have as much screen time as other characters, there's no denying the impact Suki had on the franchise! 

Let her fabulous pink outfit inspire your next Halloween costume — you'll only need a spaghetti strap tank top, a pink crop top to layer with, and these fabulous hot pink pants. 

46. Playboy Bunny Sexy Leotard Halloween Costume

Playboy Bunny Sexy Leotard CostumePhoto: YouTube / Amazon

The bunny suit isn't just a popular Halloween costume — it's been a pop culture staple for years on end with famous celebs like Pamela Anderson, Dolly Parton, and Kate Moss sporting the look.

If you're feeling sexy and proudly want to rock it at your Halloween bash, grab yourself a black strapless leotard, some fishnet stockings, and the mandatory bunny ears, tail, and cuffs! 

47. Top Gun Olive Jumpsuit Halloween Costume 

Top Gun Olive Jumpsuit Costume Photo: YouTube / Amazon

The 1986 film starring Tom Cruise is a cult classic for a reason: beyond the thrilling drama, critics have also praised the movie's visual aesthetics! "Top Gun: Maverick" was originally slated to premiere this November, but has since been pushed to 2022.

So why not go as a Top Gun character in this pilot's costume? Pair it with your favorite aviator sunglasses and you'll look like a real hot-shot! 

48. Ruby Lane 60's-Themed Fear Street Halloween Costume

Ruby Lane 60's-Themed Fear Street CostumePhoto: Fear Street Part 1: 1994 Netflix / Amazon

While Netflix's Fear Street has yet to announce the arrival of Part 4, fans of the horror-filled universe are already speculating what's to come!

You can rock a retro 1960's look while dressing as the notorious killer, Ruby Lane. Opt for a medium-length skirt and a printed sleeveless shirt to channel the villainess. Throw in a pair of black boots and don't be shy when it comes to applying fake blood over yourself!

49. Star and Barb Halloween Costume with Colorful Lei  

Star and Barb Halloween Costume with Colorful LeiPhoto: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Hulu / Amazon

If you haven't yet watched the comedy, just know that you're missing out!  

You and your BFF can go as the hilarious duo with minimal effort by picking up colorful Hawaiian shirts and snazzy capri pants. Lastly, throw leis in for good measure and you'll be set for vacation! 

50. Navy and Khaki Crew Member "Below Deck" Halloween Costume

Navy and Khaki Crew Member Below Deck Halloween CostumePhoto: Below Deck Netflix / Amazon

This reality series has quickly become a favorite among TV viewers — so much so that it's even been dubbed "Downton Abbey on the water."

Dressing as one of the show's crew members is pretty simple if you're looking for an easy group costume. You'll only need a khaki skirt or pair of khaki shorts, along with a navy polo shirt and slick brown belt. Bon voyage! 

51. Jordan and Naomi Belfort "Wolf of Wall Street" Couples Halloween Costume

Jordan and Naomi Belfort Wolf of Wall Street Couples Halloween CostumePhoto: Wolf Of Wallstreet Amazon Prime / Amazon

Want a saucy couple's costume this Halloween? Try this idea out with your beau!

He can wear a dapper pinstripe tux and a statement-making tie. For Naomi's house party outfit, you can go with a blue cutout or halter-style mini dress. Go crazy with accessories and sport fashionably oversized sunglasses & fancy hoop earrings! If you really want to nail Margot Robbie's ultra sexy look, get yourself some beautiful blonde tresses as well. 

52. Lil Nas X Atelier Versace Halloween Costume

Lil Nas X in Atelier Versace Halloween Costume Idea Photo: Getty / Amazon

Lil Nas X Did. His. Thing. On the carpet this year! As always, he kicked things up a notch by sporting three iconic looks, all of which you're free to choose from! We decided to go with his final outfit, which you can DIY at home with just a few pieces! All you'll need is a gold & black rhinestone bodysuit, metallic gold leggings, and a cute gold-link choker. You can accessorize with "look-alike" shoes (think Dr. Martens) and gold nail polish!

53. Jennifer Lopez Ralph Lauren "Western-Inspired" Halloween Costume

Jennifer Lopez Ralph Lauren Western-Inspired Halloween Costume IdeaPhoto: Getty / Amazon

High fashion meets the Wild West with this memorable look! If you want to rock J-Lo's sexy farmhand look this Halloween, opt for this brown V-neck gown. Be sure to get yourself a black leather cowboy hat too, along with a leather bracelet, statement silver necklace, and sparkly white stilettos. If you're cold, you can also sport a cropped black faux-fur jacket. Yeehaw, gorgeous! 

54. Kim Kardashian's Balenciaga Black Halloween Costume 

Kim Kardashian's Black Balenciaga Halloween Costume IdeaPhoto: Getty / Amazon

If there's one thing a Kardashian knows how to do, it's keeping people talking! Social media went wild over Kim's head-to-toe black look, creating theories about its meaning as well as countless memes. For this Met Gala-themed costume, pick out a black bodysuit & layer it with a baggy t-shirt. You can also buy a detachable black satin train. Finish off the look with your favorite black stiletto booties! 

55. Iman Gold Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Halloween Costume 

Iman Gold Dolce Gabbana Inspired Costume IdeaPhoto: Getty / Amazon

The gorgeous model served us "sun goddess" realness at the Met and stole our breaths away! You too can recreate this incredible look with a few DIY touches. We suggest you start off with gold metallic pants and a matching strapless top. Here's where the fun arts & crafts part comes in - you can get yourself a handy cage skirt and decorate it with gorgeous golden feathers. You can do the same for the headpiece - slap some of the feathers onto a sparkly headband (and maybe use some wire for height) to pay homage to Iman! 

56.  Michaela Coel Blue Balenciaga Halloween Costume

Michaela Coel Blue Balenciaga Halloween Costume IdeaPhoto: Getty / Amazon

That shade of blue is simply to die for! We loved the vibrancy of Michaela's Met look — if you did too, consider using it as inspo for your Halloween costume! There's not much to do: it only requires a cute blue jumpsuit, glittery blue booties, and a large statement ring. Layer on some lovely pink lipstick and walk the carpet in style, baby! 

57. Billie Eilish Oscar de la Renta Old Hollywood Ball Gown Costume

Billie Eilish Oscar de la Renta Pink Dress Marilyn Monroe Halloween CostumePhoto: Getty / Amazon

Billie looked perfectly pretty in peach! The young starlet blew us away with her "old Hollywood" themed dress & hair, so we simply MUST include it in this list! To emulate that glitz n' glam, don an elegant peach-colored gown. You can have fun accessorizing with jewelry like this darling bracelet and silver rings! If you want to bring the entire look home, consider wearing a Marilyn Monroe 'do. 

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