30 Matching Best Friend Halloween Costumes

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best friend halloween costume

Do you and your best friend have COVID-friendly (socially distant) Halloween party plans this October, but you're still not sure what to dress up as? No need to worry.

We've got the top best friend Halloween costumes to order online (or to DIY at home) this year.

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Between the fun of dressing up, the plethora of free candy, and the spooky feel of the occasion — Halloween one of the best holidays of the year!

Whether you're going to a fun Halloween party, staying in for a scary movie marathon, heading to a creepily decorated haunted house, or simply taking the kids trick or treating (or staying home to hand out candy) — you should always get in the spirit of things and dress up for Halloween with your friends!

Planning the perfect matching costume with your friends takes time. Especially if you and your bestie have decided to turn it into a fun DIY project that you’ll do together.

But they don’t HAVE to. Sometimes only a little effort makes the best (and cutest) costumes. A lot of the costumes that made our list are quite easy to just throw together real quick (you may even have everything you need in the house) if you don't want to buy it online and wait for it to ship.

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So, without further ado, let’s do the monster mash into these top matching best friend Halloween costume ideas!

1. Cosmo And Wanda Fairly Odd Parents Halloween Costumes

Dress up like your favorite fairy “odd couple” from childhood — Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents. With this chic spin on these two wacky characters, you’re sure to have a fun Halloween.

Long Curly Hair Ends Cosplay Wig And Gold King/Princess/Queen Birthday Crown Party Hats:

2. Netflix And Chill Halloween Costumes

This cute and hilarious spin on the phrase “Netflix and Chill” is sure to get you lots of laughs (and keep you comfy as heck) all while staying relevant to the times!

Matching Netflix And Chill Costume Shirts:

3. Woody And Bo Peep from Toy Story Halloween Costumes

Wear some jeans, matching boots, and matching Toy Story costumes. This is great for boy/girl friendships, but you can try this matching costume set for one of the other toys in Toy Story too.

Adult Woody Kit Costume And Toy Story Women's Bo Peep Deluxe Costume:

4. Salt And Pepper Halloween Costume

If you want to make your own salt and pepper Halloween costumes at home, get some matching black polka dot showers caps and use cardboard, duct tape and straps to make you and your best friend into giant salt and pepper shakers.

Salt and Pepper Costumes:

5. The Grady Twins Halloween Costume

For the besties that think Halloween should be a scary holiday (I totally agree), dress up like the Grady twins from The Shining. It will really freak people out (it will be awesome!).

Women's The Shining Grady Twins Costumes:

6. Tom And Jerry Cat And Mouse Halloween Costumes

Get some adorable mouse and cat ear headbands and be the classic chaos pals Tom and Jerry. Maybe even look up a makeup tutorial to get the right cat and mouse makeup look going.

Black Cat Costume Ears Headband And Tail Kit, 3 Piece Mouse Kit:

7. Twin Unicorn Halloween Costumes

Unicorns are SO in right now! Plus, this is a super easy onesie. Just get some matching unicorn onsies, or choose different colors to go with your personalities. It’s that simple! For extra flair, you could add some sparkles around your eyes and some silvery makeup.

Women's Unicorn Costumes:

8. The Two Broke Girls Halloween Costumes

A perfect one for the classic blonde and brunette duo. Dress up like Max and Caroline from Two Broke Girls!

Personally, I’d make sure to get name tags and their signature jewelry (especially Caroline’s pearls and Max’s giant safety pins and cheap a-- earrings).

Women Waitress Uniform Cosplay Costume:

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9. The Princess Diaries Mia Thermopolis Halloween Costume

Instead of going classic "sexy schoolgirl", why not try going out as Princess Mia from The Princess Diaries? This could be especially effective for a straight-haired and a curly-haired best friend duo if you wanted to do a "before and after" type matching outfit combo.

Curly hair frizzes amazingly well to be the “before” Mia. Personally, I think the after Mia needs to take off the glasses (she gets contacts in the movie - duh!).

DIY Geeky Schoolgirl Costume:

10. Pooh, Piglet, And Tigger Halloween Costumes

Be the classic best friends Pooh, Piglet and Tigger. Plus, I’m sure there’s a video somewhere for how to DIY these costumes for cheap!

Winnie The Pooh Bear, Piglet And Tigger Deluxe Adult Costumes:

11. Matching Girl Scouts Halloween Costumes

For the best friends who love to dress up for the coolest Halloween parties, dress up as a pair of sexy girl scouts together.

Sexy Scout Role Play Costume And 'Women's Got Cookies' Adult Costume

12. Starbucks Barista, Cold Brew And Hot Coffee Halloween Costumes

Embrace your inner basic white girls and dress up like giant Starbucks coffees (yum!) — plus, the barista.

Adult Cold Brew Coffee Costume, Venti Coffee Costume, And Adult Barista Costume:

13. Lilo And Stitch Halloween Costumes

Another super easy one to DIY, dress up like Lilo and Stitch. I mean we all have a weird friend that does a great “Stitch voice” … right?

Stitch Onesie Costume, Lilo Red Dress, And Hula Accessories:

14. The Mario Brothers Halloween Costumes

A staple for any two people going out on Hallows eve — Mario and Luigi! Personally, I’m a fan of also including fake mustaches, but that’s me.

Mario And Luigi Costumes:

15. Lumiere, Cogsworth And Plumette Halloween Costumes From Beauty And The Beast

This one’s a bit more elaborate, but amazing so it seems worth it. Lumiere and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast are just the bickering pair to make this Halloween fun.

Beauty And The Beast Halloween Costumes:

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16. Strawberry And Banana Halloween Costumes

Is there a better fruit pairing than strawberry and banana? Well, besides pineapple and coconut (piña coladas anyone?). This strawberry costume would be easy to DIY and it’s pretty easy to get a simple banana costume at almost any Halloween store.

Strawberry And Banana Fruit Costumes:

17. Matching Minions Halloween Costumes

A quick and easy one to DIY and look totally adorable when you’re done!

Minion Costumes For Adults:

18. Dark Angel And Devil Halloween Costumes

Represent opposing sides of the world by being this super simple duo. For the classic good and evil, go with a white angel. But if you both want to be a little bad, go for the dark angel.

Angel And Devil Best Friend Halloween Costumes:

19. Ketchup And Mustard Halloween Costumes

If you want to DIY your own costumes together, just get some Ketchup and Mustard iron-ons and put them on red and yellow shirts and call it good.

Ketchup And Mustard Costumes:

20. Freddy and Jason Halloween Costume

Where are my fellow horror movie buffs?! You have to love this feminine spin on the movie Freddy Vs. Jason! Personally, I think “Freddy Krueger” should mess up her face a little though.

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Freddy Halloween Costume And Jason Costume:

21. SpongeBob And Patrick Halloween Costumes

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? These super easy to DIY SpongeBob and Patrick costumes.

Spongebob Squarepants And Patrick Star Best Friend Halloween Costumes:

22. Princess Peach And Princess Daisy Halloween Costumes

Instead of going as the stereotypical Mario Brothers, go as the girl power duo from the Super Mario World — Princess Peach and Princess Daisy!

Personally, I’m always Daisy when I play Mario Party, probably because I’m the brunette friend.

Princess Peach And Princess Daisy Best Friend Halloween Costumes:

23. Buzz Lightyear And Woody Women's Halloween Costumes

Another fun (and pretty easy) one to DIY, be girly Buzz and Woody from Toy Story! If you don’t put “Andy” on the bottom of your shoes, it totally doesn’t count though.

Woody And Buzz Best Friend Halloween Costumes:

24. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Best Friend Halloween Costumes

Perfect for Halloween parties! Take a spin on Dr. Seuss’s “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” by DIYing them to say "Drunk 1" and "Drunk 2". All you need is a little paint.

Dr. Seuss Women's Thing 1 Thing 2 Onesie Suits:

25. Batgirl and Supergirl Halloween Costumes

Go all out like in this cosplay picture, or simply wear superman and batman shirts trick or treating. Easy peasy!

DC Comics Batgirl Costume and Supergirl Costume:

26. Peanut Butter And Jelly Halloween Costume

Who’s the peanut butter to your jelly? Your best friend, of course! Dress up like a Jiff jar and a Smucker's jar and tell the world, or just go as the straight up PB&J sandwich below.

Adult Peanut Butter And Jelly Costumes:

27. Peter Pan And His Shadow Halloween Costumes

This is such a cool idea! Bonus: whoever gets to be the shadow gets to scare the heck out of people all night! It’s what Halloween’s all about!

Peter Pan Costume And Shadow Morphsuit Costume:

28. Sully and Mike Wazowski Halloween Costumes

Another really easy one to DIY (maybe with some gloves and leg warmers), be Sully and Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. Sully And Mike Wazowski Best Friend Halloween Costumes:

29. The Three Musketeers Halloween Costume

This one is great for groups of three (obviously), but if one of you doesn’t show up, you can always say you’re pirates (argh!).

Musketeer Set Halloween Costume:

30. Disney Princess Best Friend Halloween Costumes

You can easily do this with your girlfriends if you have a group of friends all going to the same party. Each of you gets to pick your favorite princess!

Jasmine, Pocahontas And Belle Princess Costumes:

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