15 Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Coming Back Into Your Life

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If you have ever lost touch with someone you truly cared about, you know how daunting it is to hope they are coming back or wait for a phone call.

Whether it’s a family member, a long-lost friend, or the one that got away, the universe will send a signal to let you know when that special person is about to return.

15 Signs From The Universe That Someone is Coming Back into Your Life

1. Your intuition tells you they are coming back.

Who better to trust than yourself? If you have a sneaking feeling that someone you are missing is returning, believe it.

Pay attention to your instincts about the situation. If you have a gut feeling about something, don’t doubt yourself and your intuition.

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2. You randomly run into them.

If you happen to run into an ex or a former friend and the energy just feels good, it could be a sign that they will have a role in your life again.

Even if the relationship ended on bad terms, they could be kind, empathetic, and genuinely happy to see you and you can rebuild your broken bond. Don’t be afraid to reconnect.

3. A source confirms it.

If you believe in the power of seeing the unseen, a psychic source may be able to provide unique insight into if and when your loved one will return.

You can ask them straightforward questions like, “I hit a rough patch in my relationship. Is it really over?” They can answer the questions keeping you up at night.

4. You see your Angel Number.

Repeating numbers, also known as Angel Numbers, can give you a hint that someone is on the way back to you. They can appear on clocks, license plates, on signs, or on important documents.

Angel Numbers can even appear in phone calls you get from numbers with repeating digits. This is one of the many spiritual signs that angels are trying to get your attention.

5. You have feelings of déjà vu.

Do you remember how it felt when you first spent time with your lost love? A love life is full of ups and downs, but the honeymoon stage is one of the most happy and memorable times.

If you suddenly find yourself feeling the same butterflies, excitement, and anticipation that you felt in the initial stages of the relationship, they may be coming back to you.

6. Your confidence is through the roof.

Losing a relationship that was important to you can negatively affect your confidence and make you unsure of yourself. You don’t take as many risks, and you start playing it safe.

But when your person reappears, suddenly your self-esteem is through the roof. If you’re suddenly feeling that boost of confidence, it might be a sign that a familiar face will soon reappear.

7. Your dreams become vivid.

Another sign that someone is making their way back to you is that your dreams get clearer and more vivid.

If you find yourself dreaming about things that happened during your relationship, the universe may be telling you to look out for the text or call.

8. You find something that reminds you of them.

Let’s say you’re flipping through an old picture album and come across a photo of you and a family member you have been thinking about but lost contact with. This could mean they are coming back into your life.

Be careful not to confuse accidentally coming across a memento with searching for one in hopes that they are thinking about you.

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9. They follow you on social media.

A clear sign that someone is thinking about you and wants to be a part of your life again is when they follow you on social media.

If you’re constantly getting likes and comments from someone you thought you had left in the past, they are opening the door for you to re-enter their lives. It’s up to you whether you want to step inside.

10. They still call you a 'friend.'

Even though it’s been a while since you hung out with them, they continue to reference you as a friend and even invite you out from time to time.

People who still want to be in your life keep the idea of being closely connected to you front and center. If someone continues to call you a friend despite distance, it’s time to decide if you want to reconnect.

11. They still keep in touch.

Most people who don’t want anything to do with you will cut off all communication. If someone still keeps in touch, checks on you, and gives you regular updates on their life, they want you to be a part of it.

Keeping close contact with someone after the relationship is over increases the likelihood that you will reignite your connection and fall back into old habits.

12. They have already rebounded.

Have you ever left a friendship or relationship and found out the other party replaced you? An ex picking up a new girlfriend or a former best friend forming a close relationship with someone else right after the breakup means they are willing to reconnect.

It’s counterintuitive, but when people are hurt, they look for things that will numb the pain. Covering up their despair with a rebound relationship is a sure sign they want you back.

13. They can't seem to find someone new.

On the flip side, if you left a relationship or friendship some time ago, and your ex-friend or lover seems to have a hard time connecting with someone new, they may be waiting to get back with you.

It’s hard to find interest in someone else while you are pining away for the person you lost. You will compare others to them and never be satisfied until they return.

14. They left their belongings behind.

When someone intends to cut you off forever, they grab everything that belongs to them and take it with them, never to return.

However, if that person left things that they know they will need to come pick up at a later time, it’s possible they want to use the opportunity to wiggle their way back into your life.

15. Breaking up is nothing new.

If the separation is part of your relationship pattern, it is likely that, as always, they will be looking to come back into your loving arms. The cycle of "make up to break up" is all too familiar for many couples.

If you find yourself on the relationship merry-go-round, this time may be no different.

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