What It Means When You Crack An Egg With Two Yolks

Finding a double-yolked egg is much more than luck.

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Eggs are more than just a good source of protein. They have long been believed to magically cure things like acne and are a symbol of fertility, representative of reproductive systems. In some cultures, eggs also have significant spiritual meaning.

Depending on the reference, they can be a sign of good luck, bad luck, a sign of death, or a word of warning that danger may be in your presence. When chickens lay double yolks, the meaning and symbolism changes or is amplified, making the message from the universe that much more powerful.


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How rare is a double yolk egg?

You might wonder how rare a double yolk egg is. If you happen to crack open an egg and notice that the egg includes two separate yolks, count yourself lucky.


In the United States, only one in 1,000 eggs laid will have double yolks, making it pretty rare. When the hen releases eggs (ovulates), she can produce a double-yolked egg when two of them are close in proximity and get trapped inside the same shell and egg white.

This can happen because she is genetically predisposed or is due to the young hen’s hormonal fluctuations, similar to what happens when women have sets of twins. Like multiple births in humans, a hen producing a double-yolked egg is not something you would expect to see every day.

What does a double egg yolk symbolize?

The spiritual meaning of a double-yolked egg differs from the symbolism of a single-yolk egg.

Discovering a double-yolked egg is a sign of good fortune. The double-yolked egg symbolizes the joining of and balancing out of two energies, masculine energy and feminine energy.


Finding a double-yolked egg can also symbolize prosperity and abundance, nourishment on your journey, the duality of life, and the strength to persevere until you reach success. The double egg yolks signify you giving birth to new ideas and expanding your creative energy.

Finding multiple eggs in the same nest is highly unlikely, but if you do, new beginnings are in progress and a new life is on the way.

Superstitions & Religious Meanings of Double Egg Yolks

Most double egg yolk superstitions are tied to prosperity and abundance.

One superstition about eggs with two yolks is that the person who found them will have their deepest desires fulfilled. It might be a relationship or a business venture, but whatever it is, the universe will work in your favor to deliver a win.


The spiritual symbolism behind eggs with double yolks comes from religions like Christianity, where they are indicative of new life or rebirth, a sign that life is about to undergo a big transformation. The change can be for the good or it can mean you lose something that no longer serves you like a toxic relationship or a stressful job.

It is a time to embrace change and trust the universe. It is a reminder that Christ is always there to guide and protect.

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What does it mean to get a double yolk?

1. Good luck

Many cultures see double-yolked eggs as a sign of good fortune. It is a promise of wealth, abundance, and prosperity, and could be related to anything you want in your life.


The abundance doesn’t necessarily have to be materialistic but could show up in how much love you receive from the people around you.

2. Prosperity

Eggs with two yolks are spiritually connected to money and the inflow of it. Expect a financial windfall in the near future. It may come as a new job, a raise or promotion, winning money, or a lucrative business deal.

3. Fertility

By now we know the fertility symbolism tied to eggs. Whether you have one or two yolks, the universe is telling you that a new baby is on the way. If you happen to come across a double-yolked egg, twins might be conceived soon.

A double-yolked egg is related to pregnancy in many cultures since eggs themselves are universally thought to symbolize fertility. The universe sends several signs to let you know pregnancy is in the near future, and a double-yolked egg could be one of them.


The double yolk could be a sign that you have multiple little ones on the way and should prepare accordingly.

4. New beginnings

The rare double-yolked egg can also symbolize a new start in a relationship, your career, or life in general. You are in a time of transformation and on a new path that will require your total faith and dedication.

5. Manifestation

All the work you have put in is about to pay off greatly. Your harvest will manifest and you will have everything you sought. The double-yolked egg means you are about to receive the fruits of your labor.

6. Death

The two-yolk egg isn’t always a good sign. It can warn about an impending tragedy for someone close to you.


Check on your loved ones to make sure they are doing well. You never know when it might be your last chance to see someone.

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7. Nourishment

Naturally, like with any other egg, a double-yolked egg is symbolic of replenishment and nourishment. If you are in a state of exhaustion or fatigue, it can restore your energy levels, especially if you eat a double-yolked egg.

8. Happiness

Finding an egg with two yolks is thought to be a sign that happiness is in your future. Your luck is about to change dramatically, so it is a good time to work on projects, relationships, or anything that you need in your life to make it complete.


9. Good health

Eastern cultures attribute double-yolked eggs to good health and longevity. They believe eggs have special powers that keep illness and disease away, and increase physical, mental, and emotional strength.

10. Self-reflection

Both single and double egg yolks allude to the understanding of yourself and who you are as a person. They remind you to look within for answers, trust your intuition, and rely on universal guidance for answers.

11. Protection

Eggs with double yolks represent divine spiritual protection for the evils and negativity in the world. Eating them on a regular basis shields you from physical and metaphysical harm.

12. Restoration

These unique eggs also symbolize a restoration of what was lost. Maybe your will has been depleted, or perhaps your faith is in doubt. The double-yolked eggs are a sign that all you have gone through is not in vain.


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