10 Spiritual Reasons You Have A Headache Or Migraine

Listen to what the universe is telling you.

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The throbbing pain that beats through your head when you experience headaches can be almost too much to bear.

Migraine headaches are much worse because you also have to deal with nausea and dizziness.

But headaches are not just a medical condition. There are also spiritual reasons you may be having headaches.

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What are the spiritual and emotional causes of headaches?

Paying attention to the type of headache you have, as well as when, where, and how they occur, can help you to uncover the messages the universe is trying to send you.

A sudden onset of migraine attacks could be caused by allowing negative energy or spirits into your world. This includes things like anxiety and depression. From a religious perspective, a headache warns that there is evil afoot. It tells you to check yourself to make sure your spiritual guard is still intact.

Depending on what side of the head the headache is on, you can interpret it to mean different things.


A headache on the left side is a message from the universe that someone wants to harm you. This is most likely someone close to you, so check your circle and proceed with caution.

A right-sided headache is an indication that you are making a lot of moves without stopping to consider the potential consequences. Slow down and make more thoughtful decisions before acting.

The right side of the head is also where you sense of logic lives. Pain there is a signal to start trusting your intuition and ignore the external pressures.

Headaches can also be a warning of impending danger from the universe, but what are the spiritual meanings of headaches?

10 Spiritual Meanings of Headaches

1. You're overloading yourself.

Being overworked can impact the physical body, as well as spiritual and emotional wellbeing. A headache could be one of the spiritual side effects of stretching yourself too thin.


The universe is telling you to take away some of your responsibilities, reduce your stress levels, and take care of yourself.

2. Stop being a worrywart.

Worrying can easily trigger a migraine. Anxiety and depression go hand-on-hand with worry, so if you start to have sharp pains in your head, it’s time to detach from the situation.

No matter how much worrying you do, it won’t change the circumstances you are concerned about. Instead, it can be detrimental to your spirit, health, and emotions, so relax.

3. You’ve lost track.

The universe has a way of reeling us back in when we veer too far off our intended life path. If you start experiencing visual disturbances or develop sensitivity to light, you might be out of focus.


This means you need to revisit your vision, get clarity, and remove any distractions from your life. Focus on the things that matter.

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4. You're having a spiritual awakening.

The first stage of a spiritual awakening is confusion. Confusion is akin to anxiety. If you are starting a spiritual journey, a headache could be a sign that you are in the first stage.

Trust the process and relieve any anxiety-related stress you may be under. This is part of the process and before you know it you will be back to normal.

5. You’re holding on to anger.

Everyone knows that hanging on to negative emotions about someone does more harm to you than it does to them. The spirit of anger and hate is closely tied to headaches.


If you are having constant headaches, your guardian angels are telling you to let it go. Release any hate, anger, or ill intentions you are holding onto.

6. It’s time to purge.

Negative energy is the root cause of headaches. Sometimes, you have so much negativity built up in your system that you need to purify your energy.

If headaches have become too much to handle, try cleansing your spirit with purification rites and a spiritual cleansing.

7. Let go of the past.

Many people carry guilt and regret from events of the past. If you are having recurring headaches, the universe is letting you know you need to forgive yourself and move on.

Make peace with your past and live in the present moment. Take the lessons from mistakes you’ve made and set goals to create the best future possible for yourself.


8. You need to practice acceptance.

If you’re having trouble accepting something that has happened in your life, the universe may send a message imploring you to practice acceptance.

Fighting against what is natural or unavoidable causes stress and worry, so a headache is a strong indicator that you need to accept it for what it is and move forward.

9. Someone is lying to you.

Think of a headache as your intuition. It’s a nudge from the spirits watching over you to let you know that someone is being untruthful to you.

Take a step back and assess everything you’re being told. If you find that you are being deceived, confront the truth head-on and accept it.


10. You're not living up to your values.

Any time you go against what you truly believe, you become out of alignment. A headache can warn that you are going down a path you don’t agree with.

Your life is guided by your values. They tell you what direction to go in and how to avoid things that are harmful to you. A headache is a clear sign that you need to reassess the choices you are making.

Are spiritual headaches good or bad?

If you are having a spiritual headache, the good news is you are becoming self-aware and making changes in your life to create a better future for yourself.

The downside of having a headache or migraine is very unpleasant. Be sure to make your pain and suffering count by looking for the message that the universe is trying to send.


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How to Deal with Spiritual Headaches

Dealing with a spiritual headache can be complicated. Outside of the obvious associated discomfort, you might be confused and uncertain of how to handle it.

There are ways to help you navigate the process and make the most of the signals your guardian angels are sending.


1. Breathe deeply.

At the onset of your headache, practice deep breathing techniques to expand your consciousness and relax you.

2. Meditate.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and breathe silently. Spiritual awakening headaches originate in your third eye (for psychic abilities). Stilling yourself will release pressure there.

3. Exercise.

A wonderful way to relieve your spiritual headache is to exercise. Activities like walking or yoga can release endorphins to relieve pain and get your blood flowing through those restricted vessels.

4. Talk to someone.

Sometimes, our minds are overloaded with the burdens we carry. Talk to a friend or a professional to unload some of your baggage and reduce the pain in your head.


5. Trust the process.

Understanding that the spiritual headache is a temporary reminder to do the work to improve your life will go a long way. Don't add worrying about the headache to the things you are working through.

Final Thoughts

There are several reasons you may have a headache or migraine. Of course, knowing the spiritual reasons can help you make the necessary changes to your life.

But there are many medical reasons that could make you suffer from head pain as well. Energy drinks and flashing lights are just a couple of triggers.

If you are experiencing a headache for an extended time or if it is out of the ordinary, it is best to seek medical attention.


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