The 'Blanket Method' Is The Reality Shifting Technique Homebodies Everywhere Have Been Waiting For

Count your way to your desired reality.

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Reality shifting has become quite a popular trend, especially on the video-sharing platform TikTok. You can find several methods for shifting, with many TikTokers demonstrating the process.

From visualization tactics to scripting to mediating with subliminals, each method is great for certain people. But to find the right method for you, it's key to experiment with all the different methods first to see what works best.


One of the shifting methods is known as the blanket method.

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What is the blanket method?

As mentioned, the blanket method is a popular reality shifting technique seen on TikTok.

This particular method involves laying under a cozy blanket and reciting affirmations to get you to your desired reality, or DR. Unlike other methods, there is no scripting needed for this.


You can also use the blanket method for sleeping or while awake; either way, the purpose is to bring you to your desired reality.

Here's how to do the blanket method in 5 steps.

1. Meditate.

The first thing you want to do is raise your vibration by meditating for around 5-10 minutes.

To raise your vibration, you need to clear your mind of negative thoughts so you are in the right mindset to shift. You can also play subliminals to help in this stage of the process.

2. Grab a blanket.

It wouldn't be the blanket method if it didn't involve a blanket, right?

What you should do next is snuggle under the comfiest blanket you can find. Make sure you cover your entire body. From head to toe, you should be under the blanket on your bed.


This may not be the best method for people who are scared of small spaces, so don't force yourself into it. What matters most when shifting is making sure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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3. Recite affirmations.

Next, you should recite affirmations as if you are already in your bed in your desired reality. Some examples can include:

  • "I’m in my DR's bed."
  • "My DR's bed is extremely comfortable."
  • "I enjoy sleeping in my DR's bed."
  • "I’m relieved to be in my DR's bed."

Be sure to truly believe in your affirmations as you say them, either in your head or out loud.


4. Count to 100.

Once you are comfortable under your blanket and have affirmed that you are in your DR's bed, you should then slowly count to 100.

While you are counting, recite affirmations after every tenth number. For example, "18, 19, 20, I am shifting."

As you get closer to 100, you should start to feel shifting symptoms like numbness or a tingling sensation.

5. Enjoy being in your desired reality.

There are two different ways to do the last step of this shifting method. As mentioned, you can treat this method as a sleep method or an awake method, meaning you decide if you want to go to sleep after going through the steps, or remain awake.


If you choose the sleep method, close your eyes and remove the blanket from your head. Be sure to adjust to a position you can fall asleep in. When you wake up, you should be in your desired reality.

If you choose the awake method, keep counting until you feel your environment change. Once you feel you have arrived in your desired reality, remove the blanket from your head and open your eyes.

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