How To Save Big (And Stress Less) By Shopping With A Wholesale Club Membership

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save money by shopping at a wholesale club

Work deadlines, appointments, events, everyday chores — our daily to-do list never ends. We are busy individuals, and finding the time to shop for the essentials can often feel like a burden.

Sam's Club facilitates shopping to help make life a little easier and offers a discounted yearly membership — only $19.99 — with plenty of perks.


Bringing its members plenty of savings with a little bit of everything under one roof, Sam's Club makes grocery shopping less frequent and stress-free. Whether it's snacks, frozen food, kitchen supplies, toiletries, furniture, clothing, electronics, or even gifts for that special someone on your list, the membership helps get everything you need in one trip.

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It saves you time to focus on more quality time doing what you love — making a homemade pizza with your loved one or playing hide-and-seek with your kids.

Fewer shopping trips are just the beginning. A yearly membership to Sam's Club also includes exclusive savings on all your favorite products and extra-curricular activities. Save significantly online and in-store and get discounts on rental cars, movies, trips, attractions, live events, and more. You'll even be able to save up to 60% on hotel accommodations while traveling

While this Sam's Club Membership bundle is priced at $67, new users living in the US have been given an exclusive offer for purchasing their membership at only $19.99, on top of a $10 promotional gift card to enjoy in-store or online.

You'll also receive a free Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken (a $4.98 value) and 8-count Gourmet Cupcakes (a $7.98 value) when you make your first purchase. A complimentary household card is also provided to house all your discounts in one magical place and bring extra savings to already low prices. 

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As a verified user, Debbie L. reviewed, "With the free stuff, it was like they were paying me to shop! It was very easy getting [the] card at [the] store, and they have some of my favorite products Costco doesn't carry in-store."

Save big on a Sam's Club Membership for only $19.99 with Free Rotisserie Chicken & Cupcakes PLUS $10 Sam's Club E-Gift Card. 


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