How To Make Your Mom Happy

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You don't have to wait around for Mother's Day to make your mom happy!

We can take mom's love for granted in our day-to-day lives, which is why we have to remind ourselves that our mothers aren't superhuman (even if they act like it). They also need to be taken care of and shown how much they're loved and appreciated.

Taking the time to make her feel special goes a long way, especially on days when she's feeling down or stressed out.

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Here are 15 simple ways to make your mom happy.

1. Ask her how she's feeling.

Moms, like anyone else, need people to talk to. No matter how "put together" she seems, there are days when she needs an extra confidence boost or a shoulder to lean on.

Checking in with your mom will make her feel seen and loved.

2. Apologize if you've done something wrong.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised!

When mom's angry, cheering her up may feel like an impossible task. But no matter how many chores you do, chances are she still won't be happy unless you've properly apologized.

Doing so shows her that you've taken the time to consider her feelings and how your actions may have impacted her.

3. Commit random acts of kindness.

Think about it — who doesn't love waking up to breakfast in bed? Doing small things of the sort for your mom is bound to bring a smile to her face. It reminds her that she's valued just as much as any other family member.

Other suggestions include washing her car, ordering her favorite food, or offering to gift her a much-needed massage!

4. Get her flowers.

A sweet and simple gesture like this remains a classic for a reason! It doesn't cost much, and it's a lovely reminder of how much you appreciate your mom.

She'll be thrilled to receive a bouquet — it'll make her feel special!

5. Cook her a meal.

Many moms spend hours planning, preparing, and cooking for their families. We can only imagine how stressful that is to do on a daily basis! So, why not cook for your mom instead?

Even if you're not on Gordon Ramsay's level, the thought alone is sure to make your mom happy.

Just try your best, and if all else fails, stick to the microwavables. (But you didn't hear that from us!)

6. Give mom some time off.

No matter how much that woman loves you, there's no doubt she's utterly exhausted. After all, think of all the things moms have to do! Giving her a break will help her recharge and rest.

Offer to step in for a while so that she can either catch up on sleep or take time off to do whatever she wants!

7. Spend time with her.

Between work, school, our personal lives and social media, we collectively tend to get caught up in all the busyness. And whether we intend to or not, we can sometimes put mom time on the back burner.

A sure way to make her happy is to spend time with her! Something as small as giving her a call or having coffee with her will make her feel included (and loved!)

8. Take her out somewhere.

Another option is to take your mom out for the day! This is usually something that's much needed after being cooped up at home or work, so why not take her someplace fun, like a new restaurant or movie? There are so many options to choose from!

You can also take mom to a spa for some much-needed TLC.

9. Leave her cute notes.

Another simple (and easy) way of cheering your mom up is by leaving sweet notes around the house/workplace for her to find. This is an especially adorable idea if you've noticed mom's been down in the dumps.

Scattering little reminders of how she's special and cherished can help turn a bad day into a better one. Moms need personal cheerleaders, too!

10. Pitch in with chores around the house.

As annoying as it is, moms don't nag without reason! It usually boils down to them wanting to cross another thing off the never-ending to-do list.

You can make your mom's day by helping around the house without being told — and if you want to go the extra mile, you can help with chores you usually don't do!

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11. Get her a gift.

We all love getting presents, and your mom isn't any different! Surprising her with a little something special is sure to excite her. It shows you've been thinking of her, which is always a heartfelt sentiment.

Bonus points if you get her something off her wishlist!

12. Acknowledge all that she does.

The sad truth is that moms are often taken for granted, mostly because we assume they'll be there to do everything until they're not.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Taking the time to sincerely acknowledge your mom's efforts will warm her heart and let her know that all she does isn't in vain.

Let her know how much you respect her!

13. Make her feel needed.

Even when we're adults, our parents usually find it hard to let go of that certain parental instinct. In mom's case, she can feel dejected if she feels like you no longer need her.

You can combat this by finding ways to include her without relinquishing your independence, such as asking for advice or talking to her about any problems you're having. She'll likely be thrilled to be a part of your life once again.

14. Make her a homemade present.

It doesn't matter what you make! A poem, card, painting, ceramic bowl... whatever it is, this simple gesture alone tells her that you've put in the effort to make something just for her.

It may even remind your mom of those kindergarten arts and crafts projects, so don't be too embarrassed when she whips those oldies out!

15. Tell her you love her!

Last and but never least, don't forget to tell her you love her. You can never say it enough!

Tell your mom this as much as possible, in any way you can think to. She deserves it.

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