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Quickly Relieve Your Headaches & Migraines With This Wearable (& Drip-Free) Ice Compress

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We've all been there — a long day ahead, but we can't get rid of that splitting headache or migraine. Head pain is no joke — it can come out of nowhere and cause so much discomfort it can be hard to get through even minor everyday activities.

Fortunately, the Headache Halo is a revolutionary accessory that helps us get one step closer to easing pain and tension by applying a cool compress to the areas of your head and neck that need it most.

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Headache disorders are some of the most common nervous system conditions, with migraines and headaches affecting 1 in 4 households. Head pain is not only irritating, but it can also be debilitating — keeping you from doing the things you need to be doing throughout the day, sometimes even preventing you from getting out of bed at all.

Founded and invented by Sherri Pulie, a migraineur who would regularly use wet plastic bags filled with ice to relieve her migraines, Headache Halo was born out of the necessity to ease at least one of our troubles.

The Headache Halo is an extended version of the original pain-alleviating gadget — the Headache Hat  — with the only difference being two rows of ice cubes (aka cooling delight) instead of three, making it easier to continue to work and do your normal activities while providing pain relief at the same time.

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The wearable ice packs come filled with purified water and are already sewn into the design. They are specifically crafted to help you battle migraines and tension headaches with hands-free convenience.

The simple yet innovative design allows the ice to sit comfortably on any pain points without water melting all over you and making a mess (or worse, dripping on your laptop or phone while you're trying to work). With an adjustable soft stretch wrap construction, the desired amount of pressure is applied to the head or neck for an ample amount of cooling therapy. 

Check this video out to see how the Headache Halo works:

The patented product has been a best-seller since its original debut in 2013. It also continues to have thousands of 5-star ratings without breaking the bank — and it's super affordable, priced at only $29.99.

Adrienne Stites left a raving review for the Headache Halo on Amazon, saying, "I could not have been happier with this headache helmet! I have suffered with migraines for years as does my dad. I wish this was around years ago!" And Leo Lepore wrote about how their friend uses the Headache Halo for their hot flashes; "I bought this for migraines after watching my friend use hers for hot flashes. If you like cold ice on your head, this is the product for you (I love it!). It stays cold well over an hour and the velcro keeps the halo in place while you move or walk around."

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Lepore also provided some helpful advice for those who are sensitive to the cold, explaining that "for the first 15 minutes out of the freezer, this is extremely cold and the ice packs are rock hard, so you'll want to leave it on the counter if you're really sensitive. I've also wrapped this around my neck. I'm buying two more to give as gifts!"

Obviously with all the ways to use the Headache Halo, there's no better way to be prepared for the next time your migraines or tension headaches strike. So next time you feel a headache coming on, walk over to your freezer and treat yourself to some much-needed TLC.

Get the Headache Halo now for only $29.99.


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