25 Fun Things To Do With Your Single Friends On Valentine's Day

Celebrate your girls on a day meant for true love.

Last updated on Feb 11, 2023

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Too often, we neglect our girlfriends whenever a guy gets into the picture. But our girlfriends are the ones who are always there when things don't work out.

Instead of forgetting who has really loved you through the good times and the bad, make the most of this romantic holiday by spending Valentine's day with friends! Especially if you're a single woman, spend this time with your girl squad.

Don't miss making the most of the opportunity. You've only got one life to live, so why not celebrate our lady friendships and enjoy your own company? Ditch the vision of being home sad and lonely on Valentine's Day, and hang out with your best friends for life, making memories that will last a lifetime.


It's good to be single. There are lots of adventurous, creative, and fun things a girl squad can do to make all those coupled friends a little jealous, wishing they could be fancy-free too.

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Grab a small group of your closest friends, and prove that Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers.

25 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day With Friends

1. Fondue night

A fondue night with your squad is a unique way to celebrate. While waiting for your bite-sized pieces to be ready to eat, dish on the drama you haven't had a chance to share.

2. Gift exchange

Nothing says "I love my girl squad" like a Bestie Valentine's Day gift exchange. Treat your girls to something they would never buy for themselves like bold nail polish or something simple like a cool pair of comfy socks.

3. Dress-up night

Have a superhero dress-up night, complete with a late-night Netflix binge with popcorn and lots of butter. You can still feel your best even if you have nowhere to go.


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4. Group manicures

If only one of your girlfriends is single, just the two of you can hang out. Take advantage of couples massage package deals to add to the fun, and go all out with mani-pedis for a real treat you'll both love.

5. Craft night

Pull out all your crafting supplies and get creative with the ladies you love most. See who can make the coolest item, or make something unique and special for each other.

6. Parachute jumping

Girls squad fun can be found in adventure, so why not be daring? Try parachute jumping and then humblebrag on Monday to your coworkers with pictures.


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7. Makeover party

If your squad likes to chill and chat, have a martini and makeover party. Learn how to get that cat's eye or smoky eye you've been struggling to master for years.

8. Paint night

Rather than go out to a paint night at your local venue, add some creativity to your life with a paint night, complete with wine. You don't have to be artistic to make a masterpiece.

9. Clothing swap

Don't like what you have in your closet? Convince your girls to do a Valentine's Day outfit exchange. Invite a few close girlfriends to bring outfits they no longer wear. You never know — you might find something you love.


10. Murder Mystery dinner

Host a murder mystery dinner night with your gal pals, and dress up for the occasion. Who knows who could be the murderer among you?

11. Spa night

Why spend big bucks going to the spa when you can make one of your very own at home? Have everyone bring a robe so you can all have the ultimate relaxing experience while you pamper yourselves.

12. Celebrity crush night

Who needs a boyfriend when you can have a Celebrity Crush night? Spend some time with the girls drooling over the hottest celebrities of past and present.

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13. Makeup night

Has your best friend hinted that you need to try something new with your makeup routine? Now is a great time for a full facial and makeup night, complete with tutorials from the best artists around.


14. Picnic

Pack a cooler with some yummy lunch, and be sure to throw in chocolate-covered strawberries for good measure. Don't forget the champagne!

15. Beach walk

Soulful girlfriends will love the idea of grabbing food and heading out to the beach to walk and talk. If you aren't near a beach, take a scenic route on a walk together.

16. Chocolate tasting

Why wait for someone to treat you to truffles and chocolate-covered cherries? Pull out your bartender's recipe book and host a chocolate tasting night with a variety of samples to try.

17. Shooting range

Nothing shows your girl power like a night out at the shooting range for target practice. If you've never gotten your concealed weapons license, why not do it as a group? You can also try laser tag or a paintball night if that's more your style.


18. Brunch

Have a small group of friends over to cook an Instagram-worthy brunch, complete with endless mimosas. Just be sure nobody has to drive home.

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19. Princess piñata party

If you and your girls love all things pink, have a Princess Piñata party. Just stuff a tiara piñata full of candy, makeup, and love notes for your gal pals, and get swinging!

20. Pajama party

Feeling lazy and unromantic? Lounge around in your pajamas while having an all-you-can-eat pancake and pajama party with your besties.


21. Game night

Tired of playing games with the boys? Get in touch with your competitive side, or learn dance moves with Just Dance. When you're tired, try Guitar Hero or sing karaoke.

22. Wine tasting

Though your local winery may be closed, have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite wine. Then, do a wine tasting party right in your living room.

23. Card exchange

Like exchanging gifts, you can each make a DIY card for the other girls in your squad. Each one can be sentimental or funny, as long as it comes from the heart.

24. Selfie night

If your squad is low on group selfies, schedule a vanity night. Everyone can come over looking their best, and then you can all take photos together for social media or dating profiles.


25. Dream board-making

Make a dream board for the future with a promise to hold each other accountable. Then, in a year, if you're still single on Valentine's Day, have a celebration party for those whose dreams came true.

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