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31 Best Natural Makeup Look Tutorials On YouTube

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30 Best Natural Makeup Look Tutorials On Youtube

Let's be honest: you're not always in the mood to go full glam when you're just going to work or lunch with friends. Learning how to blend the concealer into bare skin can be a little daunting at first. We understand the troubles!

But when you're going for a natural makeup look, look no further than the internet. We've compiled a list of 30 different looks to help you master the natural/makeup-less look to combat the dry and cold winter, and help you look and feel your best.

From eyebrows to soft glam eyes, and even a natural glow, you're bound to find a look for you, all thanks to the natural makeup tutorial of your choice. We've gathered the best makeup tutorials on YouTube — from famous YouTubers like Olivia Jade all the way to supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. So go ahead, give it a whirl and branch out this holiday season.

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1. Natural & Bright

The subtle contour in this look is what brings it all home. Sometimes you're not looking to go bold, and this is the perfect tone for that! We give this look two thumbs up.

2. Quickie 

Did someone say "simple and quick"? They're the only two words we need to hear to be interested in this look. Sometimes you just want to look great without the time commitment.

3. Glow Up

We love a glow getter. 2018 has been the year of the glow and we have to say we are here for it. This highlighter from Becca Cosmetics is perfect to throw into your carry on bag for a quick touch up on the go!

4. Model Behavior

Models always have a way of looking like they just stepped out from getting a facial, and we are all interested. This makeup routine is all about how to get that no-makeup makeup look like the runways models.

5. Easy & Simple

If you're new to the whole makeup scene, this natural makeup tutorial is perfect for mastering the art of the natural look without looking like you've gone overboard.

6. Setting Your Skin Up For Success

This makeup routine not only sets you up for success for a natural makeup look, it goes beyond that and shows you how to prep your skin for the makeup look you're about to create.

7. Minimal with a Pop of Blush

Sometimes with a minimal look you just need a pop of blush to emphasize those cheeks (we hear this is what Kylie Jenner does too). It's the perfect no-makeup, makeup look.

8. Bold Lip Color

There truly is nothing better than a bold lip. Just throwing on some lipstick can bring the entire look together and give you the appearance of larger lips.

9. Easy Concealer & Smokey Eyes

Sometimes you're not looking to clog your pores with a ton of foundation but you're still looking to make a statement. This tutorial is perfect for creating that exact look. We love how the artist creates a subtle smokey eye to go along with this look.

10. Kylie Jenner

The Queen of makeup is here and she has spoken. Kylie Jenner showed fans how she gets ready in the morning, and it's so simple! This is a makeup routine we can all get on board with.

11. Blending Goddess

This tutorial shows you how to perfect your look without committing to foundation. It can be a hassle learning how to blend your concealer without your foundation as a base, and this video will put it all into perspective for you.

12. Drugstore Makeup Routine

If you have a couple of drugstore beauty items in your collection but aren't sure how to put them to good use, you're in luck! This glowy look is perfect for the upcoming holidays and lets you create a gorgeous look on a budget.

13. Kendall Jenner

Since we are still on the topic of The Jenners, we have to show Kendall Jenner's morning routine. She just adds a little concealer and a subtle contour (mixed with a little grilled cheese) and she's ready for the day.

14. Natural Freckle Look

Let's talk freckles! If you're looking to embrace your freckles, this beauty routine shows you how to apply makeup without caking it all on.

15. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is arguably the most beautiful woman on the planet and you bet your bottom dollar we will take makeup advice from her. She makes getting ready for a date look so easy and simple!

16. Patrick Starr

Natural doesn't always mean no makeup. Let Patrick Starr show you how to do a full coverage look while looking natural and flawless.

17. Everyday Makeup Routine

A great go-to look for your everyday routine. Brianna mixes in items that are easy to get your hands on (and staples) to create this look, like Tarte's Shape Tape, Hourglass Mascara, and the Beauty Blender

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18. Fab Eye Look

Here is another fabulous eye look to compliment your makeup. The soft glam will compliment any natural look you go with and it's perfect for the upcoming holidays.

19. Natural Look by Olivia Jade

Oliva Jade is probably the best YouTuber in the game to teach you how to do a natural makeup look. And yes, if she looks familiar to you you're probably having deja vu from her mom's role as Becky from Full House. This tutorial will teach your how to do easy makeup while making your eyes pop.

20. Holiday Look

We all want to look our best around the holidays. This tutorial gives you a quick guide on how to spice up your look in just minutes! 

21. Travel Friendly Makeup 

If traveling is in your future, here's what to pack in your carry on. Don't fill your cosmetic bag with items you won't touch. This tutorial shows you exactly what you'll need for all kinds of weather.

22. Nicol's Fav Natural Look

Nicol gives an easy everyday makeup routine using just a handful of products to make it all happen.

23. Bold Brow

Some might say your makeup isn't complete without the brow. This tutorial will help you focus on mastering your brow so you can combine it with your everyday routine.

25. Winter Tones

An effortless look to help you embrace the cold months ahead. We love the darker tones used in this and how they blend together so easy. 

26. Feelin' Fall Vibes

This natural fall look is making us sad we don't have long eyelashes. If you're wanting to make your eyes pop with this look, snag some false lashes to make a statement.

27. Subtle Makeup

A subtle no makeup look is sometimes all we need. We love the focus on the under eyes and adding a touch of highlight to brighten it all up. Yes, please! 

28. Olivia Jade

Yes, that's right. Another Olivia Jade tutorial. In this routine she shows you her specific winter routine with a "less is more" mantra for the season.

29. Girl On-The-Go

We love the messy hair that makes this everyday makeup look perfect on Summer. This video is the full package of easygoing and everyday!

30. Glow Getter

Loving the glow of this no makeup look. She uses these Iconic Glow Drops to create the perfect dew with little to makeup at all. Count us in! 

31. Light & Free


A foundation-free routine that leaves you feeling fresh-faced and clean!

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