6 Spoken Affirmations To Help You Feel Better About Life — And Yourself

At first, you may not believe your affirmations, but after a while, your heart will start following.

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Abby looked normal to those around her. Yet deep inside of herself, she felt inadequate even though she was an educated woman. She had this persistent thought that she was not good enough. 

She was always working on trying to improve herself. This caused her many internal struggles as she always spent so much time trying to be perfect.

In life, most people have versions of a self-defeating perception: "I am helpless. I am unlovable. I am worthless."


It may simply be "I cannot do that. He does not love me. I am not good enough. If people knew me inside, they would not want to be around me."

One of the ways to change your negative thoughts is by using affirmations. An affirmation can help you drive out some of the negative thoughts that you have, the ones that are stuck in your head and holding you back.

At first, you may not believe your affirmation, but after a while, your heart will start following it and believing it. You can make a difference in your own life. You can live a happier, more intentional life.

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Here are six affirmations that you can use to improve to drive out negative thoughts and improve your self-image

1. I will give myself permission to rest when needed

There may be times in your life when you feel that you need to keep going to get things done. It may seem like there is no other option.

The reality is that if you take the time to rest, you will feel better. It may be a 10-minute catnap, or it may be just getting a glass of water and drinking it or it might be sitting down for 10 minutes and resting your body.

You will feel a difference. You really can give yourself some rest. You can do it.

2. I will treasure the rare moments in my life

Sometimes, you may be going so fast in life that something happens, and in the moment, you don't realize the beauty of it.


Or you may realize that there's a beautiful moment as you're driving down the road. It may be a beautiful sunset; it may be a beautiful moon in the night sky; or it may be some beautiful scenery. 

It may be a rare moment in a family situation, a close moment with friends, or success at work. These are all moments in your to life be happy about.

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3. Today I choose to do things differently

Many times in life, you do the same thing again and again, the same way, with the same results. 

At some point in time, you may want to have different results. To do this, you need to do things differently. Eventually, it will become a habit.


In the end, you probably will be glad you decided to do something differently.

4. I can be myself

Sometimes you may find that you're in a situation where you feel like you have to walk on eggshells, where you feel like you can't be yourself or your authentic self. 

Sometimes we do have to be very careful in life because of what may happen. It's setting your boundaries to keep yourself safe. 

Be authentic to yourself and be true to yourself. You are worth it.  

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5. I need to stop and contemplate what I need to do next

Sometimes in life, you make it to the point where you feel like you don't know what to do next. You may feel like you've hit a brick wall and are very emotional. You may feel like you just can't go another step. 


In times like this, you can stop and smell the roses.

6. I choose to create a long-term vision for my life that will help me move forward

There may be times in life when you feel like you're just coasting. Or there may be times when you feel like you're just too busy and you don't have time to slow down. You may feel like you have no real direction in life.

You may have no vision for the following year. You have no vision for the next month or even next week. This is where you can create a vision for yourself and the people around you.

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Audrey Tait is a counselor, dietitian, author, and founder of Inspirational Insights Counseling, Inc., who helps people overcome addictions, and eating disorders, and create positive affirmations in their lives. Her book, I Am Wonderfully Me: Positive Affirmations for Me Volume 1-3 is available now.