What It Means When You Have Dreams About Falling

Your dream about falling may be common, but the meaning is specific to your life.

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It happens to all of us. You’re sleeping and you suddenly jolt up to look around you to see if you are in bed or sitting on concrete.

It's one thing to know that dreams about falling are amongst the most common dream themes, but what does it mean for you individually?

Although falling dreams themselves are common, the meaning of the dreams and the types of falls differ for each individual.

What do dreams about falling mean?

Dreams about falling might be due to physiological reasons.

As your body begins to relax, your heart rate drops and you begin to fall asleep. This triggers the sensation of falling, which made lead to a falling dream.


This might even induce a hypnagogic or hypnic jerk, which is that big muscle spasm you sometimes get as you're falling asleep.

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There are also psychological reasons for dreams about falling.

Dreaming about falling from the sky typically represents a loss of control.


There may be something in your life that's causing you to feel overwhelmed as you're not sure how to handle it.

Dreams about falling can expose which areas of your life you feel most anxious about.

A falling dream represents vulnerability and could be an insight that you need to manage worries in your daily life in better ways.

What Dreaming About Falling and Hitting the Ground Means

A popular myth says that falling and hitting the ground in your dream means you will die, but that's not exactly the case.

Instead, if you hit the ground in your dream after falling, it's representative of hitting rock bottom. The actions you've made in your waking life about a certain situation have led you to the bottom where you now need to start over.


What Dreaming About Tripping Means

Having a falling dream does not always mean that you completely hit the ground. You could also have dreams about yourself tripping and you would still wake up jerking in the same manner.

To dream about yourself could mean that you feel stuck or like you lost your foothold in your real life. It could symbolize that you are finding issues with something that you are planning and you feel as though you are making matters worse for yourself.

This dream could also mean that you are experiencing a sudden change in your life and you do not know how to handle it.

What Dreaming About Losing Your Balance Means

This could mean that you are trying to find some type of balance in your waking life.


To dream that you are losing your balance could mean that you have a lot of options in your waking life and you are having issues with making a final decision.

You could feel like you are being pulled in every direction, you are constantly tipping the scale and you are craving a time where you feel like everything in your life is neutral. This could apply to you wanting justice for a situation as well.

Dreaming that you are losing your balance could mean that there is a situation in your life that has not yet been resolved and you feel a deep need to get justice for it.

What Dreaming About Falling from a Cliff Means

This symbolizes new excitement and adventures that you may encounter soon.


When someone is looking for a fun new thrill in the waking world, the most common thought is to go skydiving.

It is the same in the dream world. To dream about heights could also mean that you should be expecting to face some obstacles soon.

The bigger the height, the bigger the obstacle. The more you prepare for these obstacles and they are no longer worrying you, the height in your dreams may get smaller or the dreams may stop altogether.

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What Dreaming About Being Afraid of Falling Means

This symbolizes insecurity and anxiety.

There is an underlying fear of inferiority and you may even be having some fears about what is going to come next for you.


You could also be dreaming about being afraid of falling because you are afraid of failing at some or every aspect of your life.

You fear not being good enough, so the fall scares you because you are not confident enough in your ability to land on your own two feet.

What Dreaming About a Never-Ending Fall Means

This represents that you feel you are losing control.

Dreams about falls that never seem to end are the scariest. When I have these types of dreams, I have to get out of bed and appreciate having my feet planted on the ground.

There is a situation in your life where you are so used to being the boss and calling the shots, but that is changing now.


You may fear that this will bring about failure and disharmony that you may not ever be able to escape, hence, the reason why the fall never seems to have an end.

What Dreaming About Being Pushed Means

These types of dreams represent uneasiness about the person you visualize pushing you.

This person could make you feel as though you are required to do things that you are not ready or prepared for.

If someone pushes you in your dream and you know them in your waking life, it may be time to re-evaluate your relationship with them.

What Dreaming About a Fear of Flying Means

Sometimes in falling dreams, you're not quite falling, but rather feeling fearful about flying.


While flying dreams are typically positive, feeling anxious while flying suggests that you may be facing a new challenge in life that you're unsure about.

Like other falling dreams, this type of dream is indicative of feeling overwhelmed and like you're not in control of your circumstances.

What Dreaming About Someone Else Falling Means

Sometimes you may have a falling dream where it's someone else you know that's taking the fall.


Dreaming about someone else falling is trying to tell you something about your relationship with that person.

You may feel like you're letting them down somehow or that they're falling short when it comes to what you need from them in the relationship.

What you are wearing in dreams about falling can also help you identify where it is that you are feeling the most anxiety in your life.

If you have on business clothing, then work will be where you face the most anxiety and what is likely the cause of these strange, yet common dreams.

If you are wearing pajamas or lounge clothes, then your home life could be the cause. It differs for each individual.


Although certain types of dreams are common, their meanings ultimately depend on the dreamer.

Analyze your dreams and make connections to your waking life. This way, you will get the perfect analysis that fits your life.

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