Follow These Steps To Shift Your Reality In Just 5 Minutes

Shifting is easy as counting to 100.

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Reality shifting has become quite a popular trend, especially on platforms like TikTok. Reality shifting is the process of moving your consciousness from your current reality (CR) to your desired reality (DR), and has been compared to lucid dreaming.

But if you're ready to shift your reality, there is an easy method you can use to help get to your desired reality in less than five minutes, and it's known as the raven method.


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What is the raven method for reality shifting?

A TikTok made by a user named Maisy went viral and has over 137,000 likes so far. In the video, Maisy explains the raven method and how you can use it to shift your reality.


​The raven method is an easy way of shifting realities because of how simple the process is. You lay on your back in a starfish position and count to 100, thinking of your desired reality, also known as your DR.

In terms of shifting realities, there's a theory that's popular on TikTok that says there are multiple realities and that we have the power to visit, or "shift," to the one we wish to be our main reality.

It's like being able to access alternate worlds on our timeline. Sounds very Marvel-esque, no?

Here's how to do the raven method in 5 easy steps.

1. Begin in a tired state.

Some people recommend meditating before you start this method, and to do so when you are very tired. 


Before you start the process, Maisy says you should be "kind of half asleep, but make sure you aren't sleeping, though."

2. Play subliminals.

If you don't know what these are, there are tons available on YouTube for you to play while you shift your reality. Subliminals are like affirmations but they delve under your consciousness to your subconscious.



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3. Lay down in a starfish position.

While you play subliminals, lay down in a starfish position. That means none of your limbs are touching each other.

Lay still and focus on your breathing. As Maisy warns, "Don't move!"

4. Count to 100.

After you've put yourself in a starfish position, start to count to 100 with your eyes closed.

There are also several variations on this counting that you can try. 

The first way is to count all the way to 100 and then say something along the lines of, "I have shifted." The second way is to say an affirmation after each number. For example, "One, I have shifted. Two, I am shifting. Three, I will shift," and so on.


However, for both methods, you must visualize your desired reality in between each number. As Maisy explains, "It's okay if your mind wanders a little bit, but try to regain that focus immediately."

5. Try to fall asleep.

Once you hit 100, stop counting. Try to fall asleep and recite some affirmations to help. Maisy recommends a few examples, saying, "I have shifted. I am in my DR. I'm waking up in my DR."

Another pro tip is to remain calm and have positive energy throughout the entire process. Then, when the new day dawns, you'll be in your new desired reality.


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