How To Tap Into The Two-Sided Psychic Energy You Already Have Inside You

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Psychic energy is a very misunderstood phenomenon. It has many secrets that remain unlocked.

It is known that the soul emits and receives energy, but each side or type of psychic energy continues to have mysteries that are yet to be comprehended.

Emitted psychic energy is known as masculine. Receptive psychic energy is known as feminine. To understand these dynamics better, we will explore each type and how they work together. 

What's most fascinating is the ways in which you may be able to tap into these types of psychic energy — even if you don't consider yourself psychic. 

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What is masculine psychic energy?

The emitted type of energy is positive, or masculine, in nature. It is masculine because it is energy that is sent from the human soul.

This energy is positive because it is a “force” that is “pushed” out but it does not mean it always has “good” vibes because negative or “damaging” energy can be sent to others as well.

The “good” positive energy has healing qualities that have been identified. There is a promise that the capacity of the masculine kind of psychic energy has properties that have yet to be discovered.

Masculine psychic energy is emitted by men and women, and it is sent to others consciously and unconsciously.

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Masculine energy can be intimidating

Energy derived from the soul can be “damaging” or unhealthful when it is sensed to be oppressive or threatening by another person.

As a result, masculine energy can be intimidating if a person receiving it is frightened by it. This can be sensed naturally, but it is not usually associated with being psychic.

One example of this type of energy is the emitting of feelings. You can send your feelings of sadness, joy, apprehension, and anger to others consciously or unconsciously.

In addition, you can send out signals that you are attracted to another person and the desire that you want to meet them.

Psychic thoughts can be 'sent' to another person

Psychic thoughts can be conveyed to another person. This is best identified with another person who is attuned to you and willing to accept your thoughts. It is common with siblings, twins, and other family members. Close friends and couples in a relationship are known to have this ability.

Other sent psychic impressions can be sensed by you with the sense of knowing, smell, and taste.

It is believed that other gifts associated with this type of energy exist such as the ability to move objects. The possibilities of uses are staggering but, up to this point, they are only conjecture.

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What is feminine psychic energy?

The second type but most popular type of psychic energy is the receptive or the feminine type. This type is the most practiced and studied of the two types of psychic energy.

Feminine energy is called Kundalini energy by the Indian culture and is recognized in several forms.

Forms of feminine psychic energy

Clairsentience is the first form of feminine receptive energy. This ability focuses on a person’s feelings. A person receives the positive or male energy projected by others or another source and interprets that energy with an emotional response.

Clairvoyance is the second form of this energy and is related to the area of the third eye. Visual images are received and left for interpretation by the receiver. Images are evaluated with experience and the other physical and psychic senses to determine their meaning or value of them.

Clairaudience is psychic hearing, and it is the form of feminine energy that receives sounds or audio impressions that are interpreted by the person accepting it. The received energy can come from another person, spirit, or another source that may or may not be identified.

Claircognizance is the ability to just know things. It is characterized by ideas or information just being “dropped” into a person's mind. The best description of a claircognizant impression is often called an “ah ha” moment. Hunches and other quick data received from “nowhere” is accepted by a person but whether it is acted upon involves the freedom of choice by the receiver.

Other forms of feminine receptive energy are called clair fragrance and clairgustance. These forms involve accepting fragrances or tastes that are not organically produced.

They are energies that are received from another person attempting to send them, contact by a spirit, or the universe activating those senses to the receiver.

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You can activate masculine & feminine energy — even if you don't think of yourself as psychic

Imagine the human soul as a ball of energy. You can view it like a rubber band ball that virtually has an infinite number of bands of energy within it.

Some of these bands are sending out energy while others are receiving them. These energy bands are extensions of our physical senses but are not necessarily activated by empirical sources.

Stress is an activator of both the masculine and the feminine forms of psychic energy.

It heightens the projection and sensitivity of a person. It can signal others about energy that may be out of balance from you, someone else, or is an impression from the Universe to be aware of a situation.

Being open-minded to the impressions you receive is part of the development and understanding of the two sides of psychic energy. If you are not open to the possibilities that are presented to you then you may miss the opportunity to navigate successfully through an issue or not understand the needs of a person. Humans are gifted with these abilities and should use their gifts appropriately.

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How to use masculine & feminine psychic energy

When you are trying to understand the way psychic energy works, it begins with you having an open mind. Second, your intention on using your gifts and talent for the greater good is essential to properly gain control of them.

Improper use of your psychic abilities can bring harm to others and to you once it is discovered that you have abused them.

Development of each side of the energies is a journey of self-discovery.

Exploration will assist you in recognizing the depth and range of your gifts. Your gifts are not the same as others and it is not a competition to be better than anyone else who is working on their abilities.

Understanding the two forms of psychic energy is often neglected by psychics and mediums because they usually focus on the receptive side of the phenomena. Healers focus on developing the sending side of psychic energy. These different types of practitioners are purists with their work.

Practitioners who consciously work with a hybrid or both sides of psychic energy are people who use metaphysical healing modalities like Reiki. These are people who receive energy and then send healing energy back to those who need it. There are many types of practitioners in metaphysics who use their gifts without acknowledging the masculine and feminine sides of the energy their use.

Much is left to be learned about the two different types of psychic energy. Identifying and trusting energy is a lifelong practice by many. There is a natural tendency to just use your gifts when they are needed because they are not fully understood and remain somewhat of a mystery.

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John Cappello M. B. A., Author, and Psychic Medium has been a practitioner and writer in metaphysics for over 25 years. Go to his website for more information.