What The Universe Is Telling You When You Have Hiccups

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Hiccups come from involuntary contractions of your diaphragm. This causes your vocal cords to momentarily snap shut, resulting in a "hic" sound, hence the name.

These hiccups are more of a nuisance than a serious health problem and usually disappear after a few minutes. If you are suddenly afflicted with hiccups, drinking a glass of water should get rid of them.

But some people believe that hiccups are more than that, theorizing that there are spiritual meanings behind the irritating bodily function.

What do hiccups mean spiritually?

Spiritually, the sudden onset of hiccups is a sign from the universe. It is a reminder to pay attention to your own energy and intuition.

Experiencing hiccups is also thought to be a sign from your guardian angels that your spiritual connection could use some love and care.

Generally, hiccupping a lot is a sign of good luck since it is a message from the universe sent to guide you in the right direction. But it can also be a word of warning from the spiritual realm.

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12 Spiritual Meanings of Hiccups

1. Someone is thinking about you.

Hiccups can be a spiritual message letting you know that you are on someone’s mind. It can be good thoughts or bad ones, but they are definitely thinking about you.

2. You're experiencing true love.

In some cultures, it is believed that hiccups are a sign of true love. If you and your soulmate have them at the same time, you are meant for one another.

3. You're possessed by evil spirits.

One of the more negative beliefs about people who have the hiccups is that they are inhabited by some form of negative energy, such as the devil or an evil spirit.

4. You're cleansing yourself of bad energy.

Conversely, hiccups can also indicate that you are in the process of getting rid of any bad vibes sent your way, either through manifestation or a spiritual ritual.

5. You're powerful and courageous.

Hiccups are connected to your solar plexus chakra, a place where your esteem, willpower, and manifestation originate. Hiccups are a sign that your chakra is unblocked and free-flowing.

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6. Be in the present.

Spiritually, hiccups can be a reminder to be in the present. Maybe you have been hyper-focused on what was or what could be and need to take time to stop and smell the roses.

7. A curse is upon you.

Another caution that may come in the form of hiccups is about curses. It can tell you that someone has put a curse or the "evil eye" on you. You should remove any negative people from your life.

8. An angel is watching over you.

This interpretation tells you that you are not alone. You are guided by an angel or a family member that has passed. This spiritual guide is here to keep you on track and support you.

9. You should expect a visitor.

Hiccups can also mean that a guest will be arriving soon. This might be a close friend or family member, but you will be happy to see them, and they will bring good vibes.

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10. You're in need of self-care.

Your body is trying to tell you something. Hiccups can symbolize a need to check on yourself.

If you are experiencing them and have ruled out any medical issues, it is time to practice some self-care.

11. You're having trouble expressing yourself.

You are holding your feelings inside for fear of offending others. The hiccups are a sign that you need to stop carrying that load and tell people how you really feel. Speak up and be heard.

12. You're paying for past karma.

If you have done wrong to someone in your past, hiccups are a reminder that you need to step up and take full accountability for your actions.

Are hiccups a good or bad omen?

Hiccups are a sign of spirituality sent to inspire and protect or warn about people or unexpected events.

Depending on the context, they can be a good or bad omen, but either way, should always be taken into consideration.

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