Everything You Wanted To Know About Manifesting, Including Whether Or Not It Even Works

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Does manifesting really work? The answer is "yes." You're manifesting all the time. The problem is that most people are manifesting things that they don't want. 

Nothing ever just happens to you. You create it with your choices. Even as a baby, you attract and create the circumstances you're born into by the choices you made in your last life. 

So the first step to manifesting is knowing and taking responsibility for everything in your life. You created it all — the good and the bad. 

But, once you realize that, it's exciting because now you can really start taking control and creating what you really want

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Does manifesting work?

Most people think that manifesting is thinking positive thoughts and poof what they want appears like magic. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. 

We live in a three-dimensional realm, so manifesting must always include doing something physical. You must take some physical actions to change your physical reality. 

To manifest something new, you must always do something new.

What you're doing now is manifesting exactly what you're getting now. So you must do something different if you want something different.

Thoughts, especially negative thoughts, can affect your manifesting but not by themselves. Those thoughts shape your limiting beliefs and therefore end up bleeding over into and shaping your actions as well. 

For instance, thinking "I'm not good enough to do that job" will limit you because you won't take the action needed to apply for that job. 

You can think all you want without creating anything.

You need action to create. For example, you could think about making a meal.

"Do I want pasta? Do I want steak?"

Just thinking about it doesn't make the meal appear but it guides you into deciding what you do want then you take action to create it. Your thoughts are there so you can try out some ideas in your head before actually creating them. 

So how does manifesting work?

The energy of your actions plays a huge role in what you attract. Since you have free will and you create your life, if you let's say choose to settle with something you don't want thinking that's the best you can get all the universe sees is that you chose to settle.

So the universe says "as you wish" and more situations you have to just settle with will come your way. 

The universe doesn't judge by your thoughts, remember those are just to try it on, not actually create it, which is a good thing. Could you imagine if all your crazy thoughts became reality? 

So the universe only sees you choosing to settle.

Since you chose that, it sends you more of what you "want" in all areas of your life. So you will end up having to just settle in most areas of your life. Until you start making choices to not accept less than. 

That's why it's so important to choose wisely and to not accept what you really don't want. If you are in a situation you don't want, start taking action to change it or get out of it so the universe can help you. 

Staying in it just gives you more of that. This is really how the laws of attraction work by the physical choices we make, not our thoughts. 

So if you really want to manifest your goals, focus on the energy of what achieving that goal would feel like to you.

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For instance, how do you manifest your dream job? 

Let's say your dream is to start your own business. That energy would feel like freedom to you and the opposite in your mind is restriction.

Adding more freedom in your life in all areas of your life will help you to resonate with that vibration to help you to manifest it. 

But any choices of restriction in your life and any areas where you feel restricted will cancel out any of your freedom choices. 

So you want to add as much energy of freedom to your life. Maybe going out of town for the weekend feels like freedom to you or ordering food instead of cooking. 

You add more of the energy you want into your life and remove the energy that you don't want.

Now, these energetic actions are just the propeller to help raise your vibration to match where you want to go, but you must also take targeted action steps towards your goal as well. 

So if you were starting a business you would need to come up with a business plan, get office space, and take steps to advertise. But those energetic steps running in the background help to make those targeted actions more effective. 

Most people are taking actions that are the opposite of what they want and continue to block themselves from manifesting their desires. 

How does manifesting love work?

The same principles apply to relationships. For instance, If you really want a guy that treats you well but you're dating guys that don't, you can't attract what you want. 

You must first show the universe that's not what you want by cutting those relationships off at the first sign of what you don't want or taking steps to correct it. 

There are so many different love blocks out there, but one of the most common involves how you treat yourself. 

If you're neglecting yourself, you can only attract someone that will also neglect you in some way.

Watch how you treat yourself.

When you see something you don't like in others, always look within and see how you are doing that to yourself. That's what attracts that person to you. 

Remember, your choices create and attract everything and every person in your life. If you treat yourself like gold, the one that would treat you badly wouldn't even be allowed on your radar and wouldn't even enter your life. 

This applies to money as well. So many of us want more money but will scrimp and save and pinch pennies.

The thing is, that tells the universe that you plan on not having enough money in the future so the universe says "as you wish" and will help you create more expenses. 

Now, you can't be foolish and go on a spending spree and be wasteful, but watch your choices energetically and take new targeted actions towards earning more money. That's how you get there. 

Those are the basic keys to manifesting that you can apply to all areas of your life. But there are also specific things unique to each person.

For example, for some people, a vision board is very helpful in the manifestation process, but for others, it can actually hinder them. 

Everyone has a unique code for how you manifest that can really speed up the process and pinpoint your specific needs. 

Use those energetic keys to propel your targeted actions and you'll get there. And if you keep manifesting what you don't want, look into the actions you're taking that are creating that situation. 

Looking at the results you're getting can always help you discover which actions you took to cause that. 

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Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, advanced soul realignment practitioner, life coach, and author. She offers personal email readings, clearings, and personal coaching.