What Are The Layers Of An Aura?

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What Are The Layers Of An Aura?

Everyone has an aura and aura layers — even living things such as trees, flowers, and animals.

Auras display in seven different colors that are similar to the colors found in a rainbow.

The colors of an aura are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet and each layer means something different.

What are the layers of an aura?

There are seven layers of an aura that someone gives off and these are energy vibrations correlating with your chakras.

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What exactly is an aura layer you ask? It is believed that as humans we give off an energy field depending on our mood.

While it’s common to show one color of an aura layer, each layer makes it possible to show more than color at a given time.

The brightness in your aura layers is based upon the emotions you’re feeling.

Depending on your emotional or mental situation, your body will express your energy state through the color of your aura layer.

When at their brightest, the colors in these aura layers will extend about two to three feet outside the body.

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All aura layers help you to understand your thoughts and emotions better.

The more you know about the way certain events or situations affect you and your aura layers, the easier it will be to get a handle on your reaction to things.

Sometimes we may not even know what is giving us our bad mood, but the color of our aura layers is revealing.

We can use our individual aura layers to provide insight into what might be wrong.

Aura colors and brightness will change many times throughout your life and this affects the appearance of each aura layer.

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It’s important to remember that a negative aura can be fixed with a little more attention to that area.

These aura layers are helpful in revealing where the heart of the problem lies.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach the layers of your aura.

Nonetheless, there’s power in understanding colors.

Your aura layers and their color appearance can shed light on your mental, emotional, and even physical health.

Here are the seven aura layers and what each means:

1. Physical aura layers

The Physical aura layer is typically reflected by the color red.

Connected to our five senses, this layer is depleted while we’re awake and replenished while we rest.

It is heavily concerned with our physical comfort and health.

The physical layer can be seen between your tailbone and pelvic bone.

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2. Astral aura layers

The Astral aura layer is seen with the color green.

One of the most important layers, the astral layer is where we provide self-love. It emits our emotional and sensitive nature.

With its ties to the heart chakra, the astral layer is sensed in or around your chest.

If your self-care is lacking, the green color found around your chest will be dull.

3. Lower mental aura layers

The Lower mental aura layer is represented by the color orange.

Considered to be the logical part of our energy, this layer holds our reasoning and thought patterns.

We use this energy to work, study, focus and execute on beliefs and values.

The lower mental layer, also referred to as the sacral layer, can be seen below your naval.

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4. Higher mental aura layers

The Higher mental aura layer is said that this layer gives off the color yellow.

The higher mental layer connects the care for ourselves to the care of others. It also acts as a bridge between the other layers.

Also known as the emotional layer, the higher mental layer may be sensed at the area below your ribcage or around the center of your stomach.

5. Spiritual aura layers

Generally speaking, the spiritual layer reflects the color blue.

As the name suggests, this is the layer that promotes spiritual well being.

Within the spiritual layer, you will grow through teaching, sharing, and engaging with others.

The spiritual layer can be sensed at the base of your throat as it is related to the throat chakra.

If you’re finding clarity within your spiritual life, the blue seen at the base of your throat will be vibrant and bright.

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6. Intuitional aura layers

The color indigo, or a deep purple, often represents the intuitional layer.

Similar to the notion of “listening to your gut,” this layer plays upon your intuition and instances to ensure you achieve your goals.

Although it affects your gut intuition, this layer is seen at the center of your forehead.

7. Absolute aura layers

A fitting color for its power, the absolute layer is seen through white.

This final layer aims to keep each individual layer confined and balanced in harmony.

Think of it as the layer that checks in on all the others.

Considered to be the crown chakra, the absolute layer can be sensed at the top of your head.

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