10 Best Crystals For Manifesting Love, Money & Your Deepest Desires

Harness the power of crystals to create anything you want in life.

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If you are not hip to the world of alternative medicine, you may not ever have heard of the practice of using crystal healing.

Crystals give off a powerful energy that can do things like heal the body, remove stuck energy, protect you from harm, help with weight loss, rejuvenate the passion in your love life or manifest your soulmate, and even inspire self-love.

Crystals work by positively interacting with the energy already within the body and are just as effective as the Law of Attraction in getting what you want out of life. Depending on what you want to manifest, there is a perfect crystal to make your wildest dreams a reality.


How to Use Crystals for Manifesting

Crystals work by absorbing negative energy in the body and trapping it. They then allow positive energy to flow through you, alleviating the symptoms of toxicity.

Crystals modulate your energy levels, healing you from the inside out. Therefore, it is important to cleanse and charge them regularly to remove the residual negativity they pulled from your body and stored.

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Each healing crystal has its own unique properties and powers. There are many ways to use them, including going it alone or asking a master healer for help. Depending on what you prefer, there are a number of techniques to utilize in manifesting.

  • Hold a crystal while meditating.
  • Create a sacred geometrical grid of crystals to magnify their power.
  • Place the crystals on your personal altar.
  • Carry a crystal on you throughout the day.
  • Place the crystals on your body (specifically near the chakra that it corresponds with).
  • Use crystals during yoga.
  • Place them around your home as décor.
  • Use them for self-care such as bathing or washing your face.

10 Best Crystals for Manifesting

1. Citrine

Citrine crystals are a yellow variety of quartz and the one of the birthstones for people born in November. This money stone’s vibrant color is thought to be a gift from the sun, and it’s commonly mixed up with yellow topaz.

Best used for: calming, soothing, comforting, wealth and prosperity, abundance, joy, and positivity

How to manifest using citrine: Put citrine somewhere in your office. You can also carry it in your purse to encourage prosperity or in a place where you want money to grow like a cash register or safe.


2. Rose quartz

Rose quartz crystal is a macro-crystalline mineral that naturally occurs as large complex crystals. It is associated with the heart chakra so it is sometimes referred to as the heart stone.

Best used for: loving energy, bonding, romance, self-love, nurturing, and compassion

How to manifest using rose quartz: Rose quartz works best when worn near the heart on a necklace. If you keep it near your bed, it helps in manifesting love, peace, and harmony in your relationship.

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3. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a crystalline mineral made from silica, which is translucent in color. It is primarily mined in the United States, Brazil, the Alps, and Madagascar. It might also be referenced as the "master crystal" and is a blank slate to manifest whatever your heart desires.


Best used for: amplifying your vibration, setting intentions

How to manifest using clear quartz: Hold clear quartz in your hand while visualizing, meditating, or reciting affirmations. Write down or find an image of what you would like to manifest and place the crystal on it.

4. Carnelian

Carnelian is a variety of the mineral chalcedony. It is reddish-orange in color and can come in many shades from light to dark. It comes from India and is dispersed around the world.

Best used for: energizing, passion, confidence, empowerment, creativity, protection, and sexual energy

How to manifest using carnelian: Place carnelian in your pocket to magnify creative and motivational energy. It will serve you well if you place it around your workspace.


5. Green aventurine

Green aventurine is a type of quartz that is translucent in color and gets its green hue from the concentrated fuchsite in it. It can be found in China, India, and in the state of Vermont.

Best used for: good luck, emotional regulation, and overcoming self-doubt

How to manifest using green aventurine: If you find yourself feeling angry, overwhelmed, or unsure of yourself, inhale and exhale with green aventurine in your hand to calm down.

6. Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral, filled with iron that gives it the dark color. It can be found in Brazil, China, Madagascar, Kenya, Nigeria, and other African countries.


Best used for: protection, grounding, motivation, and positivity

How to manifest using black tourmaline: To manifest with black tourmaline, put it around your home. It acts as a security guard, keeping negativity at bay and protecting your peaceful space.

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7. Green jade

Green jade can be a nephrite or a jadeite, most commonly the former. It comes from Siberia or the Americas, but if it is the jadeite version, you will find it in China and Burma.

Best used for: good fortune, peace, harmony, and friendship

How to manifest using green jade: To manifest good fortune and healthy, supportive relationships, carry green jade on your person or place it around your home in areas you want to keep peaceful and harmonious.

8. Red jasper

Red jasper is a member of the mineral class chalcedony. It is opaque in appearance and the deep color can be red or have a brown tint to it. This quartz can also be found in other colors including green, yellow, black, and blue.


Best used for: stamina, courage, strength, resilience, blood circulation, and spiritual protection

How to manifest using red jasper: Red jasper is most beneficial when used in jewelry like bracelets. It can provide consistent healing strength.

9. Moonstone

The iridescent moonstone is a great crystal for balancing feminine energy. It belongs to the feldspar group of minerals, contains sodium potassium aluminum silicate, and is regarding highly in Eastern culture.


Best used for: intuition, mental clarity, feminine energy, balancing the heart chakra, and calming

How to manifest using moonstone: Lay the crystal on the ground outside overnight when there is a full moon to pull in lunar energy. Write what you want down and place it on top of the paper for a whole day and night. Then place the crystal over your heart chakra for 13 minutes.

10. Rainbow fluorite

Rainbow fluorite is a great stone to have in your collection. It comes in many dazzling colors and promotes calm and creativity. Rainbow fluorite is found worldwide from Russia to Africa and parts of the United States.

Best used for: productivity, intuition, self-truth and self-awareness, clarity


How to manifest using rainbow fluorite: Because of its ability to inspire productivity, keep rainbow fluorite on your desk while you work. Use it when you want to tap into your intellectual talents or generate new ideas.

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