The 10 Best Crystals For Healing Your Heart Chakra & Manifesting Your Soulmate

Crystals are amazing energy tools for healing your heart, releasing the past and attracting love.

The 10 Best Crystals For Healing Your Heart Chakra & Manifesting Your Soulmate Allef Vinicius/unsplash

Looking for lasting love and the right relationship? If so, you're likely to try a lot of different strategies to be your best self, meet new people, and choose your next mate wisely.

When you're ready, it's smart to pull out all the stops and leave no stone unturned! And by stone, I mean crystals.

Discover the 10 best crystals known for their properties of love, attraction powers, and heart-healing capabilities.


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Throughout the ages, people have looked to gemstones for more than just their beauty.

Today, crystals are frequently being used as tools for energetic healing. They are worn in jewelry to assist the wearer and placed inside the home to set the vibe.


Once you find out what you need to know about these crystals, they can help with healing your heart chakra and activate love for the manifestation of your soulmate.

You can also learn how to leverage the energy of crystals to create the love life and relationships you’ve been dreaming of.

Some of the stones have properties that aid in healing the heart chakra and opening your heart again. If you had a bad experience or two, clearing out residue from past loves becomes essential to attracting the healthy love you long for now.

Everyone is attracted to something different, which is why you'll find 10 different stones to choose from. And you may decide to work with a few at the same time to improve your results.


When I was on my search for love to find my husband (we've been happily married 20 years!), I moved through phases working with stones and then moving on to new ones. And I still work with many today.

Here are 10 best healing crystals for your heart chakra and manifesting your soulmate.

1. Rose quartz

When it comes to love, rose quartz is the go-to, classic stone for self-love and healing. This pale pink crystal has a soft, feminine energy that gently works to dissolve old wounds.

Healing the past is a great place to start — it's like clearing the clutter to give you a clean slate.

For your next step, rose quartz allows you to love and appreciate yourself. Knowing your own value is vitally important for connecting with a healthy love that comes from the heart.


If you want this type of relationship, you need to feel good about who you are right now. That's how you attract an amazing man!

2. Ruby fuchsite

The perfect heart stone, ruby fuchsite is a blending of two crystals — ruby, which has a deep pinkish-red color, and fuchsite, which is a medium green hue.

Together, these two gems are powerful allies and work hard to clear up any possible blockages in your heart chakra.

If you've been deeply hurt or disappointed by a love interest, this is a stone you will want to work with. Green stones like fuchsite are most often used for heart healing work.

In particular, fuchsite is known for transforming destructive, negative energies to positive, helpful ones.


As the clearing gets underway, you'll want to fill the newly opened space with positive, loving energy. That’s exactly what the ruby does — replenishes your love vibe.

Now you can understand why this blended gem is such a powerhouse for healing your heart chakra and manifesting love.

3. Ruby zoisite

Another combination crystal, ruby zoisite offers incredibly strong and robust healing properties.

The mix of darker green shades common for zoisite, bring about what is typical for green gems, providing assistance with abundance and growth.

But, when it comes to love, this stone activates the body's own resources for deep healing.

If you've suffered from grief, anger, despair, or hopelessness about love, zoisite will address all of that. Many people experience a welling up of inner strength and vitality, as well.


The gem also works to uplift the wearer, eliciting happiness and appreciation for all that is.

At the same time and united with ruby, the combination crystal stimulates the heart and helps you open to divine love and great passion.

Ruby is a stone that healers have counted on for eons to attract love, balancing the heart and inspiring laughter, joy, and the willingness to try again.

4. Dalmatian jasper

If you have been cheated on, treated poorly, or gas-lighted, you'll want a piece of Dalmatian jasper. Named after the firehouse dog for its black spots, this crystal works down to the core of a situation.

Often after a difficult breakup, you will naturally put up walls to keep yourself safe. Dalmatian jasper works to break down these barriers created for your protection and allow you to connect once again, when you're ready.


This potent stone works on the wearer to overcome negative thinking and release the lack of trust that resulted from a love gone wrong.

And even better, once the healing has begun, this gem reconnects you to your lighter-hearted, more playful nature to pump up your appeal with the opposite sex.

5. Malachite

The verdant green stripes of malachite are rich and deep. Just looking at this stone, you can imagine the abundance, growth, and healing it's capable of promoting.

Malachite also offers powerful heart clearing properties, dissolving heartache from the past to make way for new love.

This gem facilitates the safe expression and release of stored-up emotional pain. And it helps to absorb negative energy and dissipate overthinking and repetitive thought loops.


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6. Peridot

Are you feeling ready for a new relationship? Choose peridot as your crystal.

A fresh yellowish-green, the color of peridot reminds you of springtime and new growth. The yellow connects to the solar plexus chakra and the green is healing for the heart chakra.

This brightly colored stone assists the wearer to feel the joy of living and hope for a new day to come. It also offers positive support should you need to do forgiveness work which is all part of healing your heart chakra.

7. Pink tourmaline

This is a soothing gem with soft, feminine energy that infuses joy and happiness during a time of transition. Pink tourmaline helps the wearer feel safe to live more fully and open to love.


Working with this stone can instill a greater sense of kindness and tolerance, which is important for dating and finding love. It can also help you let go of old emotional wounds and forgive past transgressions.

Allow yourself to open to love again and become trusting once more to attract your true love. Pink tourmaline is wonderful for manifesting your soulmate!

8. Rhodochrosite

Ready for manifesting your soulmate? Get yourself a rhodochrosite!

This beautiful pink stone with wavy white striations is ideal for emotional healing and releasing difficult childhood memories.

You can also learn to love yourself working with this gem, which is the foundation for all love.


Rhodochrosite works on the heart to improve your mood and can provide deep cleansing of the heart. That's how you can shift your energy to become more magnetic to love and the joyful relationship you desire.

Manifest your soulmate with this attractive pink crystal.

9. Strawberry quartz

This unusual stone is a clear crystal quartz that has spots of pink suspended within it. The blessing from this gem is summoning up the courage to go for what you want!

People who use this stone feel its soothing and calming effect.

Most gems work by amplifying your intention, and strawberry quartz is no different. Set your intention for love and let the stone do its magic.


You may also notice a greater sense of appreciation for what is good in your life and feel more generous in spirit.

Allow yourself to radiate these qualities from your heart to the people around you, which is a robust aid for manifesting your soulmate.

10. Carnelian


A warm and variegated orange-colored stone, carnelian works on the second or sacral chakra. This energy center is all about your creativity, sensuality, and passion and that is what the gemstone helps you strengthen.

If you haven't dated anyone in a while, you might want to rekindle the fires of desire, and carnelian will surely help you do that! Working with or wearing this stone will set off sparks and heighten sensuality.

Reconnect with the goddess within and your femininity to connect with and rely on the power of your sensual allure.

How to work with crystals...

Now that you know about the top 10 crystals for healing your heart chakra and manifesting your soulmate, you need to know how to use them.


These quick tips will get you started on crystal healing:

1. Wear them in jewelry such as bracelets, pendants, or rings.

2. Meditate with them in your hands or on your body.

3. Keep them at your desk at work and pick them up when it comes to mind.

4. Place them on your bedside table in full view.

5. Carry one in your pocket.

Crystals embody amazing healing powers and can be your partner for letting go of heartbreak while opening your heart to find love again.

The effects might feel very subtle or sometimes imperceptible, but that doesn't mean they aren't working their magic!

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Ronnie Ann Ryan has been a love coach and intuitive healer. Can crystals help you find your soulmate? Find out by listening to her free audio program, 5 Surefire Ways to Attract a Quality Man.