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11 Crystals To Help You In The Weight Loss Journey

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Crystals for weight loss are a great option to motivate you to achieve the identity that you really want.

Are you on the journey of losing some extra inches? Are you failing at it? Or do you feel less motivated on some days and feel like quitting?

That's all completely understandable. Losing weight is difficult for almost everyone. Sometimes people do everything to get their body in shape, yet are unable to achieve the desired results.

For people who face such issues, there's good news. If you want quick results and to stay motivated during your hard work, you can check out some of these healing stones and crystals that might help you.

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Here are 11 crystals for weight loss to help you on your journey

1. Apatite (blue apatite)

This deep blue stone helps in controlling your hunger and stops you from indulging in overeating. This stone encourages focus, harmony, acceptance, and communication.

2. Peridot

Peridot is an olivine variety notable crystal that comes in rich green color. This stone helps people to stay motivated while losing weight.

Other than this, peridot also helps with anxiety and fear, detoxing the body, increasing strength, and improving liver and gallbladder function.

3. Sodalite

Effective in helping with metabolism, this crystal for weight loss also assists in making healthier eating choices and avoiding cravings. It also eases emotional stress or anxiety from certain people.

4. Quartzite (white)

White quartz is a protective stone that helps in clearing negative energy. As a result, it's ideal for carrying in your handbag or pocket. Some people even sleep with it under their pillow.

This crystal can keep you motivated in your weight loss journey.

5. Carnelian

Carnelian is a beautiful red-orange stone that makes a lovely pendant. Some people use it to curb their hunger and cravings for eating. Others suggest that it might help you detox and improve your overall health.

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6. Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone with a lot of spiritual clout. Believers say it can help you balance your hormones while improving your metabolic function. It may also help you stay motivated while making healthy food choices.

7. Lolite

People who believe in this stone claim that it can transform you into the energizer bunny. It also helps in releasing accumulated fatty deposits and increasing vitality levels.

8. Diaspore 

Diaspore has a soothing energy that makes it ideal for daily use. Some people believe that this stone can help them lose weight by preventing water retention. It's also thought to help with lucid dreaming and age-related memory loss.

9. Epidote 

Epidote is a mineral that's used to overcome feelings of rejection. That suggests that it could assist you in letting go of mental and physical baggage. It may also help you in becoming more aware of what you eat and why you eat it.

10. Marble by Pablo Picasso

The energy of this stone is all about power. It's thought to boost self-control, lowering your chances of eating meals that aren't in line with your aims. It may also aid in regulating metabolism and maintaining calm.

11. Gaspeite

Another crystal for weight loss that can speed up your metabolism is gaspeite. It may assist you in releasing negative emotions and motivating you to move forward. If you are prone to emotional eating, some people believe this is beneficial.

Have fun trying out some of these crystals for your health and weight loss journey.

Crystals mentioned in this article help you in some way while contributing to your weight loss journey. So, if you feel less motivated and you think you need extra help, you can get any of these crystals solo or in combination to find the right fit for you. 

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Sidhharrth S. Kumaar is the Founder of NumroVani and a registered pharmacist turned Astro Numerologist. For more information, visit his website.