Woman Shows Up To Boyfriend's Date After Posing As Another Girl Online & Tricking Him Into Cheating

The ultimate loyalty test.

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You know what they say, never doubt a woman's intuition. Women who doubt their partners always have their ways of testing their partner’s fidelity.

One woman on TikTok tested her boyfriend to find out if he would cheat on her using one of the most clever ways possible. 

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The woman catfished her boyfriend into going on a date with her after believing he was meeting up with another woman. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 11 million times, Selena Camille shared a video where she informed viewers that she was planning on catching her boyfriend cheating on her. 


Camille had initially suspected that her boyfriend was being unfaithful and decided to test him by catfishing him posing as another woman. 

She went to extreme measures, including creating a fake social media account using another woman’s photos and messaging her boyfriend. 

To her unpleasant surprise, her boyfriend responded when Camille messaged him and agreed to go on a date with the woman he had no idea was actually his girlfriend. 

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“Thought my boyfriend was cheating so I made a fake Instagram, paid for followers, paid some girl to use pics, and now I’m on my way to go on a date with my boyfriend that thinks he’s meeting her,” Camille wrote in a textbox over her video. 


TikTok users anxiously awaited to find out how Camille’s boyfriend would react upon realizing he’d been catfished. Thankfully, she recorded the experience and posted it. 

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As she pulls into the restaurant where her boyfriend was awaiting his fake date, Camille realized that his car was in the parking lot. 


The footage cuts to Camille in the restaurant as she approaches her boyfriend, asking him what he’s doing there. 

Off camera, he can be heard saying, “oh, shit” when Camille appears beside him. He then tells her that he is “meeting a co-worker” for lunch. 

Camille presses him and asks him why he turned his location off if he was just meeting a coworker. 

“I don’t know, it was messing up,” he replies nonchalantly. 

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The big moment comes when Camille asks her boyfriend who “Savannah” is. Savannah is the name she used while catfishing him and who he believed he was going on a date with. 


“I don’t know a Savannah,” he claims, but Camille is quick to call out his bluff. “You don’t know a Savannah, the b—tch you’ve been texting on Instagram?” 

He goes silent before she confirms that she was Savannah the entire time. When Camille asks her boyfriend if she can see his phone, he refuses and pretends that he didn’t hear her question, saying “what?” repeatedly. 

“Never mind, I don’t even need to see it, it’s all on my phone,” she tells him. “The b–tch you were supposed to meet here is me.” 

When her boyfriend asks why she would “do some s–t like that,” she informs him that she suspected that he was cheating on her after she caught him texting an ex. 


“So what do you want to do then?” Camille’s boyfriend asks her. 

Camille tells her now ex-boyfriend that she will never speak to him again and that he looks “stupid” eating by himself waiting on an imaginary date. 

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TikTokers were disgusted by Camille’s boyfriend’s behavior and reaction after realizing he’d been caught red-handed. 

“The gaslighting is something serious!!!!” one user commented. 

“The way the lie rolled off his tongue, scary!” another user wrote. 

“Not him trying to gaslight you and say ‘why would you do that?’ No sir why would u do that?” another user added. 

“He sounds like the kind of guy who would stare at a wall and not move if his house was on fire. You dodged a bullet,” another user pointed out. 

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