Woman Uses Her Alexa Smart Speaker To Catch Her Boyfriend Cheating

Alexa doesn't lie.

Jessica Lowman, TikTok, Alexa @jessicalowman1 / TikTok / seewhatmitchsee / Shutterstock

Be careful what you say or do around your Amazon Alexa device, especially if you’re planning to cheat on your partner — Alexa may just catch you in the act.

TikTok user Jessica Lowman (@jessicalowman1) knows this all too well.

Her Alexa recorded the voice of a woman whom her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her with.

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Alexa is a smart speaker that is used in many modern households.

It can generate to-do lists, play music of your choice, and even tell knock-knock jokes — tasks completed by Alexa are all done via voice command. 

Many Alexa users are unaware that Alexa can additionally record conversations when people are within close proximity to the device. 

One woman on TikTok shared how her Alexa caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her by recording voices.

The screen-recorded video has been viewed over five million times.

While scrolling through her Alexa Amazon app, Jessica stumbled upon the history of voice commands, a feature she was unaware existed.


She decided to explore the history and came across recordings captured by Alexa that were timestamped during a period when she was not home.

When she listened to the recordings, she was shocked to hear the voice of a woman she didn’t recognize.

“Alexa, what do you do then, Alexa play power trip by Miguel” the unidentified female’s voice can be heard saying. 



Moments later, a second recording captured the voice of Jessica’s ex-boyfriend.


“Alexa, volume eight,” he says. 

“Alexa, volume down,” the female voice says shortly after.

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The recordings revealed that Jessica’s ex-boyfriend had been alone with another woman without her knowledge. 

“So this is how I caught my ex cheating, I didn’t even know Alexa stored this shizzz,” Jessica wrote in a textpost over her video. 

Other TikTok users were shocked by the revelation, also unaware of the voice recording feature.

“Everyone be gettin an Alexa for Christmas,” one user wrote. “All females running to Alexa app right now,” another user commented. 


Others shared that they have caught their cheating exes the same way.

“That’s the exact same way I found out too! Listened in on a full date night!” one user revealed.

“My mate caught his miss the same way…Alexa saved him,” another user commented. 

Jessica posted a follow-up video revealing that she left her cheating ex-boyfriend, along with screenshots of their text messages where he attempted to accuse her of cheating instead. 




“You ain’t ever getting out of this one,” Jessica texted him with the screen recordings of her ex and the other woman. 

So if you ever suspect your partner may be cheating, do yourself a favor and gift them their very own Alexa where you can access the Alexa Amazon app on your phone. 

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