Woman Arranges 'Loyalty Test' For Her NBA Star Boyfriend And He Fails Miserably

He's in major trouble.

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A woman on TikTok shared her story of catching another woman’s boyfriend, who was allegedly an NBA player, being unfaithful to her through her viral “loyalty test.” 

The TikToker, Madeline, was tasked with reaching out to the unnamed man in order to see if he could be persuaded to cheat on his girlfriend.

Madeline advertises her loyalty test in her TikTok bio, where those who believe their partner may be cheating or will cheat when presented with the opportunity can fill out a questionnaire.


Interested people must include how they would like Madeline to approach their partners, how long they would like the test to continue and billing information (she charges $25.00 per test, with an additional tip if you would like it to be performed immediately).

The unsuspecting NBA player failed his girlfriend's loyalty test horrendously. 

The video where Madeline details catching the cheating NBA player garnered over 600,000 views. “Holy basketballs, you guys!” she starts her video. “I have a crazy one.” 

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Madeline shares a screenshot of a DM [direct message] she received from a woman who wanted her to perform the loyalty test on her boyfriend. “Hey girl! I saw your videos on TikTok and I wanted to know if you can message my man,” the DM reads.



“This one might be interesting for you because he’s a high-profile professional athlete and you are perfect!” The woman revealed that her boyfriend was an NBA player, but his name and team were kept confidential. 

“The season is starting in a few weeks and I wanted to know if he’d agree to meet up with you when they’re in L.A.,” the woman added. 


Madeline happily agreed to reach out to the woman’s boyfriend to discover if he would cheat. She reached out to him via Instagram DMs. 

“Hi!” she wrote to him adding a blushing face emoji. “So I’m not sure if you’re actually going to see this… BUT I’ve had the biggest crush on you for almost 2 years.” 

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To Madeline’s surprise, the man responded. “U a fan? Where u from,” he asked her. 

After Madeline tells him that she is in L.A., the man gives her his phone number and asks her to text him. 

“Hey!! It’s Madeline from IG [Instagram]” she texts the man. The man instructs her to send him a selfie holding up two fingers. 


“Girl you fine,” he responds to Madeline’s picture. He then invites her to “chill” after his game. “OMG I’d love to!!” Madeline responds, asking him where she should meet him. 

The man invites her to an after-party. “We gon have some fun,” he texts. “Oh yeah?? Sounds hot…what kind of fun?” Madeline asks. 

She shares that after that, the man did not respond for a while so she decided to send him a follow-up message.

“Wait.. don’t you have a girl?” she asks him. 

The man’s response is shocking. “She knows things different when I’m on the road,” he writes. “Be chill. Hmu [hit me up] after the game.” 

Madeline shared screenshots of the conversation with the man’s girlfriend. “She saw how easy that was, and that wasn’t okay with her,” she said. She added that her job was done, and she blocked the man’s number and Instagram account. 


“He’s f–ked,” she concluded. 

Other TikTok users sympathized with the man’s girlfriend but were not surprised by his behavior. 

“So an NBA player was unfaithful? I’m shocked,” one user sarcastically commented. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Tristan Thompson,” another wrote, referring to Khloe Kardashian’s NBA ex-boyfriend who was caught cheating on her multiple times. 

Madeline revealed in her comment section that not all men have failed her loyalty test, so don’t lose hope just yet. 


As for now, we can only hope that this girl has since left her cheating boyfriend and will value herself, recognizing her worth. 

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