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Boyfriend Faces Cheating Allegations After His ‘Suspicious’ Reaction To His Girlfriend Surprising Him After 4 Months

Photo: TikTok
TikToker surprising her boyfriend

Back in 2021, a college student became a viral sensation dubbed "couch guy" after his coy reaction to his girlfriend surprising him caused the internet to speculate that he was cheating.

Now, another teen is facing similar accusations after his nervous response to his girlfriend showing up unannounced.

In the TikTok video, the boy had a strange reaction to his girlfriend's surprise visit.

“Surprising my boyfriend after travelling overseas for 4 months,” TikToker Meagan Glesmann wrote in her caption.

Her boyfriend seemed to be attending a party with his friends when Glesmann showed up unexpectedly.



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When he saw her, he was frozen in one place and gave a blank expression. 

Glesmann gave him a minute to process everything and walked up to him after.

She hugged him with a smile on her face while he hugged her back lightly.

If that wasn’t suspicious enough when Glesmann leaned in for a kiss, he turned his head slightly which seemed like he was trying to avoid it.

TikTok users accused the boy of cheating on his girlfriend.

One user wrote, "Is it me or does he look nervous and like he has something to hide in the back."

Another user wrote, “The blond/ginger girl at the beginning knows something OR she's the other girlfriend and she was not happy about it.”

"The terror on his face, him checking the room behind him, the girl with the red hair’s expression," one person commented.

Another person wrote, “He had another girl there or has been talking to someone else, that was not the reaction of a faithful guy that hasn't seen his one and only that long.”

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Additionally, many people addressed why he was being so awkward in their interaction and tried to dodge their kiss.

One user wrote, “The fact that he looked like he didn’t even want to kiss her I would have run out of that party.”

Another person commented, “I’m really sorry but, no babe.. absolutely not.. he didn’t want to kiss you..”

One user commented, "He almost looks like he's trying to avoid the kiss."

There were many other comments and opinions from people where many were asking what happened between the couple after that.

As many people thought her boyfriend's reaction was suspicious, they wondered whether the two broke up or had any fights.

After looking at the numerous comments, the TikToker posted another video with an update.

She clarified that her boyfriend and she are still together and haven’t had any conflicts since his suspicious reaction.

The couple had texted each other earlier and Glesmann claimed that she was going hiking so she wouldn't able to talk to him for the rest of the night — when he saw her there in flesh, he had been surprised.



“He was in shock. I looked different. I had dyed my hair. I was tanned so it took him a few seconds to realize what was happening,” Glesmann said.

She thought the TikTok users had those opinions as they had only seen her boyfriend’s reaction for a few seconds and didn’t know what happened after the camera was shut off.

Glesmann explained, “There was no other girl. No one cheated. We are great.”

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