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Woman Says Boyfriend's Mom Took Her To Dinner To Convince Her To Let Him Cheat On Her

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There can be a lot of things that make a relationship go wrong but having your boyfriend’s mom tell you to let her son cheat probably isn’t one of the most common. 

In a viral TikTok, a woman recounted how her boyfriend’s mom asked her to allow him to cheat on her. 

The user named Chantel (@chronicallychill) recounts how one of her ex-boyfriend’s mothers wanted her to let her son cheat. 

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Her boyfriend's mom asked her to let him cheat for his 18th birthday.

For context, Chantel describes how when her ex was young he was taken away by social services and only recently at the time of the story started to reconnect with his mother. 

The two live in Australia, where the legal drinking age is 18 and because he was about to celebrate and turn18, his mother decided to take them all out to eat.



Chantel recounts how she was 15 at the time (yikes) and was more than supportive of him going out to the club with his friends. 

But then the bombshell dropped.

At his 18th birthday dinner among the conversation, his mother started speaking on how she wants her son to get the ‘full club experience.’

“I was like ‘what’s the full club experience?’ and they were like ‘to be able to hook up with girls and take girls home,’” Chantel explains. 



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She then thought she was getting dumped right then and there but it was far worse than that. 

“He wasn’t breaking up with me — thank God girlies, right? No, he just wanted my permission to cheat on me at the clubs.”

Of course, Chantel made it clear she wasn’t okay with this, setting a very clear boundary and her ex’s mother was “baffled.”

To make matters worse, they tried to 'compromise' with Chantel saying he’d only cheat on his birthday. 

“It was just a long conversation about me being like ‘no please don’t cheat on me’ and him being like ‘not even for my birthday?’” Chantel said. 

After the dinner, Chantel recounts how he was annoyed at her for not letting him cheat on her — despite the fact that he was already cheating on her. A lot, apparently. 

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Users in the comments were astounded. 

“The fact that men think it’s okay to sleep with other girls while having a girlfriend is just insane like where is the respect,” one user commented. 

Another user pointed out what we were all thinking. 

“And this is why I always say the man is only as good as his mom is.”

But the biggest question remains — did she still stay with him after this? Unfortunately, Chantel did not make the brightest decision at 15. 

“I stayed with him like another month afterward and he broke up with me on my birthday by text message,” she replied in a top comment. 

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