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Woman Exposes Her Cheating Ex At His Wedding After He Accidentally Booked Her Band To Perform

Photo: @alexandra_starr / TikTok 
Alexandra Starr, TikTok

If you’re going to cheat on your partner, you might want to double-check the band you booked for your wedding — your ex-partner may just be the lead singer.

This unbelievable story sounds all too familiar to Alexandra Starr, a popular TikToker and musician.

She received the shock of her life when her cheating ex-boyfriend booked a band to perform at his wedding — unaware that Starr was the lead singer. 

Alexandra Starr revealed that her band was booked to perform at her cheating ex's wedding. 

Starr decided to share her story with viewers in a series of TikTok videos. 

In one video, Starr sports a lengthy, sparkly black dress and states, “He who cheated on me booked my band to perform at his wedding- and doesn’t know I’m the lead singer.”



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She calls on followers prompting them for suggestions on how she should go about the situation.

“What should I do?” she captioned the video. 

Users gave Starr their advice in the comments. “Sing 'Before He Cheats' by Carrie Underwood,” one user wrote.

“Wear white,” another suggested. 

Others begged her to consider the bride and to refrain from ruining her big day since it was not her fault that Starr’s boyfriend cheated. 

Starr responded with a video stating that she was “done being the nice girl,” and that she wanted to meet the woman whom her boyfriend cheated on her with while they were together. 



Starr also shared with followers that she wrote a song about him called “YFU” that she considered performing at their wedding. 

On her ex’s wedding day, Starr posted two videos showing her singing during the reception.

As the newlyweds dance, Starr has her back turned to them so they do not know who she is at first.

She begins singing their song of choice for their first dance, however, Starr turns around to face them and transitions into the song “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood instead. 

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Once her ex realizes who she is, he is speechless and a crowd forms around the two.

After finishing the song, Starr proceeds to throw her drink at him and shove him before storming off. 



Starr revealed that she was fired from the band that night. 

Some TikTok users speculated that this was all a publicity stunt to promote Starr’s new music.

“This is for sure a publicity stunt like that looks like someone’s house or apt. The 'bride' doesn’t even have her hair done,” one user pointed out. 

“A newlywed couple with no wedding rings on? LOL SURE,” another commented. 

Starr has not confirmed that she posted the videos as a publicity stunt. 

Instead, she posted a follow-up video after the wedding that the bride was indeed the woman that her ex cheated on her.



“Do I know for a fact if she knew I was in the picture? No, but him and I were dating for five and a half years and he had photos of me everywhere,” Starr claims.

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