61 Second Date Ideas To Make It As Amazing As The First

Avoid the second-date slump with these fun and unique ideas.

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So, you're getting ready for a second date. That's great!

That means that you both hit it off from that first nerve-racking hello on until that first kiss at the end of the night. And despite those few awkward pauses, you must have done something right on that first date.

The first date is all about making a fun first impression, but the second date is all about making that impression last.

Usually, by this point, you can decide whether your date is just going to fizzle out as another fling or may be the match you've been looking for. That's probably why you're here looking for fun second date ideas.


With that in mind, it's important to choose a second date that will tell you both more about one another. Also, you want to see your date out in the world so you get a sense of who they really are in relation to others.

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To help you out, we've compiled more than sixty fun, silly, adventurous, and even geeky second date ideas. Some of these are time-specific, but most of them are great anytime.

The goal is to cement a third date (and then, likely, many more!) by being compelling on this one. These second date ideas should definitely help you with that.

Here are 61 second date ideas to help you make it to a third.

Classic second date ideas

First, the basics. These are six classic ideas for second dates that have stood the test of time and are a great starting point.

1. Browse the farmer's market.

Stop by your local farmers' market and stroll through row upon row of vendors and browse the season's bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, all ripe for the taking. You'll have fun getting to know each other's culinary tastes, and be able to share recipes.


2. Get your game face on at the arcade.

Now that you've gotten over that first date awkwardness, you can act a little silly without coming off as too immature. And what's the best way to bring out the inner-child in you? Grab a bag of quarters and go to the arcade together!

Just make sure not to get too competitive with your date or you might as well say "game over."

3. Go see a band neither of you know.

When you asked about tastes in music on your first date, he learned that you love R&B, and you learned that he loves rock n' roll.

Why not take in something else new altogether? Even if the band sucks, that's something you can both agree upon (and laugh about). There are often outdoor concerts and shows that you can stop by featuring local musicians.


That's a fun way to see how you both behave in a small crowd and respond to new experiences.

4. Climb a mountain.

Strap on your hiking boots, grab your backpacks and trek it outdoors for a day.

The best thing about this second date is that you have plenty of trail time to talk and learn more about each other than you did on your first date. Any awkward pauses are filled with the sounds of footsteps and your heavy breathing in trying to keep up the pace. You can be the navigator and your date can be the lookout. It's a fun way to see how well you work together.

For bonus points and more time together, pack a picnic for when you reach the summit.

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5. Visit a fortune teller or have a tarot reading.

So what if you both think the occult is a bunch of hocus-pocus? It's still fun to have a fortune teller read your palm to offer insight into your past, present, and your possible future together.

Things get pretty interesting when it comes to hearing about each others' love lines or when you see some very telling tarot cards turned over.

6. Try a cuisine that's new to both of you.

This may take a little road-tripping into a big city, but it's worth it. Agree that you both will try any of the foods once, and then put on your adventure face.

Dining in restaurants with a new date is always key to learning who they are. If they treat the staff poorly, act disrespectfully about the food, or another culture's traditions, you'll know right away that they're not long-term (or even third-date) material.


Chances are, you're about to find a new favorite restaurant — and maybe a new favorite person.

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Adventurous outdoor date ideas

7. Play paintball.

Love is a battlefield, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. Paintball's not really a "do or die" mission, but after all that stalking and chasing each other around corners, you'll both be flush-faced, sweating ,and laughing — isn't that how all dates should end?


You also get to see how you work as a team, if you face off against other people at the course, and that can tell you a lot!

8. Take an outdoor rock climbing class.

Outdoorsy stores like REI or Patagonia often offer courses to get you started with a new adventure sport hobby. You can find more information on their sites or on your local city or county parks website.

If you live somewhere with mountains or craggy rock formations, you can probably find an outdoor rock climbing class for beginners. This makes a great second date idea — especially if it's relatively new to both of you.

In that vein...

9. Try mountain or trail biking.

Take a ride together!


If you're not both seasoned mountain bikers, take a class like the one listed above. You can often rent mountain bikes and helmets, and instructors will guide you on trails or fire roads.

If you're past that stage, find a mountain biking skills class that meets both your needs and give it a shot.

10. Go kayaking or canoeing.

Weather-permitting, kayaking is a great way to connect with someone new while staying active. Once you get past the break, or if you can find a mellow bay or river, you can really talk while seeing new things and breathing that fresh outdoor air.

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11. Take a surfing lesson.

Unless you're both experienced surfers, you can always stand to gain some skills from a professional. Bigger surf schools will have wetsuits (a necessity if the water is even slightly chilly!) and boards, and will know the best places to learn or match your skill level.


Also, there's nothing cuter than a surfer ;rocking that half-off wetsuit look.

12. Map out a cross-country skiing date.

So it's cold and snowy outside — that shouldn't stop you from getting your heart rate up and exploring new trails!

Cross-country skis are usually easy to rent at your local adventure sports supply shop, and they should have trail maps, too. Just remember to plan a lot of time for your adventure so it doesn't get too dark.

Also be sure to plan for how cute you'll look with frost-kissed pink cheeks!

13. Go horseback riding.

Unless you're both experienced riders, it's best to arrange a lesson and/or ride with a professional.

There's something really lovely about connecting with nature, the horse, and your date at the same time. You also get to see how your date relates to animals, which is definitely important.


Adventurous outdoor date ideas

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Mellow-but-fun outdoor date ideas

14. Go to a drive-in movie.

To date, there are around 300 drive-in movie theaters across the United States.

You can either meet and park next to one another (you sit on the driver's side of your car, your date sits in the passenger side of their own car) or drive together. Either way, get some popcorn and red licorice and you've got a perfect nostalgia-filled date night.


15. Stroll through a local public garden.

In many places, botanical garden displays and local public gardens are under-utilized public spaces. They're quiet, calm places with so much to look at and talk about, they make perfect second date destinations.

16. Take a hot-air balloon ride.

This sort of straddles the "adventurous" and "mellow" outdoor second date ideas because it's a little bit of both.

So if you're up for a supremely unique date, book that hot air balloon ride. Just make sure that before you invite your date, you know whether they're afraid of heights, so you can throw out a few different ideas.

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17. Join a beach or park clean-up day.

Cities and municipalities schedule designated beach or park clean-up days at least once a year, so watch the public calendar.

This is a good second date idea because it's an opportunity to get outdoors, talk to one another and do a little good for the world at the same time.

18. Book a boat or ferry ride.

Relax out on the water, sit together and talk, and see the sights. Depending on where you live, there will be different adventures to be had on your ride, like whale-watching, spotting fall colors along a river, or cruising around the Statue of Liberty.

No matter what, it's always fun to take advantage of what you have around you. Then sit back and enjoy!


19. Take a dinner cruise.

Dinner cruises are something that seems very Boomer-generation. Those Boomers may have been on to something, because it's actually one of the most fun, original second date ideas for anyone!

A dinner cruise is like a tiny little vacation. Just remember to bring something warm to bundle up in after the sun sets — it's always chillier on the water! This one is also a great double date idea.

20. Attend an obscure athletic event, like a lumberjack competition.

This fun second date idea requires a little local research and a lot of creativity. Ask around at local specialty shops, look on your city or county's website or inquire on your local neighborhood app to find what's going on in your area.

You might even find a new favorite activity!


21. Hit the go-kart track.

There's something so freeing about hopping in a tiny little go-kart, and ripping around a track with reckless abandon. It's even better when you have someone to race, like your date!

There are lots of old-school go-kart tracks at big arcade-type locations (often with an arcade you can hit afterwards, too), but if you're up for something a little more intense, look for regular kart racing, which is more like a tiny professional race car than an old rickety go-kart. Just make sure to wear your helmet!

22. Take a guided hike with a park ranger.

Your local park ranger is an untapped wealth of knowledge and experience. They can show you new trails, talk to you about local plant life and even help you identify obscure birds and bugs.

If you're a nature-lover, this is the perfect second date. Just check out your local parks service website for ideas.


23. Ride bikes on the boardwalk or bike path.

Not every bike ride needs to be a race or a treacherous mountain climb. Sometimes you just want to hop on a beach cruiser with a basket on the front and guide down the boardwalk.

That's what makes a casual bike ride such a fun second date. You can talk, your hair gets a little windswept, and you get the little adrenaline rush of riding a bike — all in one!

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24. Play a round of disc golf.

Frisbee golf was a big thing in the 1990s for a reason. It's fun! Look online for local disc golf courses and make a day of it.

It's even more fun if neither of you are already great at it, that way nobody gets left behind. If you have friends that are up for it, this makes a great double date, too.


25. Plan a pet play-date.

This is a great idea for two people who have dogs. Plan a whole afternoon of activities that dogs love: the dog park, a hike, a trip to a local dog beach, and then lunch at a dog-friendly outdoor cafe.

Dogs bring extra fun to any situation, and you'll always have something to talk about (your dogs!). Also, your dog is probably a good judge of character. If your dog doesn't like your date, it's probably a bad sign!

26. Go to a minor league baseball game.

Yes, major league sports games are fun, but tickets can be expensive. There can be a lot of pressure to pay attention to the game itself, leaving little time or energy for talking and getting to know one another.

Minor League Baseball (MiLB) is known for having fun but low-key fans, and there's time to chat and get lots of snacks and beverages.


Another plus of going to a MiLB game is that it has a set end-time (the moment the game ends, obviously!). So if you're not so sure about the long-term appeal of your date, you can always just call it a night after the game.

27. Try out goat yoga.

Goat yoga has been all the rage for a few years, and there's a reason for that — it's super fun! It's not about exercise. Honestly, it's about an opportunity to feel tiny baby goat hooves on your back and to pet the little cuties.

You two will be laughing together and will have something to talk about at dinner or happy hour drinks afterward, as goats are always unpredictable and silly. Just remember that they also tend to make messes everywhere they go — so bring an old mat or do yoga on a towel you can wash on hot!

28. Pack a beach picnic.

Bring a blanket, an umbrella and a bunch of yummy snacks then just sit back and enjoy watching the water. This can be fun even if it's not the middle of summer, if you dress appropriately and it's not too windy!


29. Find a brand new neighborhood to explore.

Use Google to find cute little downtown areas or art districts in your state, and then make a day of exploring this new spot together. This works best if it's new to both of you, so you can be on equal footing and discover things together.

You'll have lots to talk about and if your relationship goes forward, you'll have the foundation for a new annual tradition.

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30. Go fishing.

You can join a fishing charter boat or just pack up some gear and find a local dock. Either way, if you're both into fishing, this is one of the best second dates.


Lots of time to chat, time in nature, and the meditative quality of learning to accept the moment — fish biting or not.

31. Hit the local flea market.

If you're into thrifting or the flea market, set a time to meet early on flea market day. Walk together, peruse the shops, and maybe even buy one another tiny trinkets. These might, someday, be counted as the first gifts you gave one another!

32. Plan a driveway carwash.

It may seem a little unconventional, but if you have a car, keeping it clean is a must! If one of you has a driveway, too, then you're all set!

Have your date bring their car or motorcycle (or even their bike!) over and prep by having soap, buckets, sponges, a portable vacuum and dry towels ready. Then you can both work on the cars together, talking while you soap up the car and helping each other reach the tough spots on the interior.


Working on a project together helps you get to know someone and can be a great bonding exercise! If you have any mutual friends, invite them over, too — but only after you two have had time together alone.

33. Visit a local rescue pet fair.

Who can resist a little pound puppy or kitty? You don't have to be in the market for a new pet to enjoy a rescue pet fair.

You can donate a couple bucks here and there to local rescues. Sometimes, there are food trucks or caterers that give a portion of their sales to the rescue foundations. Plus, you get to pet adorable cats and dogs!

34. Play some putt-putt.

Mini golf is a classic second date for a reason — it's fun, you can chat while you do it, and there's ample opportunity for you both to embarrass yourselves or impress your date (just don't brag!).


Almost every town has a miniature golf course, and sometimes there's even an arcade attached. Bring some quarters and hit up vintage games like Pac-Man afterward to keep the fun going.

35. Hire a personal trainer for a park workout.

If you're both fitness buffs, hire a trainer to meet you and your date at a park for a boot camp or circuit-style workout. You'll both be flush with all the feel-good chemicals of a workout.

Follow it up with a healthy lunch or dinner and you've got a perfect second date.

Added bonus: your muscles will look extra toned afterward!

36. Tour a winery.

Everyone loves a beautiful winery. The scenery, the ambiance ... the wine!


Of course, you'll want to ask your date first if this seems like a fun idea (actually, do that for all dates!), but for most people the experience is a relaxing way to get to know someone.

37. Set up a backyard movie projector.

Rent or buy one of those cool inflatable movie screens, and a portable projector. Or simply project the movie onto the side of your house!

Set up a couple of comfy lawn chairs and supply blankets, pillows, and a thermos of warm cider or tea to keep you toasty.

38. Pick fall apples or summertime blueberries.

Depending on your season and where you live, there are probably yummy treats you can go pick together. Michigan blueberries, Vermont maple syrup, Washington apples, and Southern California strawberries are always fun to gather and enjoy together.


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Indoor second date ideas to keep you cozy in bad weather

39. Make a meal together.

Choose a recipe, make a shopping list, grab ingredients and then make dinner together. It's a project, which gives you lots of time to bond.

40. Host a potluck for two.

Not quite ready for all the togetherness of planning, cooking and dining together? Do it potluck style! Plan what you want to eat and who will cook or bring what. Then sit down together and enjoy.

You can talk about what went into each dish and get to know each other with just a little bit less pressure.

41. Hit the karaoke bar.

You don't have to sing a song in order to enjoy the unbridled, cringe-worthy joy of a karaoke bar! Have a drink and laugh together, and if you're brave enough, get up there and sing.


Bonus points if you and your date do a duet together.

42. Find a classy burlesque show.

Tired of karaoke and your standard sports bars? Look for a burlesque show in your area that is more of a dance performance and less of a strip show.

Burlesque shows tap into the classic, sensual nature of music and movement, often with vintage costumes and live music. Make sure you read reviews before booking it to make sure the music and style meet your tastes.

43. Plan a "sweet treats" neighborhood crawl.

Brainstorm three or four special spots to visit together, much like a pub crawl, to try special treats. Try an ice cream shop, a cafe, and maybe a local bakery.


If you both have a sweet tooth, this is a dream date!

44. Have your date over for game night and snacks.

Check out your date's competitive edge and see if you two are compatible by planning a few games for the two of you to play.

Have snacks on hand that you can rotate out — anything from caramel corn to Charcuterie — as well as a few special drinks like local beers or custom non-alcoholic fizzy cocktails. The array of food and beverages helps to keep the evening from getting stale.

45. Tour a brewery.

If you're both into beer, a brewery tour can be a special way to spend an afternoon. The process for making beer is amazingly scientific, and there's actually a lot ot the process. Plus, you get to drink beer together afterward.


Try a "beer flight" to get lots of samples without overdoing it or getting sloppy.

Indoor second date ideas to keep you cozy

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46. Volunteer together.

Look online for food pantries and soup kitchens that accept untrained volunteers to sort, organize, cook or serve. This is a great way to do something that helps those in need while also getting to know your date.


47. Campaign together.

Voting for the same candidate? Phone bank, text bank bank, or stuff mailers together! This work is especially great for local candidates and grassroots campaigns and can help you two bond over a bigger mission.

48. Get manicures and pedicures together.

Yes, this activity is usually reserved for a woman and her best friend, or mom, but it's also a great date activity because you get to relax and chat.

More and more men are getting mani's and pedi's, too! You don't have to get polish if you don't want to, but the warm water soak and gentle massage feels great for anyone.


49. Plan a 'day of health.'

A day of health is all about things that make you feel good and healthy — and there's no reason not to do them together!

Exercise, get a little sun and fresh air, go to a juice bar and get a healthy smoothie, dine together at a yummy vegan restaurant — anything that feels restorative to you.

You can plan for a day of sweet treats and lying around for date number three to balance things out, if you want.

50. Take a cooking class.

Cooking classes for amateurs are offered in all sorts of venues, from the fancy kitchen supply shop in the mall to the community rec center. Find one that interests you both and book it.

Learning something new together — anything, really — is such a wonderful bonding experience and cooking together hints at the domestic and gives you an idea of what your date would be like at home with you.


51. Or a pottery class.

Most local potter's studios offer open enrollment classes to newbie potters to come and play with clay or try their hand at the throwing wheel.

This is a great time to get messy together and flex those creative muscles. Just leave the "Ghost" jokes at home, please! Ceramics instructors have heard them all and only laugh at them to humor you.

52. Or a self-defense class.

Sometimes an unexpected date is the most fun — and memorable.

Find an open self-defense class, whether it's an intro to martial arts like karate, Krav Maga or just a community-offered class on self-defense basics, learning to protect yourself can be empowering and invigorating.


53. Try axe throwing.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to some, axe throwing is often done indoors at special venues with personal axe throwing booths or alleys.

This is especially fun because almost everyone is totally new at throwing axes, so you can start out terrible together. It's also sort of thrilling to hold a heavy piece of metal and chuck it through the air.

54. Design a signature fragrance.

Yet another totally unique date idea!

Look for a perfume or fragrance shop where you can be guided through the process of designing a custom fragrance. Make sure you check out the price before you book, however, as some can be quite expensive!

If it works out, that scent will always remind you both of the time when you were first getting to know one another.

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55. Decorate a cake.

You have two options for this. First, you can bake a cake and have a selection of fun cake decor at the ready to decorate it together. Pre-made fondant, decorative candies, and fancy frosting with a detail tip.

Or, you can go to a cake and cupcake decorating shop and really get down to business. These places are so fun and you don't have to shell out a bunch of money to buy cake decorating supplies. It is surprisingly fun to get creative on something you know you'll get to eat afterward.

56. Go bowling on theme night.

Bowling is a fun second date, but even better is theme-night bowling. Look for a theme that either interests you, maybe Star Wars, or look for a theme that is just totally ridiculous to you, like disco.

Either way, lean into it and have fun! You'll definitely have a lot to talk about over drinks or snacks afterward.

57. Do a book store scavenger hunt.

Come up with a few fun items that you both have to find together — there are lots of ideas online. Then meet up at the local book store chain and hunt together.

For added fun, have the last item lead you to a trivia or "party questions" book or game, so that afterward you can hang out in the cafe, have coffee and ask each other questions from the book.

58. Plan a 100% digital day.

This one is unexpected, yes, but for the right couple it can be a super fun second date idea.

You can do your digital day together or from your respective homes, but no matter what, your date is your priority. You can play video games you love, but your date is your partner or your teammate (as long as they can be). You get to see who your date is in conflict, in victory, and when losing, and that can tell you a lot about who they are.

Find a new game to try out together, and dive right in. There's no pressure here to leave the house or meet someone else's idea of "productive." Just have fun together!

59. Hit the comic shop together.

Find a local comic book shop — one of your favorites or something new — and spend time looking through the shelves of books and single issues.

It's OK if you've never been to a comic shop before, there's fun stuff for everyone and at the very least, you'll have things to talk about afterward.

60. Dine at a very hands-on restaurant.

There are all sorts of different cuisine types that allow you to get involved in the preparation of your own meal. For instance, with Shabu-Shabu, which is a Japanese type of hot pot, is prepared right at your table. Lots of people love Korean barbecue dining, too.

There are so many fun things that happen at these restaurants, but they're particularly great for a second date because you stay busy and active, and that helps move the conversations along.

61. Map out a long drive to take together and improvise every stop you take.

Plan a day trip together in the car, bring a new playlist of all the songs you want to listen to with your date and some snacks.

Along the way, look up local attractions like tourist traps and monuments to visit, and stop anywhere that piques your interest, from roadside produce stands to fun little diners.

Just remember to plan enough time to make it home before dark! This isn't a sleep-over, it's just a fun drive around your area.

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