8 Ways To Live In The Present & Make The Most Of Each Moment

How can you really be present in your life?

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Living in the present is so important, but not many people actually do it.

When you focus too much on the past, it causes depression and when you focus too much on the future, it causes anxiety.

So how can you live in the moment?

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Here are 8 ways you can live in the present and enjoy every moment.

1. Focus on your conversations and listening. 

When in a conversation, really focus intently on the other person. Don't wander off in your head about what you are gonna say next.


Really focus on listening to them, seeing them, and feeling them. Stay fully present in the conversation.

Interact with the depth and quality you would if you knew it was your or the person you are interacting with's last day. Look into the eyes of someone you are talking to and let the phone go for a minute, along with everything else.

Be completely present and aware of every detail. Are they smiling? Are they hearing you? Really connect like it's the last time.

If it is the last time, what would you miss about them? Appreciate whatever that is, savoring it right now in this present moment while it is still here.


With the perspective of this possibly being the last time you speak to each other, what doesn't matter falls away, allowing you to really get to the core. Always think about every moment possibly being your last.

2. Think about what you would you do differently if this was your last day on Earth.

You tend to get so used to life, you take for granted so much. It's easy to forget that in an instant, it all could be taken away.

Take each breath like it could be your last. Make it a deep breath. Savor and relish in it. Feel it expanding your lungs. Feel how it sustains you and keeps you alive. Feel how it feeds and nurtures your body with oxygen.

Really think about what you would do differently if you knew this was your last day alive.


Would you hold onto that hug with your loved one a little longer?

Would you say something you have been holding back? Would that stupid argument even matter?

Really focus on letting go of what doesn't matter. Focus more on what does matter, and do it very purposely and with intention.

3. Be present when eating

So many of us are in a rush and eat fast, which can cause a lot of issues. Take time to savor each bite of food. Eat slowly and really taste it.

Appreciate it like you were starving for a while and finally got food. Cherish it like it was your last bite of food ever.

The same with drinking. Really savor that sip of water like you were in the desert and were so thirsty. Enjoy it and appreciate it! Really be present!


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4. Love your pets.

If you have a pet, focus on being even more present with them. Pet your pet, and really feel that soft fur. Cherish it.

Be extra present, like it was the last time. Let the rest of the world fade away for that moment and zone in on the connection you have.

Try to feel what they are feeling, and sense of what they need. Work on connecting on an even deeper level. Don't let yourself get distracted — really be present with them.

5. Focus on the beauty around you.

You're surrounded by so much beauty, but tend to overlook it and not really appreciate it like you should.


Look at the beautiful colors all around you. Look at your loved ones' faces. If your sight went away, would you remember every detail stored in your mind to love forever?

Look at all the beauty there is in nature. Enjoy that tree or flower on a deeper level, and really appreciate it.

6. Zone in on things intentionally. 

Zone in on things purposely. Zone in on your heartbeat or your partner's heartbeat. Zone in on your breathing. Zone in on every feeling.

Sometimes, just really zoning in on a pain you have and listening to it will help it go away. So instead of trying to avoid the pain, zone in on it and really listen to it.

Pain is always a sign to get your attention and to let you know you need to make some changes, so really listen to it.


7. Listen to everything around you.

Really take the time to listen deeply to everything around you.

Listen to your loved ones talk, listen to music, or even the silence. Connect deeper with whatever you hear around you.

8. Use your sense of smell. 

Really use your sense of smell and connect deeper with it. Be present, really taking in what you smell around you on a deeper level.


What does that smell evoke in you? Does it bring back a memory?

At first, when you're trying to be more present, your mind will wander. But as you catch yourself and bring yourself back into the present moment, it will start to happen more naturally.

You will find a sense of peace and mental clarity from being in each moment as it's happening. So many people miss very important moments because they aren't focusing on the present.

The past already happened, so focusing on it only hinders moving forward. In future moments, you will give your full focus.

Don't let anything slip by! We only ever have the now, so make the most of it, and enjoy it!

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