15 Cute & Inexpensive Date Ideas For You & Your Partner When You're On A Budget

Romance on a budget.

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Relationships can start to become dull after being with a person for an extended amount of time.

Couples might find themselves stuck in the same routine day in and day out which causes their spark for one another to die down. This is when partners start to get easily irritated with one another and start to wish that things could go back to the honeymoon phase. It is during times like this that couples must find a way to make things interesting again. That’s where date nights come in.


Date nights are a great way to keep a relationship fun and fresh. They give couples the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time together which allows them to learn more and more about each other.

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However, the problem comes when couples get caught up in going all out for date nights. This means that they spend a tremendous amount of money that they might not always have. As time goes by couples begin to realize that the prices start to add up and that is when date nights start to become a hassle. Couples often worry when they both want to keep the romance alive but don’t really have the funds to do so.

But don't fret! Romance does not have to be expensive. There is an abundance of things for couples to do that require little to no spending. These inexpensive date nights can allow couples to become creative in finding ways to still bond and have a good time together. This could include doing research to find less expensive outings in their specific area, or by finding some at-home activities to participate in. Either way, there are more than enough options.

Listed below are 15 dates that you and your partner can enjoy without having to worry about the cost.

1. Put on a cooking contest.

Raid your refrigerator and pantry and challenge each other to make a dish using only the available foods in the house. This will allow you both to think quick on your feet and run around the kitchen in hopes of making the yummiest dish. 


2. Watch a movie under the stars.

Pick a movie that neither of you has seen and when it gets dark, go to your backyard or the top of the roof to watch it. The movie will be that much more magical and your romance will be heightened. 

3. Have a game night. 

Invite a few of your couple friends over and play some of your favorite childhood games. This will allow everyone to enjoy a much-needed laugh as everyone reminisces about the good times and creates a memorable evening. 

4. Go for a picnic at the park. 

Pack a blanket and a few sandwiches and snacks from home and set up a nice picnic at the nearest park. Pick a good spot and relax and enjoy the scenery and each other's company. 

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5. Volunteer together. 

Spend a day dedicating time to a cause you both care about. You will grow closer as you help change the lives of others together. 

6. Play on the playground.

Everyone is a kid at heart, people just forget that sometimes. Go to the playground and get on a slide or sit on a swing and remember what it was like to be young and free. 

7. Go window shopping.

Window shopping can be fun! Pass by the stores you know you can't afford but have always dreamed of buying something from. This is a fun way to spark conversation about your dream goals and challenge each other to accomplish them.

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8. Create an at-home spa. 

Turn off all the lights and light some candles to set the mood. Then grab lotion and oil and take turns giving each other full body massages as soft music plays in the background. 

9. Spend a day at the beach.

Go for a nice stroll along the beach as you engage in deep and meaningful conversation. Take time to embrace the feeling of the sand beneath your hands and toes as you build sand castles and watch the waves roll. 

10. Go bicycle riding. 

Find a place that allows you to rent bikes and enjoy a ride around the city. Enjoy sight-seeing with one another while getting in some good exercise. 

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11. Sing karaoke.

Have fun watching each other sing and dance to some of the best karaoke songs of all time. This will be a memory you'll never forget. 

12. Go roller skating.

For just a few bucks, find a skating rink near you and learn how to skate together. You'll have fun trying to keep one another from falling down and being embarrassed. It will make you both happy to be perfecting a skill together, which is a good bonding experience.  

13. Attend a local fair. 

Be on the lookout for your town's local fair and go enjoy all the amusements, entertainment, food and expos that are offered. 


14. Do painting with a twist at home. 

Go to an arts and craft store and buy some paint and two blank canvases. Do your best to paint a picture you think best represents your partner or whatever else you feel like capturing on canvas.

15. Play video games.

Get a little competitive as you play against each other in your favorite video games. Spice it up by putting something on the line like the loser has to take the other person wherever they want to go. 

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