30 Fun Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

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Relationships are also pieces of art in their own unique way. When you’ve been texting your partner from dusk 'til dawn or chatting it up all day on the couch, you may find yourself wondering what to respond back with after you’ve run through your list of essential topics. 

​Every conversation you two have doesn't always require hour-long discussions and deep thought. Why not have some fun while you’re at it?

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many couples have been left to continue their relationship through the phone, or spend a large amount of time together at home. This means couples are easily running out of things to talk about.

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But luckily, there are fun games to play with your boyfriend that only require a little creativity and a whole lot of entertainment. Some can be played over the phone, while others are great for in-person, depending on if you're spending time physically together.

What games can I play with my boyfriend?

There are plenty of games you can play with your boyfriend!

You can do anything from card games, to question games, to video games — anything you can do together and have fun while doing it constitutes a game. Playing games will bring you closer together.

What games can couples play together?

While it's totally possible to play games over the phone, it's better to play games while in the same home. Great games for couples include sticker games, video games, board games (like Operation or Twister), or really anything that requires only two players.

Whatever you can do together to spend time and enjoy each other's company is worth trying.

Now, what if you are currently not in the same location, have been quarantining separately, or have just been busy? What game can I play with my boyfriend over text? Well, you can still play question games, emoji games, iMessage games, and "guess that song" games. Even the app store has a bunch of options, as there are always new games coming out.

What about partners who live together? What can couples do for fun at home? It can be hard stuck together all the time and you may become bored, but playing games gives you both something to take your mind off your worries for a little while.

Sure, you can exercise together, try to out-do each other with new cooking recipes, or give your home a complete makeover, but games provide a certain level of entertainment that those other activities just won't. Plus, having fun will remind you how much you love being together.

What can I do to entertain my boyfriend? Glad you asked! Most of the time, it's the boyfriend that gets bored first. To entertain him, consider joining him on the sofa to play video games. 

There are plenty of great two-player games to bring out your fun, competitive side. And who says a conversation can’t involve friendly competition and a good laugh in between? 

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30 Fun Games to Play with Your Boyfriend

1. Guess The Movie 

Cue up some of the most iconic movie quotes and quiz your guy. This is a great way to figure out your partner's movie knowledge, and it's just a fun way to spark conversation when you don't have anything else to talk about.

2. Never Have I Ever 

There are a million "Never Have I Ever" questions out there that will keep things lighthearted and fun. You can even play these games blindfolded, or sitting back to back while asking the questions. 

Of course, if you want to take these questions deeper and discuss your experiences, it will become an even more meaningful game. 

3. No Response 

This game requires a drink (or three). Each partner should ask the other a question, and if you agree to a question, take a sip. If not, leave the drink alone.

It's a quick way to get to know each other and learn about your individual pasts without digging too deep. And because these questions will make you want to know more, be prepared to not ask more questions about an answer, or decide together that you can explain if it's a controversial question. 

4. Baby Picture Questionaire 

Send each other 10 baby pictures and say one fact about each. At the end of the game, ask him about each photo to see if he remembered what you said. This will tell you if he was really paying attention. 

5. Two Truths and a Lie 

This game is pretty self-explanatory. Write out two truths about any topic you’d like and add in one lie. His job is to guess which one is the lie.

This game is perfect to see how much you know about each other. And you can play it when you feel unsure of your relationship and you need reassurance that your partner cares.

6. Truth or Dare 

A classic game that we all know and love. You can keep the game clean or make it as risqué as you want. It all depends on how much you like teasing each other.

7. Mystery Sound 

Send him a voice message of melodies from a song, TV show or movie theme song and see if he can guess it. He may even send different ones back to you to guess.

Recommended for playing when you're apart, it will help you each think about one another when you can't see each other every day.

8. Dare and Remove It 

This is kind of like Truth or Dare, but requires your guy to take off a piece of clothing and send you a photo, or show you in person, if he can’t do the dare. It takes regular old Truth or Dare further, switching things up and making it a bit sexy.

9. One Word One Answer 

Say a word to him and he has to guess what memory is attributed to the said word. This memory could be about something you did together, and is a way to reminisce about your past experiences, remembering why you fell for each other.

10. iMessage Games 

If both of you have an iPhone, you can play the games that are in the messaging section called “Game Pigeon.” Game Pigeon has all sorts of games like Connect 4, Pool, UNO, Darts, card games, and more. This app can facilitate games between you when you're not with one another.

11. Would You Rather?

Set up two crazy scenarios and ask which one he’d rather do. This can spark a giant conversation about what you would rather do and why. But remember, it's nothing to take too seriously and is just a lighthearted game to play. 

12. Story Time 

This is a wonderful opportunity to get super-creative! Make up a creative fictional story with one of you starting it off with one sentence. Boost your story-telling skills and see if you can out-do one another.

13. In Character 

Say a phrase from a famous person and have him guess who you're imitating. The game can be a spur-of-the-moment thing where you break out into character at the weirdest times; it's not something you have to sit down to do. Spontaneity is the best choice for this game.

14. Trivia 

This game is similar to any other trivia game you see on television or have played at happy hour. Test his knowledge about pop culture, politics, and more. Plus, you might learn a thing or two when you're stuck at home and have nothing else to do. 

15. Backward Texting 

Test his patience and see how long he can go by texting each other backward. Yes, it can very well get on his nerves or yours, but it's something to try when you're bored.

16. Categories 

Start by stating a topic, and each of you will have to think quickly about things that relate to the topic. It's something fun to make things interesting and even test your reflexes.

17. Fill in the Blanks

Decide on a topic and create sentences where you have to fill in the blanks to tell the story. Perfect for creative couples, things will get interesting. You don't know where the story will go, so the opportunities are endless.

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18. Abbreviations 

Shorten the name of a company, song, or person and see who can get the most right. This game works best when you're away from each other and can communicate via text.

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19. Emoji Translation 

Create a story with emojis and ask him to figure out what the story is about. You can play this anywhere, whether you're miles apart or sitting next to each other on the couch. 

20. Rhymes 

Start the game with a rhyming phrase and keep on rhyming until one of you can’t think of anything else. If you have children, you can even get them in on the fun.

21. Video Games

When you're spending time together after a long day or week, video games are a perfect bonding experience. Best each other in your favorite games to see who comes out on top. 

22. 20 Questions

Question games are a great way to get to know each other, especially if you've just started dating. Whether played via text or in person, asking each other questions gives you a chance to know each other on a deeper level.

23. Stare Off

Stare into each other's eyes without blinking, and see who blinks first. It's a good way to connect with your partner, which can lead to greater intimacy. 

24. Board Games

When you're looking for date ideas, board games are always a good choice. Games like Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, poker, checkers, or chess are all great options. Sometimes, the best classic games create the most fun.

25. Twister

This game is hilarious and fun for couples because it lets you tease each other as you test your flexibility without falling over. Consider it good foreplay, as even the slightest touch in the game could get you going.

26. Card Games

Card games are perfect for passing time and seeing who has the most skill. Cards are compact and travel well, and there are so games you can play. When you don't have any board games or video games at your disposal, there's always something to do.

27. Charades

If you've ever played charades, it makes a great challenge for date night. You can even play with another couple and see how well you know each other. 

28. Scavenger Hunt

When you do a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt with your partner, your bond as a couple grows stronger. It's all about team work and is a way to solve a mystery, together. Be sure to play on each other's strengths and cheer for your partner!

29. Sticker Game

The sticker game is easy to play, and creates plenty of laughs. Try to put as many stickers on one other as possible without them noticing. You'd be amazed at what people can do when you least expect it.

30. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors isn't just a kids game. You can play this game anywhere, anytime. So, when you're waiting in line or are just in the mood to challenge each other, make things interesting.

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