20 Fun Games To Play With Your Boyfriend Over Text

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20 Fun Games To Play With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Texting. An art that most of us are familiar with but few people are able to master. 

Some of you might be thinking, “What’s so special about texting anyway?” And I’m sure those are the very people who struggle with finding the right words to say to their conversational partner(s). 

I’ll admit that it is definitely not easy to text someone especially if you talk every single day. How many topics can one person possibly think of?

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus pandemic, many couples are left to continue their relationship through the phone.

If you've run out of things to talk about, there are some fun games to play with your boyfriend that only require the ability to text.

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I’m a Gemini, ruler of communication and rambling about some of the most random topics you can think of. Being a master of anything does not necessarily mean you know how to work your magic at the snap of a finger. It takes tedious effort and patience to hone in on your talents. 

Texting your friends isn’t super boring because you guys might not speak every day. This leaves some wiggle room for sparking new conversations the next time you text! 

Texting your significant other, however, can be a bit… how do I put this lightly? It is almost like eating the same ice cream flavor every weekend. You love the flavor but sometimes you need to add sprinkles or chocolate syrup. 

Relationships are also pieces of art in their own unique way. When you’ve been texting your boo from dusk till dawn, you may find yourself wondering what to respond back with after you’ve run through your list of essential topics. 

Am I the only one who takes a minute to reply back to their boyfriend because I’m thinking of something to say? 

Every conversation you two have does not always require hour-long discussions and deep thought. Why not have some fun while you’re at it?

I have made a list of games to play with your boyfriend over text that will entertain you both for hours on end!

Who says a conversation can’t involve some friendly competition and a good laugh in between? 

1. Guess The Movie 

Cue up some of the most iconic movie quotes and quiz your man.

2. Never Have I Ever 

Keep it cute, keep it lighthearted. 

3. No Response 

This game requires a drink (or three). Each of you should ask the other a question, and if you agree to question, take a sip. If not, leave the drink alone. 

4. Baby Picture Questionaire 

Send each other 10 baby pictures and say one fact about each. At the end of the game, you should ask him about each photo to see if he remembered what you said. 

5. Two Truths and a Lie 

This game is pretty self-explanatory. Write out two truths about any topic you’d like and add in one lie. His job is to guess which one is the lie. 

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6. Truth or Dare 

A classic game that we all know and love.  

7. Mystery Sound 

Send him a voice message of melodies from a song or tv/movie theme song!

8. Dare and Remove It 

This is kind of like truth or dare, but this requires your boyfriend to take off a piece of clothing and send you a photo if he can’t do the dare. 

9. One Word One Answer 

Say a word to him and he has to guess what memory is attributed to the said word. 

10. iMessage Games 

If you two have an iPhone, you two can play all of the games that are in the messaging section called, “Game Pigeon.”

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11. Would You Rather 

Set up two crazy scenarios and ask which one he’d rather do.

12. Storytime 

You guys have to create a creative, fictional story with one of you starting it off with one sentence. 

13. In Character 

Say a phrase from a famous person and have him guess who you are imitating. 

14. Trivia 

This game is similar to any other trivia game you see on tv. Test his knowledge about pop culture, politics, and much more. 

15. Backward Texting 

Test his patience and see how long he can go by texting each other backward. 

16. Categories 

Start by stating the topic and each of you will have to think quickly about things that relate to the topic. 

17. Fill in the Blanks

Decide on a topic and create sentences that you will have to fill in the blanks to tell the story.  

18. Abbreviations 

Shorten the name of a company, song, or person and see who can get the most right. 

19. Emoji Translation 

Create a story with emojis and ask him to figure out what the story is about. 

20. Rhymes 

Start the game with a rhyming phrase and keep on rhyming until one of you can’t think of anything else.

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