45 Best Low-Key Valentine’s Day Ideas That Are Totally Romantic

Celebrate with the one you love most, no grand gestures required.

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Many people have never been into Valentine’s Day or seen its appeal as a holiday. Sure, it's nice to have a random day in February where it's appropriate to eat a lot of chocolate and receive flowers, but for some, it's never been a holiday to look forward to.

Luckily, if you’re dating someone who feels the same way, you can easily spend a low-key Valentine’s Day at home, just the two of you. It’s great for couples who enjoy celebrating their love but don't want to go overboard with expensive diamonds, elaborate dinners, and crazy vacation plans.


Really, Valentine's Day is just an excuse for a date night. Why put all that pressure on yourself if you're not even that into the holiday? There's no reason to create that kind of tension.

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If you don't want big plans this February 14th, here are 45 ways to have the perfect low-key Valentine's Day. You may even want to continue this way for the rest of your life!

45 Best Romantic and Low-Key Valentine's Day Ideas

1. Eat a cozy dinner at home.

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Cook dinner together at home instead of going out. Not only is it cheaper, but safer. Prepare something simple that you'll both love, even if it's a dish you've had a million times before.


2. Have a romantic movie night.

couple watching movie under coversPhoto: bbernard / shutterstock

Make a ton of popcorn, buy a bunch of candy, and pig out on the couch while watching your favorite films. Heck, maybe even watch a scary movie so you have an excuse to cuddle!

3. Exchange massages.

woman massaging mans headPhoto: getty


Instead of spending money at a spa, buy massage oil and candles, and give yourselves a massage at home. Not only will you save money, but it’s much more romantic.

4. Have a spa night.

couple smiling in bathrobesPhoto: Alessandro Biascioli / shutterstock

Or, if massages aren’t enough, set up a spa in your living room or bathroom. Your spa night can include facials, waxing, or just a nice relaxing bath.


5. Do a Netflix binge.

couple watching netflixPhoto: getty

Order take-out and watch Netflix. It’s simple, easy, and fun.

6. Have a game night for two.

couple playing chessPhoto: Impact Photography / shutterstock


Let your inner competitive freak come out to play with a variety of board games. Just make sure things don’t get too intense. It’s just a game, after all.

7. Give each other small gifts.

couple kissing woman holding giftPhoto: DuxX / shutterstock

Set a spending limit to take the pressure off one another. You can either set a low price cap, or maybe not buying anything at all is more your style.


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8. Plan something for the future.

couple talking on the couchPhoto: GaudiLab / shutterstock

Spend the evening planning for next year’s Valentine’s Day or other special occasions. Whether it's a trip or a weekend getaway, use this time to plan something you can look forward to.


9. Go on a digital fast.

couple on digital fastPhoto: getty

Turn off all your phones and computers to have a technology-free night, just the two of you! No social media allowed. You'll be amazed at how liberating it is.

10. Snuggle under the covers.

couple kissing intimately in bedPhoto: G-Stock Studio / shutterstock


While you don’t have to make this a sexy night together, that’s always an option. Put on your best underwear and make it a rule that you're not allowed to leave your bed all night, except to get food.

11. Zoom with your friends.

zoom datePhoto: getty

Maybe you’d rather spend the night with your loved ones, and that’s perfectly fine. Get a group of your friends together who also don’t enjoy making a big deal of Valentine’s Day, and spend the night on a group Zoom.


12. Take a fitness class.

couple lifting weightsPhoto: getty

Maybe it’s a yoga class, a Pilates class, or even a Peloton class. Of course, you’ll want to choose a class that both of you will enjoy.

13. Make chocolate-covered strawberries.

long stem chocolate covered strawberriesPhoto: Brent Hofacker / shutterstock


While women may not be too keen on sweets, it’s still a fun activity you can do together. And it’s really easy! Plus, you can eat all the yummy chocolate afterward.

14. Make personalized Valentine's Day cards.

valentines day arts and craftsPhoto: exopixel / shutterstock

Nothing says I love you quite like a card from the heart. Rather than buying store-bought cards, make one of your very own. Check out ideas and crafts on Pinterest; there’s something that is sure to catch your attention.


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15. Gift each other ‘Love coupons.’

woman holding valentines giftPhoto: Syda Productions / shutterstock

They are free to make and can include anything you want. It’s also a great idea to include 12 (one per month) coupons so you can use them year-round. Some ideas can include: “Good for one fantasy fulfilled all night long,” “Good for one kiss anywhere you want it,” or “Good for one hour of sensual massage with lotions and oils.”


16. Plan a date on the beach.

couple smiling on the beachPhoto: getty

If you live in a warm climate near the coast, head to the beach! Be sure to stay spread out from others, and set up a little picnic under the umbrella. Then, go into the water afterward and cool off.

17. Take a ride through the snow.

couple kissing in the snowPhoto: Dmytro Buianskyi / shutterstock


It may seem like sledding is just for kids, but you can make this super-romantic if you go down a hill together. Or, one of you can pull the other like you’re in a wagon.

18. Plan an indoor picnic.

couple toasting with wine in bedPhoto: New Africa / shutterstock

If it’s too cold outside to have a picnic, set it up right on your living room floor. Order pizza in or make a platter of food to nosh on.


19. Spend the night away.

couple in hotel bathrobesPhoto: Shift Drive / shutterstock

If you don’t want to stay home, splurge a bit and book a hotel room for the night. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far away; in fact, you might consider it more of a “staycation” the closer you are to home.

20. Take a bath together.

bath togetherPhoto: getty


Make things a little more sensual by drawing a bath and sitting in it together. You can add bubbles, scented oils, or flower petals for that extra romantic touch.

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21. Watch the sunset.

couple watching sunsetPhoto: AstroStar / shutterstock

Stand or sit next to each other while you hold hands and watch the sunset. Because nothing is more romantic than seeing something so beautiful with the person you love most,


22. Go stargazing.

stargazingPhoto: ANON MUENPROM / shutterstock

Open the trunk of your car and sit in the back while you watch the stars. Or, lay on the ground on a blanket and gaze up. See how many constellations you can find!

23. Get a couple’s massage.

couple massagePhoto: Dragon Images / shutterstock


Instead of going to a massage parlor, consider having a masseuse come to your home. Get a massage together while you hold hands and reminisce about good times.

24. Go hiking.

couple hiking and holding handsPhoto: Duet PandG / shutterstock

Get out into nature for a hike during the day! If hiking is too intense for you or your partner, take a nice stroll around the neighborhood or your nearest park.


25. Do arts and crafts.

heart shaped cookiesPhoto: getty

You don’t have to be particularly skilled to sit down and glue a few things together. Make it a fun project full of heart-shaped ideas, and make sure you have enough supplies beforehand!

26. Recreate your first date.

first datePhoto: getty


If you went out to a fancy French restaurant but can’t go due to restrictions, order in from that restaurant. Then, you can reminisce about the first conversations you had together, and think about how far you’ve come.

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27. Go to a museum.

couple on the computer togetherPhoto: GaudiLab / shutterstock


Explore the magic and mystery of a bunch of different topics, and take a trip through time together.

28. Have a paint night.

woman painting with man kissing her cheekPhoto: Helen Sushitskaya / shutterstock

You don’t have to go to your local paint night location to still have paint night! Buy a cheap set of painting supplies, your own canvases, and then see who can replicate a painting the best.


29. Go ice skating.

couple ice skatingPhoto: Syda Productions / shutterstock

If your local ice skating rink isn’t open, there might be a pond or lake nearby that’s perfect to skate on. Just be sure you’ve taken all safety precautions and that the ice is thick enough to stand on.

30. Have a karaoke night.

karaokePhoto: CameraCraft / shutterstock


If you don’t have a karaoke machine, there are plenty of songs to sing along to available on YouTube. You can even do duets together for an extra special song.

31. Have a wine and cheese night.

charcuterie boardPhoto: Oksana Mizina / shutterstock

Get out your best wooden cutting board, and add your favorite cheese and meats to it. Then, open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion and enjoy it together.


32. Listen to old records.

couple kissing behind a recordPhoto: LightField Studios / shutterstock

If one of you has a record player, go through all the records and choose your favorites. Maybe you can even improve on your DJing skills by learning how to do a record scratch.

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33. Attend a virtual concert.

couple watching concert on a computerPhoto: Song_about_summer / shutterstock

With many actual concerts on hold until further notice, you can still get a show of your favorite artist. Websites like StageIt offer paid and free concerts of lesser-known artists, and SongKick provides a calendar of upcoming events.

34. Take a mixology class.

mixologyPhoto: Foxys Forest Manufacture / shutterstock


Improve your bartending skills with a mixology class you can take together. Check out MasterClass for tons of options to choose from. Or, you can opt for taking a cooking class together instead of mixology.

35. Have an at-home dance party.

couple dancing on bed Photo: G-Stock Studio / shutterstock

Forget going to clubs; that’s so three years ago. Instead, blast your favorite dance music and bust out your best moves. You can even have a dance-off to see who works it best.


36. Play video games.

couple playing video gamesPhoto: bernard / shutterstock

If you don’t want to do anything that requires movement, video games are another great option. Play each other in Mario Kart or opt for online multiplayer games, where you can add your friends to the fun.

37. Volunteer.

people passing out soupPhoto: Halfpoint / shutterstock


Share the love with your community by volunteering at a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or anywhere that needs some help. You’ll feel great for spending your time helping others, which will no doubt bring you closer.

38. Go camping.

couple camping under the starsPhoto: anatoliy_gleb / shutterstock

Spend the weekend away from civilization while you camp out together. Remember to bring plenty of food to cook, and be sure you pack all the essentials for roughing it.


39. Make a scrapbook.

scrapbook with hearts on the frontPhoto: Lunnaya / shutterstock

Just like arts and crafts is a fun project, so is making a scrapbook. Print out all your favorite photos of each other and take turns putting them into a scrapbook. You can even choose to do alternating pages so you have equal input.

40. Drive around town.

drivingPhoto: Dmytro Sheremeta / shutterstock


If you’re done with dinner and a movie, and want something else to do, hop in the car and cruise around town. Maybe you can revisit where you would go in the beginning of your relationship, or have a special memory at a specific location.

41. Go on a treasure hunt.

woman playing guess who behind mans backPhoto: Jacob Lund / shutterstock

Print out clues for your partner and send them on a wild goose chase around the house! Then, leave a gift for them once they solve the last clue. Make it extra fun by involving your pets or kids.

42. Jam out.

man playing piano with woman standing behind himPhoto: VGstockstudio / shutterstock

If you’re both musically inclined, spend the night jamming out and creating music of your own! You might just create the next big hit.

43. Ask each other questions.

asking questionsPhoto: adriatic-photo / shutterstock

Go deeper in your relationship by asking each other questions you may not know the answer to. Whether it’s questions to ask your boyfriend or questions to ask your girlfriend, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about what makes each other tick.

44. Have breakfast in bed.

couple kissing while eating breakfast in bedPhoto: 4PM Production / shutterstock

If making dinner together isn’t your speed, cook each other breakfast in bed. Heck, you can even make the meal together and then enjoy it from the comfort of under your sheets.

45. Write each other love letters.

love letterPhoto: Janna Golovacheva / shutterstock

The biggest romantics in history sent their beloved special notes from time to time! Now you can be one of them by writing out love notes to each other. Leave the letters or notes somewhere fun, like under the pillow, behind the mirror, or in the clothing drawer.

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