40 Best Staycation Ideas For Everyone

Now’s the time to relax without going too far.

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Life can be hectic to the point that we all need to take a break. Though traveling is not recommended right now, with these staycation ideas, a vacation is not completely off the table!

Don’t worry about wasting any money, this list of staycation ideas is sure to please just about all budgets. From singles needing a little pampering to families who may not have someone to entertain the kids, here are 40 of the best staycation ideas that don’t require any long drives.


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Budget-Friendly Staycation Ideas

Costing little to no money at all, here are some budget-friendly ideas that everyone will enjoy. Who says you need to empty your bank account to make memories?


1. Take a trip to your local park.

This includes making a little picnic with food at the house or even just going to read a nice book under the shade of a tree. Don’t forget the bug spray. 

2. Go window shopping.

It’s nice to look at some things and not feel like you just absolutely need it. Just remember to keep your distance with others and to stay safe!

3. Make a blanket fort to watch movies in.

Watching movies on the TV is nice, but why not add a little magic to it? All you need are high chairs, lots of blankets and pillows, and of course a list of must-watch movies and shows!  

4. Create a new dessert confection.

It’s time to add another dessert to the menu. Maybe try making a brownie-cake or an ice cream sundae using only chocolate items.  


5. Set up a water fight arena in the backyard.

This can include using water balloons or water guns. All you need is your bathing suit and sunscreen!  

6. Ride your bike around your neighborhood or local park.

Not only are you getting good exercise without doing anything extreme, but you also will have the chance to soak in the wonderful scenery. Who knew your neighborhood was so nice?

7. Game night with new board games.

Tired of losing at Monopoly and The Game of Life? Try out some new games or even try your hand at making one of your own.

8. Find a nice puzzle to hang up.

Not only are they relaxing, but the end product is also always so lovely. And if you want to keep it instead of taking it apart, all you need is some puzzle glue, which can go as cheap as $5 at Big Lots.


9. Have a spa day.

Now is the perfect time to use that fancy face mask you got at Christmas years ago, or even that spa set you have been wanting to use for the longest time. You don’t need to drop a big wad of cash when you can just sit in your tub and play some free spa music

10. Find some crafts you can do with things around the house.

Needing to get rid of all those buttons that fell off your coats? Make a button monster!  

Staycation Ideas for Singles

Yes, a staycation would be nice with a special someone. But this list of ideas can make being alone even nicer. 

11. Paint your surroundings.

This doesn’t mean paint your couches and walls. Just take in your environment and put it on a canvas, whether it's inside your house or in your backyard.  


12. Take a tour of somewhere near you never get to visit.

Ever wonder what that cafe is like that you always pass by on your way to work, or even that spot under the tree that’s just a little farther and a little more secluded? Now is the time to go about and find new places to relax when you need some time away (just keep it safe).  

13. Play chef for a day and try out new recipes.

There are plenty of videos online from professional cooks or even those like you who are wanting to expand their taste palette. And sometimes, you can even try out new recipes with only just the ingredients in your kitchen. 

14. Learn a new hobby.

Now is the perfect time to pick up something new. Maybe you have always wanted to try knitting, sewing, or others on this list according to Wikipedia. 

15. Have a movie marathon.

Sit back with a tub of popcorn and a nice glass of soda (or, you know, a bottle of wine). All you need is a good internet connection and a comfy couch.  


16. Sit in the sun and read a book.

Not only will you get a nice dosage of Vitamin C, but you also will be entertained for a good time. Don’t forget the hat and sunscreen! 

17. Have a self-spa day.

Get out your scented lotion and bath salts. Light your candles (or turn on your battery-operated lights), cut up some cucumbers, lie back in the warm water of your bath and let the stress fall off your shoulders.   

18. Have a dance marathon.

Put on your favorite album and blast it, but not too loud, and dance your worries away. Before getting your groove on, make sure to clear a space so you don’t end up in the emergency room.  

19. Go hiking.

This you can do with one or two friends as hiking alone can be a little scary. Who knows, maybe you will find your adventurous side.  


20. Redecorate your house.

Ever wanted to see what it looked like if your bed was on the opposite wall or even if your couch was angled differently? Now all those marathons of HGTV can finally come handy and once you’re done you might feel like a whole new person in your brand new living space.  

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Staycation Ideas for Families

There can only be so many cartoons you can watch in a day before you feel like you’re living in one. Here are some staycation ideas that kids will love and parents will finally have a break from screens. 

21. Go camping in the backyard.

Get those sleeping bags and tents out from the back of the closet, now is the time to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to drive miles away. With some s’mores and good camp stories, the kids are sure to love going outside more often. 


22. Set up a scavenger hunt.

Kind of like an Easter egg hunt, but without the eggs and bunnies. Make up a nice story to go along with the search, like maybe you are a pirate captain and need some help finding treasure or you are a historian and need to find the lost jewels before the end of the day.

23. Have a pool day in the bathtub.

Who says you need a pool to have some fun under the water? Now the kids can splash around and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the chlorine or sunscreen off of them once they are done.  

24. Create some monsters for arts and crafts.

Kids need to let out their creative ideas, and what better way than with some spooky and scary monsters. Need some ideas? Here is a list of some monsters to help push in the right direction. 

25. Transform the yard into a waterpark.

Not only will you get to water the lawn, but you also can get a fun waterpark experience without spending money. All you need is a hose and an oscillating sprinkler.  


26. Have a picnic at a park.

A change of scenery for lunch can be exciting. Just make sure to pack the bug spray and some extra napkins.  

27. Make s’mores.

Kids needing a little pick-me-up but it’s too gloomy outside for camping? Here is a good way to make s'mores without having to make a campfire.  

28. Host an art class.

Set up a little art class by placing some sheets down that you don’t mind getting a little dirty and a place for canvases. Give your kids a theme and let them get creative.  

29. Put on a play.

Using things around the house, let your kids act out their most elaborate stories. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show.  


30. Have a water balloon fight outside.

If the sprinklers aren’t getting your kids excited, host a fun water balloon fight. Make it even better with teams and an awesome prize.  

Staycation Ideas for Couples

It might be easy to just stay in bed and cuddle the hours away, but that can get boring. Here are great staycation ideas for couples that can also be great date night ideas. 

31. Give each other makeovers.

This works best if one or both partners use makeup. But don’t be afraid of giving your partner the perfect smokey eye or even be adventurous and copy an exciting look from a magazine. 


32. Be a tourist in your town.

Sure, you have been around town but try looking at your environment with brand new eyes. Maybe the things you once took for granted are actually your favorite places to be. 

33. Watch the sunset/sunrise together.

Depending on if you want to wake up early or take some time before dinner, watching the sunrise or fall can be a new experience. And what better time to experience it with the one you love. 

34. Ride your bikes around town.

Not only will you get some exercise out of it, but you won’t have to worry about having to be in a car. Just let the wind take you anywhere.  

35. Cook a new elaborate meal both of you will love.

Maybe both of you love seafood but haven’t tried different dishes. Now you can live out your fantasies of being a chef while also getting to indulge in your creation.  


36. Drive around town and find new places to hang out.

Take the time to find somewhere you never thought of going before. It won’t be easy, but finding that diamond in the rough will make it worth it.  

37. Paint each other.

Not only will you get a new art piece to hang in the hall, but a way to show how much you think the other is beautiful. You can even paint them in different surroundings, such as in the clouds or even by the ocean looking as elegant as the waves.  

38. Find a drive-in theater. 

Since movie theaters are mostly closed, now is a good time to try out what was the hot spot in the 50s. And you won’t have to worry about others talking in the middle of an important scene. 

39. Learn a new dance.

Dancing can bring people together while also letting them release all inhibitions. And you don’t have to worry about being perfect, all you need are some good feet to stand on a sense of rhythm.  


40. Have an at-home cheese and wine tasting day.

Now is the time to finally crack at the wine collection from many years of anniversary gifts from your family. Make it nice by making your own charcuterie board to make the experience better.  

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