3 Valentine's Day Ideas That Will Blow His Mind

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Want to be the hottest Valentine for your guy? Here's how. Marilyn Monroe ... eat your heart out.

Valentine's Day is one holiday we can give ourselves permission to let loose and have fun with our mates. Whether we are dating or married to our Valentine, this holiday gives us a little nudge to show our partner how much we really love him. Here's how to spice it up a notch and really blow his mind.

  1. Give him a vision he will never forget. Greet him wearing nothing but your sexiest lingerie, your most tantalizing perfume, and a pretty pink ribbon tied around your waist. (Hint: Don't concentrate on any insecurities you may have about your body. No one is model perfect, but you are perfectly you and that's why he loves you. His sole focus will be unravelling that ribbon as quickly as he can and giving you the most seductive kisses ever.)
  2. Leave pretty lingerie on his car seat. Attach a note that says, "Bring this to me tonight and I will put it on just for you." Guaranteed he's going to be thinking about you all day and he'll slip out of work early (if he even gets there, that is).
  3. Turn your bedroom into his fantasy room. Dress it up. Post huge red hearts (bought or cut out of wrapping paper) all over the walls. Light groupings of candles (battery-operated ones are safe and just as romantic as real-flame candles) and place them around the bed. Offer to give him a massage using warm massage oil and slow, circular strokes.

Make this Valentine's one he'll never forget and he'll be craving more of delectable, seductive you. 

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