These Cooling Sheets Help You Get A Deeper, More Relaxing Sleep In The Warmer Months

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Kathy Ireland CoolMax Sheet Set

Spring has sprung and the cleaning has begun! As you reset your home after the cold winter months and prepare for the warmth of the new spring and summer seasons, don't forget to give your bedsheets a refresh too.

As the weather gets warmer, though, many people experience the return of night sweats, so investing in a great cooling sheet set is one of the best ways to step into spring on the right foot.

Plus, these luxurious Kathy Ireland CoolMax Sheets — which are super luxurious and soft — give you the perfect excuse to redecorate your bedroom with a fresh new look.

Buy the Kathy Ireland CoolMax Sheets for $36.43 (59% off) for a limited time. 


On sale for only $36.43, this 6-piece sheet set includes a full-size fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 4 pillowcases that fit perfectly with any bedroom décor. Made with a proprietary blend of ultra-fine microfiber along with moisture-absorbing CoolMax fabric, these sheets not only look sleek, but they feel sleek too.

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Kathy Ireland CoolMax Sheets are even softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton — they keep you cool through the night, are wrinkle-resistant and hypo-allergenic. 

Kathy Ireland CoolMax Sheets: $36.43 (59% off)


These sheets' CoolMax fabric is specially made to pull moisture away from your skin as you sleep and allows for quicker evaporation. In turn, your body temperature remains lower and your skin drier — which is definitely a plus if you're prone to waking up with night sweats in the warmer months.

Kathy Ireland sheets are made to last — no matter how often you toss them in the wash, the color isn't going to fade.

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People all across the country have nothing but good things to say about the set's ability to give them a cool and comfortable night's sleep. 

Bernard D. left a 5-star review explaining his experience with washing the set for the first time, "...they do NOT come out of the dryer all wrinkled up. 2 thumbs up!" Another customer, Mary, raved about the feel and fit of the sheets; "[the sheets were] wonderfully priced. They definitely keep cool."

Ruthie C. exclaimed in her October review of the Kathy Ireland sheet set;"I liked them so much that I ordered a second set!!!"

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Ready to treat yourself to your own set of cooling sheets for spring (and avoid the inevitable night sweats that come with the warmer weather)?

Right now you can grab this 6-piece sheet set for a great deal! Get the Kathy Ireland 6-Piece CoolMax Sheet Set for only $36.43. That's a nice savings of 59% off the regular price of $89. 


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