Celebrate Any Occasion With These Boozy Piñatas & Drinkable (Yes, Really!) Greeting Cards

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Celebrate With Nipyata! Drinkable Piñatas & Greeting Cards

Summer is just around the corner and so are the pool parties, celebrations, and get-togethers.

If you’re looking for a unique source of entertainment or a fun gift, the Nipyata! Drinkable Greeting Cards & Piñatas: $100 Credit for $70 will have everyone saying, ”Let’s get this party started!” 

Get the Nipyata! Drinkable Greeting Cards & Piñatas: $100 Credit for $70 (originally $100), a savings of 30%! 


Is there anything more exciting than watching kids dive for candy as it explodes out of a piñata? The answer is yes — watching 21+ adults scramble to collect mini bottles of liquor! Once the bottles hit the ground, it’s game on! Don’t worry, they’re made of super-sturdy plastic so they won’t shatter upon floor impact and can withstand even the mightiest of hits. 

Nipyata! Drinkable Piñatas come with 12-15 50ml bottles of various liquors. You’ll need to be fast to grab your favorites because these top-shelf minis will bring out a competitive side of your friends you’ve never seen before. Snag the Grey Goose, Casamigos or Fireball, and get ready to make some delicious cocktails! 

Something that will never go out of style is receiving cards in the mail. We love the thrill of opening the card (maybe shaking it) and seeing what words or gift is inside. 

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Nipyata! Drinkable Greeting Cards will arrive at your doorstep with a 50ml bottle of fancy liquor waiting to be opened right inside the card. Greeting cards are personal, and giving someone their favorite liquor is a gesture that goes the extra mile.

Dad will love the Johnnie Walker Black for Father's Day, his go-to drink to sip on while watching a baseball game. 

Get the Nipyata! Drinkable Greeting Cards & Piñatas: $100 Credit for $70 (originally $100), a savings of 30%! 


Piñatas aren’t just for kids anymore and Nipyata! made sure of it. They’ll be the highlight of any occasion be it the 4th of July, college graduation, birthday, BBQ or any holiday gathering!

A perfect activity for outdoors or indoors — just watch where you swing! For formal or casual events alike, guests will be anxiously awaiting their turn. For larger parties, you might want to grab 2 or 3 piñatas because the mini liquor bottles will get scooped up in the blink of an eye.

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Drink the bottles straight or make your mixed drink of choice, either way, the liquor will go down smooth.

Celebration or not, these drinkable greeting cards make an awesome surprise for any day of the year. A very exciting gift for the brand new “of age” drinker! You can send them a clever note, but let’s be honest they’ll be more jazzed about the bottle of Jameson than your sentimental birthday wishes.

Send a card for a non-occasion too — a simple “Thinking of you! Here’s a bottle of Tito’s!” will make someone’s day. 

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Nipyata! Drinkable Greeting Cards & Piñatas have a ton of options to choose from and are designed with one thing in mind: FUN! We love a good theme, and Nipyata! will have the perfect piñata or card to go with whatever type of party you’re planning. 

Looking for a unique gift? Give the gift of a boozy piñata or greeting card and get your friends and family excited (and maybe a little tipsy — responsibly of course).

We guarantee you’ll be the cool Aunt or Uncle by showing up with the alcohol inside of what once was a childhood pastime. Don’t take the easy way out by sending the same old drugstore card, send a present that's out-of-the-ordinary. Cheers!

Get the Nipyata! Drinkable Greeting Cards & Piñatas: $100 Credit for $70 (originally $100), a savings of 30%! 


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