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These Expert-Led Courses Teach You How To Change Your Mood Through Mindful Movement

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Mindful Movement Courses Show You How To Use Your Body To Change Your Mood

Most of us are taught from an early age that exercise is good for us. So much time and energy is spent by companies and publications advising us to work out and improve our physical physique, as seen in the latest workout apps, fitness class signups and added step counter features on our latest devices. What we don't see as often, although it is starting to emerge more and more, is how to incorporate mental fitness into our lives. 

Learn powerful practices with the Mindful Movement for Strength, Clarity, & Calm Course — a comprehensive journey that uses science-based data to help create your mental fitness plan and help bring out the best version of yourself. 

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Get the Mindful Movement for Strength, Clarity, & Calm Course for $34.99 (over $100+ off!)


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What is mental fitness?

According to the latest findings from Mental Health America, 19.86% of adults (equivalent to nearly 50 million Americans) in the United States are experiencing a mental illness, and 4.91% are experiencing a severe mental illness.

While we may have been taught to associate treating mental health by de-stressing our brains, it also goes hand in hand with practices that involve the rest of our bodies. Thinking clearly and making clear-minded decisions involve many different factors that work together to make us feel at peace.

A parallel can be drawn between mental health and physical fitness, which relates to the body's ability to function. Bringing activities such as meditation into particular movements and exercises can enrich our workout and help us feel clear-headed. Sometimes, however, it can be a challenge to find the time to clear our minds and get the workout our body deserves. With work deadlines, family obligations, and everyday tasks, our lives become a jumbled loop that seems never to end.

Get the Mindful Movement for Strength, Clarity, & Calm Course for $34.99.


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Mindful Movement is a proven method backed by science.

Cue in Cara Bradley. A leading advocate of mental fitness, Bradley has led thousands to a healthier lifestyle by using signature strategies that have been created over her 30 years of experience and through science-backed data. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and various premier college sports teams, Bradley has finessed the perfect concoction for uniting mind training, the nervous system, and the body. Her proven strategies have helped countless people feel more grounded.

With a clear, focused mind, you're better able to make more sound decisions in your everyday life. And experts say that emphasis on the breath and the body shifts the focus from the outcome of our actions — whether it's acing a test, perfecting a fitness pose, or finally tackling the project you've been putting off.

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Achieve full-body calmness with Mindful Movement.

With a central focus on your nervous system, this 6.45-hour course will help regulate your mind and body by combining movement with stillness. Having founded the award-winning Verge Yoga Center, Bradley knows more than a thing or two about guided training that will help boost your energy while also clearing your head. Her online course incorporates simple yet effective movements that include breathing exercises, rhythm-induced routines, stretching, stillness, and more — ultimately helping you identify when the state of your body impacts your moods and mental condition.

With access to 40 impactful lectures that are available 24/7, you'll get to know your body better and learn practical applications that will help you be your best self in all areas of your life. 

While the Mindful Movement for Strength, Clarity, & Calm Course typically sells at $199, it is currently on sale for just $34.99 — saving you over $100. So take a deep breath, relax and start incorporating positive energy and mental clarity into your daily hustle.


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