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How Wearing Smart Jewelry Can Help You Feel Healthy & Confident All Day — No Matter The Outfit

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Leaf Chakra Smart Jewelry That Helps You Feel Healthy & Confident — No Matter The Outfit

In the past few years, tracking your health has become easier than ever, with gizmos and gadgets that keep track of your vitals, count calories, and so much more.

But what if you don't want to wear one of those fitness watches around all the time? While they may look okay with your workout getup, it really doesn't do much for your cute date-night attire.

Just because you don't want to wear some bulky watch doesn't mean you should miss out on the incredible benefits tracking your health habits can bring. That's why women everywhere are loving the chic and stylish Leaf Chakra Smart Jewelry & Health Tracker.

Leaf Chakra Smart Jewelry & Health Tracker: $79.00 (over 30% off!)


Deemed the "world's most unique health tracker," this piece of jewelry brings today's innovative technology together with the earth's energy, helping you to stay more in tune with what's going on inside of you like never before.

Whether you're looking to stay on track to your fitness goals or would just like to be more in tune with your body, the Leaf Chakra can track your activities, sleep habits, resistance to stress, and even your reproductive health. It also has the ability to track your breathing and meditation, letting you know how much you get out of different exercises and activities. 

But what really sets the Leaf Chakra apart from other health trackers out there is the fact that it uses its built-in healing crystals to garner positive charges from your surrounding environment, transferring them to you, therefore enhancing your meditation and general mood.

And the best part? It's also genuinely stunning and will quickly become a staple in your everyday jewelry rotation. 

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From its healing, calming energy to the fact that it runs for up to six months before needing a charge, there are a lot of reasons to love the Leaf Chakra smart jewelry. And with a name like BellaBeat behind it — a brand with thousands of rave online reviews and fantastic wellness products — you can rest assured the Leaf Chakra is a gadget you can really rely on. 

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Get the Leaf Chakra Smart Jewelry & Health Tracker at just over 30% off, making it just $79.99. 


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