3 Ways To Attract Love On Valentine's Day (According To A Matchmaker)

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single on valentines day

Love is in the air!

Many of us are so busy that we do not focus enough on our personal lives. The celebration of romance associated with February 14th, is a valuable reminder of the importance of having love in our lives — whether we are currently in a relationship or are single but would prefer not to be.

For those who share life with a partner, Valentine's Day is a reminder for us to not take what we have together for granted. Whether our relationship has been for many years or just a matter of months, something as simple as a card or a rose on Valentine's Day can bring a touch of romance, and remind us of the good things we have shared together. 

It also gives us an opportunity to discuss things that we would like to do or change to enhance the bond we share. All too often, we can live to the demands of a daily routine that leaves little opportunity for us to enjoy the pleasures that being in a relationship can bring.

However, if you're single on Valentine's Day and desire to have that "someone special" in your life, but there is no one in particular on the horizon, use this day to take some positive steps to increase your chances of attracting the love you seek.

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A good starting point is to set aside time to stop and take stock of how you are currently living your life, especially when it comes to attracting and having a great relationship with that "special someone." 

Enhance your chances of attracting love on Valentine's Day with these 3 ideas:

1. Make a Valentine's Day gesture.

Are you single and attracted to someone you know to be also on their own and likely to be available? If so, February 14th is an ideal day to take the small risk of sending them a card or giving them a lovely red rose.  

Whether a gal or a guy, receiving happy valentine wishes could be a positive first step... one that could lead to a friendship, and perhaps even more. While they may not respond, at least you have had an opportunity to make them aware that you would like to get to know them better.

2. Reach out to someone you admire for Valentine's Day plans.

Is there someone you know who attracts you that is also single and unattached? If so, why not suggest meeting up for a coffee, drinks or dinner that day, if they don't have other commitments. You have nothing to lose but the opportunity to develop a friendship to gain that could lead to more! And if a Valentine's Day get-together doesn't work out, aim for another day instead.

3. Participate in a singles gathering in your area.

Are gatherings held in your area for singles in your age group who share common interests? If so, why not see if there is a special occasion to celebrate Valentine's you could attend. If you are single and have children, associations such as Parents Without Partners are likely to either be holding events that may interest you — or know of what's on in your area that you may enjoy given age group, lifestyle and interests.

As there are social functions for singles of all ages, various dating sites and a variety of matchmaking services for those who would prefer to meet people who have been selected on their behalf, there is no need to think that you are unlikely to meet that special someone. 

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The decision to take action is in your court.

The responsibility to do so is also yours!

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