Memorial Day Activities: Doing Something Different


Memorial Day is a time to celebrate America and each other.

Ah, Memorial Day weekend: the unofficial start of summer, summer, summer-time. Memorial Day is typically flush with excitement, excitement for warm weather, long sun-lit hours and—at the very least—the extra day off from your "pain-in-the-ass" job. It's a time when we come together to celebrate those we've lost, those who've fought for our country and those who are still fighting. It's also a perfect time to celebrate one another.

Memorial Day weekend typically offers about a million and one activities there for the conquering. Depending on where you live, there is often a slug of outdoor festivals and gatherings sure to keep people busy from Friday night to Monday afternoon.

But, if you're looking at Memorial Day as a chance for you to ditch the mortgage payments and the cable bills and simply enjoy each other's company while doing something different, consider engaging in one of the following:

Host A BBQ: Having a BBQ might not exactly sound like it's got romance written all over it (here, Fred, be sure to flip the burgers in five minutes…I'm going to run upstairs and have sex with my wife). But, a BBQ gives you a chance to enjoy your partner in a social setting. Since BBQ's typically elicit relaxation, laughter and happiness, they provide the perfect chance to get summer started off on the right foot.

Take A Hike: Nothing says "cliché" quite like a Memorial Day hike. But, there's a reason why hiking is so popular: it's the best way to have a little fun in the sun while also doing your body good. Consider bringing along a picnic basket and a bottle of champagne to make your hike a bit more... romantic. Most hiking areas are filled with secluded spots that offer you and your partner a chance to enjoy nature...and perhaps some things that simply aren't natural at all.

Take A Mini-Vacation: Heading to the mountains or driving to the beach over   isn't usually very fun: everyone else in the world has that exact same idea. So, unless you adore traffic jams, consider heading somewhere a little different. A staycation downtown or a day trip to your state's most haunted areas can give you the feeling that you're getting away, without the actual hassle getting away usually entails.

Go To A Parade: The great thing about Memorial Day parades is that they remind us what Memorial Day is really celebrating: all the many men and women who've served. They provide us with a chance to express our love of country simply by standing by in support. But, as serious as that may be, parades are also lighthearted and fun. And, especially, new and different: it's not every day you can go into the city and see a massive parade taking place. So, enjoy them when you can: grab the person you love and go out and honor the nation you love.

Be A Kid Again: There is something about the start of summer that brings out the child in all of us. We might even find ourselves getting excited as we erroneously believe that we have the next three months off. But, while shirking all adult responsibilities isn't always possible (or always smart), being a kid for a day won't hurt anyone. So, pick up your partner and revisit the favorite places of your youth—head to the amusement park, go see a baseball game or race a couple go-karts around the block. Acting like a kid is a great way to remind yourself what relationships should really be about: lots and lots of fun.

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This article was contributed by Clayton Olson.