All Work And No Play: Find A Balance Between The Two

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Sometimes, working on your marriage means working less.

Americans work longer hours than anyone else in the world. While this might be good for the economy, it can be bad for a marriage. A husband or wife who spends too many hours inside an office (and too little hours inside an orifice) risks alienating their significant other. This ultimately leads to that marriage crumbling: before they know it, they're no longer wondering how to balance a budget, their wondering how to save your marriage.

If you're in this boat, things can unfortunately get a little bit tricky: chances are, you have to have a job. So, what to do you do? How do you balance your financial requirements with your home life and learn how to save your marriage without being shown to the unemployment line?

The simplest and most obvious way is to win Powerball. But, until you do that, consider the following three steps:

Take Notice of Your Significant Other's Sacrifices

You may throw yourself into your job, working hard to make your family proud. You may work so hard that you've successfully even skipped a few rungs while climbing the corporate ladder. In other words, you've made sacrifices. But, learning how to save marriage means acknowledging that you're not the only one who has.

Your significant other has sacrificed too — perhaps they've relocated for your job or maybe they've stayed at home and taken care of the children. Maybe they've passed on things they've wanted to do to accompany you to an important business dinner. Whatever they've done, know they've done something. Acknowledge it loudly and often.

Explain Where You're Coming From

Most spouses understand why their significant others works; what they might not understand is why they work so much. There is a reason you put in fifty or sixty hours at the office — communicate with your spouse that reason. It may be financial motivation or you may be passionate about what you do. Whatever the reason, explain where you’re coming from.  If you fail to do so, your spouse may simply assume you’re choosing your job over your family.

Write a Contract

The final step in learning how to save marriage when work interferes is to write up a contract. It might sounds cheesy and unnecessary, but it does work. In your contract, specify days when you will come home early and days when you will take off work to spend time with your family. Make sure it isn't too heavily weighed on either side. A contract that specifies you come home from work early every other day may interfere with your employment. A contract that specifies you come home early for work once every four months kind of defeats the purpose.

Instead, sit down and communicate with your spouse. Tell them what your ideal would be and allow them to tell you. Then, work together to compromise.

Depending on whether or not you like your job, work can be a necessary evil. Most of us can't live without it simply because of that whole pesky earning money thing. But, it can have a major impact on a relationship. So, learn how to balance work and play even if that means allowing yourself to play a little bit more. Because, when it comes down to it, losing your job may suck, but losing your marriage is almost always worse.

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