Will Your Summer Fling Make It Past The Labor Day Expiration Date

Dating: Will Your Summer Fling Make It To Fall?

How do you know if your summer fling comes with an expiration date?

So summer is officially over, but your summer fling is still going and is hotter than a New York heat wave in the middle of July with no signs of it letting up. Don't know what to do, or if this relationship is going to get past the fall and take you to stolen kisses under the holiday mistletoe with him and festive holiday dinners with the family.

Well, for starters, there were signs this past summer letting you know if this was just a summers long hook up, or if it held more promise. Heck, if you are still together, then that bodes well that this could be looking like the real thing. How do you know for sure though before you waste more precious time? If it's a bust, after all, you need to start thinking of who you will be kissing on New Years Eve at midnight. Just grabbing the first available guy got you into this dilemma, don't you think?

At the 3 month, most relationships have reached  the "make it or break it" point, and your fling is set to expire or hit that relationship 3 month mile marker whether you like it or not. What to do and how to tell when the margaritas are going down smooth and the beers are flowing, as  you are trying to enjoy the last remnants of summer with your summer hottie? Who needs the stress of not knowing if it was just a summer fling or if this man is going to be the real deal.

Read on to see if your relationship resembles these tips and act accordingly:

  1. Did you both agree it was just a summer fling? Doesn't mean you can't change the rules now that it's past Labor Day if you both start feeling more, but prepare yourself that this relationship might be not be going anywhere but your beach bonfire next weekend.
  2. Did he introduce you to family and friends? This could indicate that this summer was the start of something meaningful! Have you met the parents?
  3. If you both met on a summer vacation, which can be just ripe for a fling, do you have plans to see each other again? Is your relationship going well for a long distance one, and do you stay in touch beyond a text or email here or there?
  4. Does he call you just to talk and hear your voice, or still just texting to meet up over margaritas on the beach?
  5. Has he invited you to any fall events or festivities such as the beautiful fall wedding of his best friend, or that beautiful fall trip up north to see the trees changing color?

So, if the handwriting isn't on the wall, you still have time to go on some meaningful, getting to know each other dates past Labor Day and make your intentions clear. My advice as a matchmaker is that it only takes one guy, so don't miss out on any opportunities with the right guy to have more than a fun summer fling and turn this one into the real thing.

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