3 Sweet Things To Do For Your Boyfriend Or Husband Before The Holiday Season Ends

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The Best Unique & Creative Christmas 'Gift' Ideas For Boyfriends & Husbands

Wrapping paper and batteries not required.

The holiday season can be an unsettling time, even for couples in the most healthy relationships — and this is especially true for the man in your life.

Buying the perfect Christmas gifts for you will be stressful for him, as he tries to remember your favorite brands, the colors you find most flattering, or decide which necklace you’ll like.

Boyfriends and husbands are well aware that the kind of gift ideas they come up with indicate how seriously you believe they are taking your relationship. This puts a ton of pressure on men, because honestly, they do not want to blow it.

Your boyfriend or husband might be worried that his gift won't live up to your standards, or on the flip side, that he might go overboard and scare you away.

In other words, your guy is probably freaking out this holiday season, and he could use some reassurance from you through a few unique, creative and romantic gifts you could offer himself yourself.

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While I’m sure you've already gotten him the perfect present, there are three gifts you can give him before the holiday season ends to show him you care.

If you want to know how to be a good girlfriend or wife and show him how much you love and appreciate him, here are 3 unique, creative and romantic gift ideas to consider giving him.

1. The Gift of Patience

If you have been in a relationship for at least six months, your boyfriend has probably gotten on your nerves at some point.

Be patient with him, despite his annoying quirks.

Being patient is a skill that isn’t easily developed especially if you are impatient by nature.

Having patience is essential in a relationship in order to get through challenging times.

First, acknowledge the moments when you are getting impatient with him.

Second, examine where your thoughts originated from. For example, when he ignores your ideas, maybe you take it as a sign he no longer cares about you.

Third, try and reframe your negative thoughts to think about the situation in a more positive way.

By doing this, it allows you to stay in the moment and not spiral off into negative thoughts.

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2. The Gift of Praise

Praise, or words of affirmation, can go a long way in making your boyfriend feel secure in the relationship.

Praise will help provide peace of mind, and show him that his positive actions are appreciated.

This will be a catalyst for him to do more things to keep you happy.

Praise can also ease his anxiety about deepening the relationship. Guys don’t like to put all of their eggs in one basket if they feel like it won’t be reciprocated.

By speaking your true feelings, it will help him open up more to you.

Finally, praise can help him stretch a little more to achieve some personal goals in his life. We as men are used to that coach who tells us that we can achieve greatness.

We have that person we can turn to in sports competition, but rarely do we have that person in adulthood.

Being a cheerleader or the one in his corner can help him realize how important you are in his life now and into the future.

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3. The Gift of Perseverance

Strained relationships can be difficult and the holidays can make it harder. If the holiday season has been straining your relationship, show your man that you two can get through it.

It will ease his mind and prove that you can handle relationship problems when they arise.

Conflict is inevitable, but how you guys handle them and work through them are optional.

So, aside from the gifts under the tree, try and make it a point to give him the gifts of praise, patience and perseverance.

These will be the best gifts you can give your boyfriend, and ones that reach well beyond the holiday season.

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