Frozen Part Two: Disney Redefines True Love!

Frozen Part Two: Disney Redefines True Love!
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There are so many lessons to learn from this film. Today, I'm going for it…the BIG ONE! TRUE LOVE!

My last article about Frozen really struck a chord with folks and the comments on that blog are amazing! I'm moved and honored to be a part of that conversation, so thank you to all my "Lovies!"

As I said it my last article, "Have you seen Frozen yet?" If you haven't you must go watch it! This is my new number one all-time favorite Disney movie ever. There are so many lessons to teach from this film. Today, I'm going for it…the BIG ONE! 

True Love!

Look, I adore Disney! But let's be honest, for decades now Disney has been portraying a very poor representation of "true love!" Between Disney and Barbie, the last few decades have really not provided the best role models for young people, particularly young girls.

Every Disney movie seems to end with a very young (teenage) girl becoming a Princess by marrying a Prince that she barely knows (insert Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, etc).

The lesson that Disney has been teaching girls for decades:  True Love is something that a girl gets from a boy…if she gets picked! Oy! That's one of the reasons that, prior to the release of Frozen, Enchanted was my favorite Disney film. 

In Enchanted, McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) debunks the whole fall in love and propose on the same day garbage when he says, "You're going to marry a guy after one day!" Progress!

But in Frozen, they completely shatter this entire dynamic and they nailed it! It's so subtle, but it's amazing! OK, let's dive in!

When Ana is struck in the heart by Elsa's icy powers, the trolls tell Kristoff that only an act of true love can save her. So, what do they do?  In true Disney old-school style, they rush Ana home to her "I just met you 15 minutes ago" fiancé Hans so he can kiss her…DUH!

The shear genius of Disney to use their own predictable story line to set us up for the greatest plot twist ever to appear in a Disney film! (*SPOILER ALERT* if you haven't seen Frozen, maybe you shouldn't read this). 

They rush her back to Hans, and in a brilliant twist, Ana discovers that Hans does not love her! He was conning her in order to marry her, become King and kill her and her sister for the Kingdom!

Holy crap on a cracker! Did Disney just teach my little girl that if you fall in love and get engaged in one day, it's possible this guy is a creep and out to deceive you? Freakin' thank you Disney!

It's like they shattered every Disney Princesse's royal mirror all at once. I could hear the sounds of magic mirrors cracking all over Far-Far-Away! Brilliant! But wait, it gets even better!

So now what? No Prince! What does one do when an act of true love is required and there's no man? Will Ana run back to Kristoff? Surely she must love him instead? Just when we think that is what is coming next, Disney deals the final blow.

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