Top 5 Places To Plan A First Date

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Where’s the best place to take single women to date? We'll discuss our top five.

Sometimes the stress of actually getting the date can be overshadowed by where you should take single women to date. Will they like the food, be impressed with the venue and is the location convenient for them? There really are loads of things to think about before you go on your first date.

So what would we recommend you do for a first date with all those wonderful single ladies? Below are our top five first dates.

1. Go grab a cup of coffee in a nice coffee shop. This date is fantastic to keep the costs low and the pressure to a minimum. You’ll be able to sit and relax together, maybe play a game of people watching. If you do this mid-afternoon consider having a plan to extend the date, better be safe than sorry.

2. Have a drink in a local bar, but make sure it's a nice bar. Again a bit like the coffee shop date above this one will allow you to sit and talk the evening away. Make sure the bar you have chosen is not to busy, you'll need to be able to hear what she has to say.

3. Go out for a nice meal. Meals can be a hard thing to decide on, to you go all out and impress first, or something casual and a bit easier like a good pizza joint? We'd advise the happy middle on this one, go somewhere nice, but not to over the top. Make sure the choice suits both your tastes and keeps your mouths clear for that all important first kiss.

4. Ice Skating can be great fun for a first date, no matter if you can or can't do it. This is one for the more energetic and adventurous out there but a recent poll conducted by Singles Warehouse shows this to be one of the most popular first dates out there.

5. Something local and interesting … maybe you have a historic sight near by that you've been meaning to visit or a local town has a visiting market. All of these things can be great ideas to do for first dates. Spend a bit of time online to see what you can come up with.

So there you have it, our top 5 date ideas for you. And if you've not yet found your single women to date don't fret. Did you know it's a fact that single women to date are absolutely everywhere you look. Sometimes we just don't look close enough. Next time you are picking up your skinny Mocca from a well know coffee chain have a look around, we'd bet that 50% of the women are footloose and fancy free … Why not buy two cups?

Think we've missed some? — why not drop us a comment below ...