Do You Snoop On His Smartphone?

Do You Snoop On His Smartphone? [EXPERT]
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Why it's never OK to look at someone's emails without permission.

In the age of cell phones, text messaging, emails and social networking, there seems to be a pandemic going around, and it's affecting the entire world.

There are a lot of people who seem to think it's okay to go through a mate's cell phone, email or social networking media. It seems to be the way people can figure out whether or not they can catch their mate in a lie, or to see what's going on in their lives when they don't talk to them about it. 12 Ways To Know FOR SURE Your Husband Is Happy In Your Marriage

Unless it is previously discussed between the couple, it is all kinds of wrong to go through someone's cell phone, email or social networking realm. Period. End of story. It's off-limits. There is not a valid reason for it. Are You Selfish? 6 Ways To Tell

If your intuition or "inner-self" suspects some extra-curricular activities going on, you should have a conversation or commnicate with your mate and ask for permission. This is an offense worse than going through a woman's purse, going through a man's pants pocket or your mate fishing around your car or drawers. You are infringing on someone's privacy.

Respect his privacy. When you go through someone's cell phone, email, etc. whether you find something or not, the most essential part of the relationship is lost: trust. When you lose trust, you lose communication and everything crumbles from that point. 5 Powerful Types Of Trust Every Relationship Needs (Including Yours!)

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