How does Facebook impact on your singles dating experience?

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We all share the minutiae of our lives on Facebook. When we sleep, what we eat, how long we wait...

Sharing your singles dating experience?

We all share the minutiae of our lives on Facebook. When we sleep, what we eat, how long we wait at a bus stop, it’s all there on Facebook. In fact, Facebook are setting out to record our lives so we can look back on them and say that was the year of 2011. Yet, when we are single, Facebook takes on a whole new parallel on several levels.


  • We all turn into semi-stalkers
  • We rake over one’s past
  • Any new status is a possible contact point – what does it mean

Facebook – the enabler?

Facebook allows singles to validate their next date. Whether they judge on friends, interaction, photos, a glimpse into a Facebook profile enables one to quickly see if they share same interests, lifestyles and friends and make a snap judgement if they continue or start to date.

Logging into Facebook means you can see who they used to date, pictures as a child, where they’ve been on holiday, and what gigs they’ve been to. Knowledge that would normally take several dates and the big trip to the parents to gather can be attained within ten minutes.

If you’re single and dating, we all know you need to think about what your Facebook profile says about you to the opposite sex

It’s also advisable to think twice about what you post whilst you are singles dating. Every new post tells a story and adds to your personality and charisma yet an ill-advised post can put you in hot water quicker than you can imagine. It’s not all doom and gloom though, every time you post on Facebook it’s another chance for you and your latest single catch to interact – and shout it to the world that you’re flirting with each other. After all, their friends will see it too, it could kill off any competition…