Are You Dating A Liar Like Lance Armstrong?

lance armstrong
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Six tips to help you identify a dishonest guy.

We may never know if Lance Armstrong's former girlfriends Kate Hudson and Sheryl Crow knew about his performance-enhancing drug use. But if he was able to successfully conceal it from various anti-doping agencies around the world for so many years, the women in his lives were likely duped as well ... begging the question: What chance would you have of knowing your date was a habitual liar?

First, let's recognize that Lance Armstrong has taken lying and deceit to a new level. Some people would describe him as a sociopath — a person whose behavior is anti-social, possibly criminal and lacking a sense of moral or social responsibility — definitely not long-term partner material. With a skilled and accomplished liar like Armstrong, asking your date probing questions may get you nowhere since you may have little way of knowing that the answers are truthful. Instead, you're better off watching his behavior.

1. Are there inconsistencies in your date's stories? Be alert to your date giving one explanation to a situation and changing that explanation later. You may be tempted to dismiss this as you having recalled the original explanation inaccurately or misunderstanding it or even thinking it's you who's crazy but don't be fooled. Inconsistencies like this are red flags about your date's honesty.

2. How is your date's empathy level? Observe your date's reaction to a sad story or touching situation. What do you see? If your date shows empathy and caring, that's a good sign. If not, that can indicate a much more serious situation. People who cannot feel empathy or show concern usually are challenged in the honesty department; they simply don't feel bad about how their negative actions can harm others.

3. Is your date living beyond his means? Once you know what your date says they do for a living, it's not hard to estimate their income. With some reasonable guesses for living expenses, you can see if a person is living beyond their means. Barring the support of a generous trust fund or a lucky lottery win, apparent over-spending is bad news. It could be an indicator of criminal activity or credit card overuse, both of which are best avoided. Keep reading ...

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