5 Things She Wants You To Do In Bed (But Won't Ever Tell You)

We're letting you in a few secrets, gentlemen...

5 Things Women Really Want Men To Do More Of During Sex weheartit

Before I show you exactly how to make your woman sexually addicted to you, let me take you inside her incredibly dirty mind and show you what women really want in bed.

You’re about to learn what she really thinks about your performance in bed, and what you absolutely must start doing different, if you really want to be her best lover EVER.

After convincing over 10,000 women to confess the biggest mistakes men make in bed, as well as describing the step-by-step techniques that have given them the most earth-shattering sexual experiences they’ve ever had, I wrote this quick article revealing 5 things women desperately crave from you in bed, but will most likely never tell you.


Do these 5 things now, to inject her with an uncontrollable sexual desire that will have her begging you for sex around the clock!

I have a question for you... from your woman's perspective, how does having sex with you, make her FEEL?

Not the physical sensations, but what EMOTIONS does she feel during sex with you?



While guys are generally notorious for suppressing their emotions, women are typically VERY in tune with theirs.

One point that will give you sexual leverage is understanding what emotions you’re stirring up inside of her, and knowing how to direct and influence them.

So, when she’s having sex with you, does she feel a boring sense of predictability because you’re just going through the same old routine again? Does she feel like you’re just after your own pleasure and that hers comes second, if at all? Is she left feeling unsatisfied and frustrated, yet again?

Or, does she feel that her pleasure, gives you pleasure? Do you make her feel incredibly sexy and desired? Do you spark within her the thrill of utter unpredictability and excitement?


The emotions you cause her to feel are the foundation of great sex. So as you’re learning these 5 techniques, I want you think about how each of them will affect and influence her emotions:

1. Get vocal and express your sensuality. 


When I asked women about the most common mistakes men make in bed, one thing that came up over and over was "lack of expression".


If you’re not talking to her in bed, moaning and groaning and using the full power of communication and expression — you’re missing out BIG TIME!

Remember: the foundation of great sex is all about emotion. How do you think it makes her feel if you’re always quiet in bed? If you don’t tell her what you want, If you’re not letting her know how sexy she looks and not letting her know how much she’s turning you on — it's a mood killer.

I surveyed women the question "How does it make you feel when a guy is quiet in bed and doesn’t express himself?"

One woman answered, "I would feel sad and obviously with the wrong person. If you’re with the right person, primal instinct should take over."


Another woman said, "Maybe he’s not into me at all, or that what I’m doing is wrong. Silence, is a turn off!"

Words that kept coming up over and over from this survey were "frustrated" and "awkward".

Now how likely do you think she would get into an orgasmic state when she’s feeling these types of emotions? Not so much. Get vocal!

Take the lead and tell her what to do. Don’t "subtly" push her head down towards your crotch like a shy and awkward teenager that’s about to get laid for the first time. Be a man, throw a pillow on the floor and tell her to get on her knees.

Tell her what positions to get into. Let her know how sexy her ass looks when she’s bent over in front of you, and give it a nice swift slap of dominant admiration.


Use language and expression to make her feel sexy in her own skin, wanted by a man who knows what he wants and isn’t shy about saying it. Make her feel confident about your desire and ability to give her the types of pleasure she’s desperately craving.

2. Get to know her body.


Besides her butt, breasts and kitty, do you know what you’re girls most sensitive area is? Most men don’t.


Sure, we can talk about the most common erogenous zones and the best ways to stimulate them but every woman has her own favorite hot spots which are specific to her.

So try playing this fun little foreplay game and get to know her body better, while helping her relax and turning her on all at the same time.

Have her lay down on the bed with her eyes closed or blindfolded. Removing her sense of sight will amplify her other senses and help her feel more what you’re about to do. Next, take a feather, handkerchief or anything light and soft, and spend some time lightly running it over every inch of her voluptuous body.

While you’re doing this have her give you a number from 1 to 10 on how sensitive each spot is or how good it feels to have it touched.


By the time you’re done, you’ll know her body better than ANY other man she’s ever been with… and you’ll have the insider knowledge on all her favorite hot spots. You might also teach her a pleasure zone or two about her own body she didn’t even know she had!

3. Savor her vagina



I ran another survey to women who were looking for advice on how to give better blow jobs.

The first question I asked was "Why do you want to learn how to give better blow jobs?"

Some women answered that they didn’t think they were very good (which, by the way, often happens when guys don’t express themselves properly).

The rest of the women who took this survey basically fell into 1 of 2 categories.

The first group were NOT satisfied by their man, and wanted to "entice him to try harder". The second group WERE satisfied by their lover and were basically looking for ways to make sure he was satisfied as well.

Imagine being such an incredible lover that your girl spends time researching new and better ways to please you


Well, learning how to give her great oral sex is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to get there.

When I asked women about the biggest complaints they had about men in bed, one of the most popular answers was that guys just don’t go down on them enough.

Use your lips, breath and tongue to make her kitty purr on a regular basis, and not only are you in for some of the best head of your life… you’re also going to instantly set yourself apart as one of the rare lovers who actually does take the time to please her!

So what’s the fastest way to get better at going down on her? It’s simple... just LOVE doing it!

She can tell if you’re truly enjoying it. She can also tell if you aren’t, and are "just doing the deed" because you think you should, or because you want something in return.


I mean, imagine a girl who has a great blow job technique but despises every minute of doing it and it shows.

Now imagine a girl who has an average technique, but she absolutely ADORES every second that you’re in her mouth and she makes it blatantly obvious to you. Not the same blow job at all is it?

So, what types of emotions do you think she’s going to feel when you LOVE going down on her and she knows it? Love and savour that kitty!


4. Be a man.


In another survey I took, I asked women, "How do you like it?" I asked them if they prefer to "make love", if they like it rough, or a mix of both.

Contrary to popular belief, only 7 percent said they only want to "make love" and have slow, romantic sex! Meanwhile, 28 percent said they only want in rough and hard, and 64 percent said they want the variety of both. That’s 92 percent of women that want rough sex!

Unfortunately, a lot of guys think they need to be nice, sweet, and gentle in bed. The truth is: always "being nice" and gentle in bed is actually a big turn off for the majority of women!

Most women need to feel your masculine dominance in order to truly feel like a sexually fulfilled feminine woman. So if you’re the kind of guy who only "makes love", give her more of what she’s desperately craving!


If you only give it to her hard and rough, learn how to give her a slower, more connected and sensual experience and she’ll reward you in ways you can’t yet imagine!

5. Remember: She wants orgasms.


While the male orgasm is much simpler than a woman's — one of the big advantages we have as men, is that women are capable of having so many different types of orgasms!


So, after you give her one, she can keep going and have another, different type of orgasm immediately after.

You can literally give her orgasm after orgasm and make them increase in intensity and pleasure and with each one you give her, they become easier and easier to give!

She can also have most of these orgasms WITHOUT penetration! So if you can’t last as long as you’d like right now or if you’re on the smaller side… you can still give her multiple, screaming orgasms any time you want!

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