How To Make Love To A Man So He'll Never Forget You

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How To Make Love To A Man So He'll Never Forget You

You may be nervous at the thought of learning how to have amazing, passionate sex with a man, but you shouldn't be.

In this guide, I'm going to show you exactly how to make love to a man and please him in a way that is super easy and takes the pressure off you.

More importantly, you will learn how to truly enjoy the experience of having mind-blowing, emotional sex, too.

In fact, if you follow these tips, you're both about to learn what it's like to have the best sex ever in your lives.

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OK, moving on to our how-to guide to making love to guy, let's start from the very beginning.

Here are my 5 best tips on how to make love to a man so passionately he'll never forget you.

1. Make sure you feel comfortable first.

We're not talking about the bed or couch here. The single most important thing that you need to take care of before having sex is making sure that you're totally comfortable with what's about to happen.

If you've never had sex before, then you will understandably be nervous and hopefully a little excited. Trust me, feeling comfortable with him is the only way you'll feel safe enough to let go.

However, if you aren't excited about making love or if you even have the smallest, niggling doubt, then hold off on having sex with your man completely.

You should never, ever feel pressured into getting intimate.

While you may hope that he can just read the signs, you need to also verbally express how you feel.

​So before you attempt to make love to a man, make sure that you've found one that actually cares about you and respects you. I know this part is not exactly the most exciting, but the other important aspect of being comfortable is being safe.

Whatever you do, don't take any risks whatsoever. For most people, this also means making sure that your man wears a condom.

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2. Make love in a slow sensual way — to connect on a deeper level.

There is an absolutely massive difference between learning how to make love to a man and just "knockin' boots".

Making love is about getting closer to your man and connecting with him, both physically and mentally. When you are making love with someone, you can go fast or slow, but you will always be paying attention to them.

Hooking up with a guy for the sake of it is completely different. Casual sex is more about lust and orgasms.

In many ways, making love to a guy is a way to show him just how much you care about him. While it's obviously a bonus if you have great orgasms, you are going to be just as focused with making sure that he has intense orgasms, too.

So if you really want to learn how to make love to a guy and connect with him, don't think so much about getting him to climax as quickly as possible. Think more along the lines of slow, passionate grinding, caressing and embracing.

And remember that making love is not just about intercourse. There are a lot of other loving things you can do to your man, like massaging him, kissing him and even going down on him.

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3. Try sex positions that give you the most skin-to-skin contact.

Like I just said, learning how to make love to your man is about connecting with him. Ideally you want to connect with him on as many levels as possible — emotionally, physically and even spiritually. The best, simplest way to connect with him in all these ways is to make as much body contact with him as possible.

This is why positions like the missionary position, the coital alignment technique (CAT position) and spooning positions are perfect, as both of your bodies are in almost full contact with each other.

But just lying on top of each other or beside each other is merely the tip of the iceberg when having sex.

You can hold your man's hands and interlock fingers, or you can both physically embrace by putting your arms around each other and hugging each other.

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4. Engage in passionate kissing to intensify your bond.

Another very important technique to use when figuring out how to make love to a man is kissing.

I'm not talking about regular kissing techniques like a peck on the cheek, or using your tongue like a washing machine — I'm talking about kissing your man with passion.

So kiss your man with both intensity and tenderness. Slowly and gently suck on his lips with yours. Hold his head with your hands while you kiss him. Grab his hair. Bury your head in his neck as you kiss him.

Kiss him in a way that shows him how you truly care about him.

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5. Tell each other how you feel while making love.

Letting him know how much you care about him and him doing the same to you is something that will really help you to connect more deeply.

It's also important to speak up during sex and let your man know what you like and what feels good. Moans can also work as a signal that you love what he's doing as well as guiding his hand or head to where you'd like it to go.

While making love to your man, dirty talk can also massively intensify things if you tell each other how you feel about each other.

But don't go there unless you've been dating each other for quite a while and both feel really strongly about each other.

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